July 2023 Astrology: Action + Integration = Living Again

Happy July! We have a month that is astrologically action packed on deck. These are some notes on key themes, key dates, and what to expect from them.

As we kick off the month, we are in the power of Neptune retrograde (June 30). We are also basking in the energy and potential of the dance of Venus and Mars. Coming ever closer to one another, they meet in the sky for conjunction and close approach on July 1. This is significant in that Venus is currently our ‘North’ node planet. In 2 weeks, Mars becomes the North node, and Venus goes to the South. This leads me into the first main point of this mini-report….

The big story this month is that we are having a NODE SWITCH!  On July 18th, we officially move from a Taurus – Scorpio  (ruled by Venus and Pluto) into Aries-Libra (ruled by Mars and Venus). Node switches are significant in that which ‘node’ we are in tells us which ‘lesson spectrum’ we are working on. The North node represents the path we are walking (forward movement lessons) and the South node represents the path we have walked (our past, the collective energy story of Earth). With Aries the Warrior and Mars representing that dominant masculine energy strand (ps, we each have it in us) we will have a focus on action. With Libra the Scales and Venus representing the ‘feminine’ as well as the south node, we see these two strands that have sometimes acted as opposing coming into their more harmonious flow.

The energy of the node switch is already in play and has been for a while. I keep hearing people talk about ‘divine Creator codes and recognizing that there is something ‘different’ happening. They are right and this is a big deal. This energy brings with it the ‘Order of Creation’. We have been working to embed it since December of 2020 (but also, much longer than that as an overarching lifetimes plan). Right now, Mars and Venus are stepping up as the tone sparkers in our collective energy to help light this throughout all of humanity.  Mars and Venus hold two of the dominant lesson strands our Earthly experience. In previous years, they have felt like they almost opposed one another. This was part of what blueprinters were called to fix. Now, because of how much honest and genuine work was done in ceremony and by Earth and the Universe, we are getting to feel this higher harmonic potential within the strands. Much moreso now than before, we will feel them working together in complementarity. Mars and Venus are not opposites, and neither are those of us who hold one or the other more strongly. One of the BIG things we are going to be experiencing during this node will be to bring that lesson into ourselves as well as our relationships. (You can hear more about this energy meeting here:  https://crow-medicine.com/2022/12/15/rekindling-respect-for-the-feminine-energy-spectrum-2/.

The second big story is that Neptune has gone retrograde. As a psychopomp and in session, I am seeing people who are READY TO BE THEMSELVES AGAIN. Who have walked for so long and who are now at the space where they may receive their full essence and to heal and find peace and joy in life (again). I see so many souls who have been rejecting themselves or who have had parts misdirected through spiritual shenanigans FINALLY getting through that wall.

The third big story is that Pluto is meeting ‘true node’ 3 times at the end of July. True Node is a purification point for planets (and us). Pluto represents our path and, in many ways, is the birth canal that we walk through. Pluto is currently positioned in Cancer for one final ‘phase’ before it moves into Aquarius where it will stay for about 20 years.

People are Coming Home to Themselves and It is Reason to Celebrate. People are also coming ‘back out’ after a few years in self-care and planet care mode. That too, is very exciting

**********I discussed these themes (and more) in the spoken version of my June-September Seasonal Astrology Report. Listen in: June-August 2023 Astrology Report: Re-Defining Our Connection to the Cosmos & One Another – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com) *****

July 2023

July 1: Mercury Superior Solar Conjunction + Close Approach of Venus + Mars (this is where Venus and Mars begin their communication for the node switch most specifically)

July 3: Full moon in Capricorn

July 6: Earth @ Aphelion, conjunction Moon + Saturn

July 9: Venus @ greatest brightness

July 10: Pallas enters Virgo, Mars enters Virgo ****reminds me of Hades and Persephone and how unfair it always felt that she would have to sacrifice her life and choices to go to the underworld. Healing of masculine and feminine forms of interaction + expectations.***

July 11: Mercury enters Leo (close approach of Moon + Jupiter)

July 17: New Moon in Cancer, True Node Retrograde Aries

July 18: NORTH NODE MOVES INTO ARIES (Mars, the Ram) SOUTH NODE MOVES INTO LIBRA (Venus, the Scales of Justice)  where they remain until January 11, 2025 Note that Venus was the North node in Taurus during the last 1.5 years. This is going to be a moment that we ‘feel’. Be prepared for it.

July 19: Conjunction of Moon + Mercury

July 20: Close approach + conjunction Moon + Venus

July 21: Close approach + Conjunction Moon + Mars

July 22: Jupiter Semi-Square Neptune (which is retrograde in Pisces), Venus Retrograde, Sun enters Leo, Pluto @ Opposition

July 23: Pluto square true Node (x1), Chiron retrograde

July 25: Pluto square true Node (x2)

July 26: Conjunction Venus + Mercury

July 28: Pluto square true Node (x3), Mercury enters Virgo

Pluto is in Capricorn for this series. This suggests a final door closing on the alter Saturn energy that was affecting the planet through Capricorn (of which it is the ruling sign)

July 29: Mercury @ highest altitude

The Importance of Action

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that Aries is all about getting things done in a strategic manner. This is POWERFUL energy we are about to be getting a highlight on. Mars power, when left undirected, can turn into feelings like wanting to consume, anger, frustration, and wasting time through procrastination that is ‘veiled’ as doing something like scrolling. Mars power, when worked with consciously is efficient, effective, and streamlined. It is the equivalent of setting a goal and having the determination and stamina to meet it.  Libra (the scales) is the version of Venus we will be getting this season (as opposed to the Taurus tone of last node). Coming in hot with Pallas and the Ceres-Libra conjunction on Solstice, I feel that we are going to bring a lot of peace and closure to parts of our lives where there was injustice. I also feel that we will be grounding a more positive aspect of pleasure, security, and stability into our lives and homes. If getting a more grounded and stable home-life is one of your priorities, this next 1.5 years are good ones to focus on it. Bring it into your ceremony.

We worked through the hardest harmonics of each of the energy strands that are incoming already last summer (winter if you are in the South). The Mars – Uranus conjunctions that I kept talking to you about were a big part of it. This means that right now, we get a little bit of a cosmic ‘gift’ in that some of the most difficult parts have already been handled. That does not mean that it is going to be ‘easy’, but it does mean that we have a bit of a leg up compared to the conditions these last few years. This is something to be grateful we get to experience.

Feeling Terrible Right Now? You are Not Alone. Here are 5 reasons why you may be feeling discomfort on the spiritual path: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LvaqyE20ss

Receiving Yourself through Conscious Self-Connection: My meditation videos + the Solstice into Node Switch exercise

One of the main things that I wanted to say as I begin to wrap up this mini-report is that energy like this (and all energy in general) is at is most impactful when we take steps to bring it into our lives. There are a lot of people who are feeling spiritual frustration or physical discomfort because there are parts of their souls that are hanging around ‘outside’ of them, waiting for the person to either a) listen or b) call themselves in. There are moments in our growth where to fully ‘graduate’ we actually have to take action. This is one of them. If you have been feeling that anguish – know that you are not alone. In fact, it could be a sign your soul is hanging out trying to bring more of you in.

If you are seeking ways to receive yourself and to call in your highest harmonic pathway, check out the affirmations + self-connection suggestions that I placed at the bottom of this solstice activity. They are still good for now and were designed with the power of this node switch in mind. Calling yourself in and making space for your soul growth is a powerful way to experience it: https://crow-medicine.com/2023/06/15/solstice-special-path-to-powerful-connection/

One of the things that I have been doing over the past few months was creating materials that people would be able to work with to ground their soul + feel more confident in their self-connection. My new youtube channel is home to several meditation videos that you are able to work with to call forth and be in yourself (I am trying to get this page to a monetized state – please subscribe on YT and help me build to 500 if you can!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBZHu_CeCe4

Those who are ready to go a little more structured in their learning….

My book ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection” is my #1 recommendation. It is a book that is also a learning journey. Over the course of 12 chapters, you learn practical tools that will aid you in grounding a high harmonic, self-connected day to day life. Based around the idea of ‘getting to know your soul and its strengths’ , week to week you dive a little more deeply into how you work. You also go through an in depth process of energy body restructuring and repair as you do the exercises that you learn in the book. To get ‘Soul Compass’ either the digital or hardcopy version (hardcopy at the bottom) https://crow-medicine.com/2023/04/21/soul-compass-energy-pillar-e-sale/ .

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