Vlad Impaler, ‘Discovery’, and the Witch Hammer: Saga of Earth pt 4

There are moments in the human story that have born significant influence on who we are as people and the journey we are all on together as people living on Earth. As most (all) of us know, we are healing the planet (and ourselves) from a series of events that took us off of our natural course. I have been telling about these events in Saga of Earth series.

So far in this series, we have talked about what initially happened to Earth to lower its vibration and entrap souls (click here for pt 1). We have also talked about the coming of Jesus and the role he played in teaching us the path out of this low vibration, dark idol worshiping world order (click here for pt 2 and pt 3). Today, we take a deep dive into three very specific instances that shaped the energy of the world we currently live in. These moments helped to define what ‘religion’ was, and who should practice it, what the ‘world’ looks like and who should own it, and also, who came to rise into the position of monarchy and the global elite.

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Vlad Impaler, Doctrine of Discovery, and the Witch Hammer

One of the things that we do in the anthropological method is identify a contemporary situation and trace moments in our human story that made it so. We analyze variables like famines, wars, historical happenings, and formal initiatives like policies come together to create the social, economic, and political fabric we live in today. As it turns out, this form of analysis is also perfect for analyzing conditions like the spiritual health of our planet and how that ties in with our lives here.

In part 4 of the Saga of Earth series we fast forward to the 1400s. A time when the world as we know it was being birthed. Though it was 600 years ago, we can see a very clear line of events that happened showing how the false idol energy permeated issues we experience in our current world order. Working with three examples: Vlad Impaler (fighting the Ottoman empire on behalf of the Church), the Doctrine of Discovery (used to justify colonialism and destruction around the world) as well as the Witch Hammer (responsible for the witch hunts) I demonstrate key moments in our story where the false idol was present and how it became embedded in politics, decision making, and alliance. Even right down to the way we look at maps and practice spirituality. Heck, it even influences the current monarchy.

Special readers (listeners) note: Are you from a place like Canada, Australia, England, the United States, or Barbados? I have personally worked this energy in every single one of your locations. Though it played itself out differently because of human actors and the ways that choice played in, these threads went far. (And I know they go beyond what I wrote here.)

Believe it or not, these specific threads have been kicking up in the last few years. Have you noticed people making dramatic personality changes (for the worse) in moments of close conversation. Almost like a ‘break’? Have you noticed the anger and the mob mentality (especially in beloved Canada)? Have you felt like we were living through ‘burn the witch’, especially during late 2020 into 2021? ALL of those are manifestations of this energy. Though able to be incited by other factors, the specific threads I addressed in this story ARE part of what made the last few years so hard. Stay tuned for the next instalment to hear me talk more on that.

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