5 Reasons People Feel Discomfort on the Spiritual Path + How to Fix It

When you are on the spiritual path, things are supposed to feel great, right? Everything is rainbows and butterflies and gets better so long as you walk toward yourself, right?

Well, not exactly.

You see, there are parts of the spiritual journey that can be filled with sadness, pain, feeling confused, and as though no matter how hard we work, we cannot seem to get out of feeling this way. There is a variety of  reasons that this can happen (and it is not all that you are experiencing a dark night of the soul). This is a list of 5 reasons why people commonly feel spiritual anguish.

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Reason 1: You have hit a depth within yourself that has a lot of unprocessed emotion and energy. This is one that means that you are doing a great job.

Believe it or not, that misery you are feeling could potentially be the sign you are doing GREAT things in your healing.  

Soul wounds, bringing in soul aspects, and activating parts of yourself long dormant can come with big feelings. It can be very sad to encounter a soul aspect that had been stuck trapped to a past event (or person). That part of yourself can come with unprocessed emotions that we have to make sense of through conscious self-connection. In general, once we engage this unseen part, the energy that is causing the anguish starts to lift and we begin to feel more like ourselves, again. The reward here is that we are often a happier, more well-adjusted version of us then we were when we started out.

Stated honestly, it can throw you off guard to hit such a wall of emotion when you are on the right path and doing all the right things. If this is you, do not give up. The best thing that you can do is be gentle with yourself. When ready, learn the skills to talk with yourself and to help yourself re-adjust.

If you have Soul Compass, get out your exercises from unit 1, 2 or 3 including your advanced soul repair tool. Work with them to engage yourself. “Soul, what is the source of this anguish or misery?” Listen to yourself and work with the tools to give yourself a repair.

Reason 2: You are working with a tool that is not the right vibration for you. This is more common than people might think.

Did you know that we went through a major energy transformation that is meant to bring about a paradigm switch on our planet in the year 2020? Back in December 2020, we met a point in energy that we had been working toward for thousands of years – mother and father Creator strands had reconnected. This moment signified the birth of the energy that would drive the higher harmonic Earth that you hear me talking about in the astrology reports.

As part of that transition, we made a jump in planetary frequency. This was supposed to happen. Along with that jump, the Universe communicated very clearly that there would need to be an adjustment in how we worked to connect with the frequency. The tools we work with are in some ways connected to the frequency they were designed in. As such, to work with and experience energy in this new spectrum, we would require new tools.

A new reality spectrum and different energy paradigm are available. If you are uncomfortable and working with ‘old’ tools, it may be a sign you are ready to graduate.

Stated simply, as we move into this ‘more fresh’ energy, the tools of 3d and even the ones specifically created at 5d are not as effective. For example, reiki, a tool many people know, is a very powerful one for the last harmonic band. These days, many people who used to really get a lot out of reiki have sought to move onto something more high vibration (like EarthFlow). Does that mean reiki or practitioners were wrong or outdated? No. But it does mean that there are some people who are no longer on that frequency band where it is the best tool for them to use. These people are ready to vibe up to the new paradigm. If you are doing all kinds of spiritual practices and are just not seeing the results you would like, this may be the secret reason why.

As you have noticed, I changed some parts of how I teach people how to align to vibration.  adjusted my teachings since late 2020 early 2021 to have people call out their ‘highest harmonic’ as the vibrational touchpoint. This was part of my re-orientation to this new energy. Doing this does not keep you at a fixed band (like practices that attach to a dimensional presence like 5 d) AND it encourages you to always go a little bit higher, thus creating a stable trajectory of vibrational increase.

Ready to upgrade to the new tools? See the bottom of this post for more on that.

Reason 3: You have cords and connections to people, places, and things that are draining you.

Ah the old etheric energy cord. That little string that keeps us in energetic connection with people, places, and things we have interacted with. Every single person, every interaction forms a small connection. Sometimes these cords can be more in depth, like the ones we form with close friends. They may also just be for the moment, like when we talk to a person on the internet. This is great in the moment in that it helps us understand and feel the person or concept. It is not so great after the fact if the cord remains in tact because that can lead to energy drains, unintentional sharing of emotions, and in very bad situations, astral spying.

 Many people do not clear their energy body or auric field out each day (or after in depth interactions).

Not clearing out your auric field or not repairing it on a daily basis can result in feeling dragged out, sad, and disenchanted with life. It can result in us giving our energy away to other people or unintentionally continuing to feel them (when we do not even realize that is what happens). I see this one coming up in people who are caretakers of various sorts, who work in the astrals frequently, who are energy workers, as well as those who are highly active in online environments. There are accumulations of energy that come with each of these activities.

One of the best things that we are able to do is to give ourselves a nice auric field clearing and purification once a day (or more) to help keep ourselves in our own energy and out of other peoples. Learning how to take care of your auric field, how to detect holes or flows into or out of it, and how to do daily repairs is something that is often overlooked as ‘boring’ but that has HUGE results. For this reason, I put together an aura clinic that tells you about each of these factors. Get access to it today for a special registration fee: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/aura-clinic

Reason 4: You have been working with teachers that are not looking out for your best interests.

Just because a person is able to get themselves online and amass a following does not mean that they are reputable or that we should trust them. In fact, as we have worked through the distortion of a broken spiritual community I have routinely seen people who are of a dangerous vibration who have figured out enchantment energy becoming highly popular. These teachers work to bring people around them by hiding behind half truths or the presumption that there is a common bond such as caring for the Earth. As opposed to teaching you anything about your own soul or freedom, however, they are most interested in keeping you around as a client or student aka energy source (either financially or spiritually).

There are a lot of people talking about the statement ‘the new age is a new cage’. In some ways, they are very accurate. This community has become the target for nefarious beings who certainly do not want Earth or its people to be free. These beings glom on to people through influential teachers who channel them and tell you what to do based on what they say OR by piggy backing off of the advice they are giving you. They create tools that they then sell to you or teach to you that leave hooks in your etheric body and soul that drain your energy and hurt you. I have also personally experienced this with 4 ‘big name’ teachers who did it to me and other people I know. (They got me before I was spiritually mature and when I was still young enough to fall for it.)

What does it feel like?

At first it feels good to be accepted and heard. Maybe even exciting and like you belong. In the cases where I got suckered, I saw first-hand that directly afterward there were changes in how I felt, my attitude, my clarity, and my soul. These were not good changes. These were changes that brought nightmares and accidents and feeling really disconnected from other people. Like something was ‘wrong’, but I could not figure out. As I have seen this happen in other people, the teachers and entities encourage them to isolate themselves from anyone who is going to tell them differently. Did the session feel good? Sure, because they used magick to do that. Afterward, the immediate drain and negative impact on life like psychic attacks at night, things following me in the astrals, and the string of bad events in life shows you the real truth.

Ideally, for those teachers, that ‘something is wrong’ feeling makes you more dependent on them and encourages you to spend more $$$, thus getting even more hooked in.

**This also happens to people participating in ceremonies, watching broadcasts, and using ‘tools’ that were built with the taint or that got attached to it through misuse or their honest will to deceive you. They stick in your auric field and harm you from there.**

*If this is you, I suggest you get yourself a copy of ‘aura clinic’ and start working with the exercises to clear yourself out. It has a special section on this and will help you get your auric field clear and safe and your own.** https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/aura-clinic

Reason 5: You are not listening to your soul or there is something going on that your soul would really like you to become aware of that you are ‘missing’.

There are moments when our soul is trying to point us in a direction, and we are just not listening. If you are feeling deep deep sadness, this often times has to do with your soul lining up a special experience or working to bring a part of you back into you for integration. Stated simply, your soul gets sad when you miss yourself. Your soul wants to be fully integrated in your body. Your soul also wants you to experience BIG TIME success in your life. Even though we may not consciously be yet aware of us not hearing ourselves as the source of our anguish, sometimes all we truly have to do is sit down and say,

“Soul, do you have a message for me? What is it you want to say?”

Anyone who practiced Soul Compass, you know how to do this!

Here is a little meditation I made a few months ago that anyone wanting to hear a soul message can work with: Guided Meditation to Hear Your Soul: If Your Soul Could Deliver You One Message What Would it Be? – YouTube

BONUS #6 – You Have Reached the Vibrational Limits of Your Reality Band and You Are Making a Big Leap

Come back for an entire article and video on that. This topic is so important that it gets its own!

Materials from Katie to

Help Get In the Flow

One of the things you can always rely on with me is that I teach things that work well AND I promise, I do not form cords of connection with you outside of session (which we cut off at the end). Nor do I put soul tags in you or any of my materials.

Here is the part where sometimes, the tags and energy that are attached to people who need help seem to activate and push them away from me. If you start going blurry eyes at this section or feel a wall of energy start to erect, that is a sign you have something with you trying to keep you away from things that could help you get free.

  1. If you are looking for a very simple yet effective place to start, begin with Energy Pillar. This is an energy alignment + repair tool that has a high impact in a) connecting to your highest harmonic, b) grounding your energy safely, and c) connecting you to the pure flow of Source (Creator). These 3 things WILL help get you from one vibration to the next, it WILL help you strengthen your energy body and field, and it WILL help you feel more connected to yourself, Earth, and Source. Purchase here: Energy Pillar Soul + Body Alignment Tool – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)
  1. Aura Clinic: Tools for Repairing and Tuning Your Auric Field

This is exactly what it sounds like. A learning experience that includes information that you can work with right now to repair, tune up, and understand your auric field. Auric fields are one of our most powerful assets yet are also often overlooked in spiritual practice as a ‘tool’ that we may work with to feel great and experience what it is we seek in life.

This one has specific training in it about how to get the energy of other people out of your field, as well as a ceremony on releasing energy that is in your field that should not be there. Anyone feeling like they have dealt with interference, you may be especially interested in this one.

*You learn energy pillar as part of this learning experience. No need to get both.*

**Clinic is on at a discount for $45 down from $69 for the next week. Purchase here:*** https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/aura-clinic

  1. Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection. The material in Soul Compass is so important that I made it available as a book or a full-course (*you get the book if you do the course). In this book. you learn how to hear your soul in deep clarity. You learn how to heal soul wounds, you learn how to tune to your highest harmonic, and you learn tools that will keep you grounded, connected, and functioning at your best from an energy perspective at all times.

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