Solstice Special: Path to Powerful Connection

Planet Earth is engaged in a cosmic dance with the other bodies in our solar system. When a certain planet or star group comes into alignment (with our own one another), it is significant.  We pay attention to the full moon as well as solar and lunar eclipses. We orient our lives with astrology in mind. Another way we may honour this relationship is to celebrate the cycle of the seasons, marked by June and December Solstices and March and September Equinoxes.

We are making our way to Solstice, which is taking place on June 21st. As you know from listening to the Seasonal Astrology Report (June-August 2023 Astrology Report: Re-Defining Our Connection to the Cosmos & One Another – Crow Medicine (, this solstice is one of two power-moments that we will be experiencing this month. Right after this, we have a node-switch which is something that happens only once every 1.5 years. In esoteric terms, Solstice is always an excellent moment to honour ourselves and to invoke the power of the alignments to help steer and direct our lives. This Solstice represents the opening of a special 3-week transition point where we will be wrapping up the lessons of Taurus – Pluto (thank goodness) and preparing for our next set in Aries – Libra. 

In short: Solstice and Equinox are moments where we are also able to experience increased soul growth, ask questions (and receive answers), to set goals, and to call energy into our path. A lot of people naturally tap into this just by being on the planet. You may find yourself awake all night, feeling very inspired (or emotional) and having intense experiences.

This is a detailed article about how to tune into the power of the season for your own personal growth and development in ways that empower you to positively ground it.

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Procession of Equinox and Solstice (a little background information)

In the tradition that I celebrate and teach, there are four powerful signposts through which we move each cycle that gets called a ‘year. These are recognized as Equinoxes and Solstices, which rotate one through the other in a procession that marks seasonal transitions as well as important moments for soul growth and actualization. The solstice (marked June 21st and December 21st) are the longest and shortest days of the year. In the Northern hemisphere we have our day with ‘most sun’ on June 21st and ‘least sun’ or ‘longest night’ on December 21st. In the Southern hemisphere, we have the ‘longest night’ on June 21st and the ‘longest day’ on December 21st. Equinoxes represent phases in the cycle that have an equal amount of daylight and nighttime hours and are celebrated on March 20th and September 23rd (for 2023). Though there is slight variation on these dates as we move through the seasons, both hemispheres celebrate them at the same period.

Though sometimes dismissed as ‘new age’ or silly mysticism, these dates are long marked in the human tradition. They are easy to find in the archaeological tradition. We see them in sacred sites calibrated to Equinox and Solstice dating back 7,000 plus years. There are some here in North America, in Europe, Africa, throughout Asia, and most likely Oceania because there is civilization dating back there a very long time (though admittedly, I do not currently know of any).  I have personally visited and tuned sites in Ireland, England, France, Canada, and the United States.  Part of how I know how this works is the information that I received directly from them! Now you are getting it, right here. Pretty neat how that works.

Why do these dates matter?

On a practical material level, Solstices and Equinoxes mark the seasons. They represent benchmarks in the flow cycle of growth and its ebb and flow in relation to phases of Earth and how we as humans make ways of life along with them.

From a spiritual perspective, these alignments are significant mark points for our development. They serve as powerful moments to maintain and build the loving connection between each of us and Earth. So too do they represent a moment when we may work with the power of these bodies to work on our wellbeing, goals, and life path.

For a person like me, who is part of taking care of the planet, the Solstices and Equinoxes are key moments to do ceremony to ensure that we are in cosmic alignment. The Earth fell out of its harmonic and we are very much working on healing it (check out Saga of Earth for that story). These are days where caretakers collaborate each season to call forth the flow of energy in this Universe (and specifically, solar system) to heal and tune this Planet. We also do what I am doing today in creating this article and activity suggesting things you might like to bring this flow into your life with more conscious intent.  

We are going to focus on personal development and maintaining our sacred connection to the planet for this article.

Significance of Solstice to Personal Development

Because there is a heightened interconnectivity between the cosmic elements, there is also an increased potential to have soul sparking experiences. Said differently, because things are ‘amped up’ during these phases, working with our esoteric tools allows us to tap into this power and slingshot our personal or spiritual development.

When I teach about the solstice, I encourage people to think about which aspects of the cosmic makeup we are being presented with. Within each of us we have the elements of the sun (recognized as ‘soul actualization’, knowledge, clarity, self-connection in actualization) and moon (intuition, inner depths, deep communication, sacred connection). So too do we have light (knowledge, inspiration) and dark (the unseen, mystery). When these cosmic players come into connection with us, the landmarks, and the sacred sites that are aligned to them, we experience amplification. This is why things can be so impactful and ‘intense’.

Those of us experiencing the Solar (most hours of sunlight) heavy version of Solstice are perhaps more likely to move through the lessons of the sun whereas those of us experiencing the Lunar (most hours of moonlight) may experience the lessons of moon most strongly. When we are in the time of ‘most sun’ (as we are in the Northern Hemisphere) many of us are in the mode of getting out there and taking action. We are seeing, being, and doing. We are having fun and making choices. When we are in the time of ‘most moon’ (as you are in the Southern hemisphere), we are more introspective, emotional, and willing to dive deep into the intuitive world. We are writing, planning, revisiting, and releasing. Both Solar and Lunar energy have an important role to play. The goal is that we learn to master and balance both.

The Alignments of this Solstice Season: Ceres, Libra and Venus

We have solstice on June 21. On that same day, Ceres enters Libra and Moon conjuncts and has a close approach with Venus. Ceres represents transitions, the harvest, mothering, and family relationships.  Venus represents what many of us recognize as the ‘feminine strand’ which is also felt in Lunar energy. It represents pleasure, money, and to some extent, the way we ground this in our household. Libra stands for the scales, which we may interpret to represent balance as well as justice.

 When I feel into these alignments I sense a highlight of the power of the intuitive world, a strong awakening of the senses, and the opportunity for people to make big leaps in their skill sets or in moving to a more heightened sense of awareness. This too may mean emotional growth on things long worked (but also potentially feeling overwhelmed), and learning to value self and others in the roles that they serve on Earth. Themes relating to balance in relationships are likely to arise, as are the journey to ‘balancing’ the Mars and Venus or coded masculine and feminine energy in ways that make sense within us. The journey of the sun and moon and their relationship to Solstice and Equinox are helping us with this. So too is the power of this upcoming node switch where we move into Aries, ruled by Mars and Libra, ruled by Venus.

For a more detailed conversation of the energy of the season in my astrology report. Listen to the first 20 minutes of the spoken version to hear me cover this (11) June – August 2023 Astrology Report: Redefining Our Connections to the Cosmos and One Another – YouTube

Forming a Positive Connection to Yourself & Earth

One of the great things about life on Earth is that as long as we are living, we are meant to be growing in our spiritual connection to ourselves, to Creator (God) and to Earth. Season by season, moment by moment we have opportunities to observe, learn, choose, and change. Solstices and Equinoxes have long served as key moments where we take special days or hours to appreciate their presence in our lives. As we observe these cycles and pay attention to the journey we are on, we are able to appreciate where they have shown up AND to call them more powerfully into our lives.

This solstice, I have created a set of affirmations and gratitude points that you might like to work with to bring about positive self and planetary connection that is nurturing and nourishing for your life. They come along with some suggestions on how you might like to work ‘powering them up’. I hope that they help you empower yourself this season!


Solstice into Node Switch Activity: Affirmations, Invocations + Calling Your Path In

This is the suggested protocol for ceremony that you may like to work with to get yourself in the zone for your sosltice self connection activity.

Where to do this: Any space that you feel comfortable and safe in. This could be your backyard, on a favourite lake, sitting at the base of a tree, in your bedroom, in the bath-tub or any other place that you like hanging out. It truly is up to you. The point is that you feel good about where you are. It is common to have strong emotions when you do something like this as well as to receive insight. You may like to have a pen and paper at hand.

You may like to spice up the activity by lighting a ceremonial fire and doing the exercise next to it, visiting your favourite river or mountain to express part of the gratitude or connection, or creating a special crystal grid to hold your energy in your room or backyard. This is about you and your unique connection. Allowing yourself to feel inspired by the activity and energy and the heartwarming experiences you have while fulfilling it is part of the magic.

When to do this: I am releasing this exercise 6 days before Solstice. The ‘window’ is open now and today is a great day to get started. Revisit on June 21st and perhaps also as we move in through the next 3 weeks to capitalize on this season.

How to do this:

1. a) The best way to tell the Earth and Universe that you are ready to have an experience is to get yourself into the space where you are connected to them with intention. For this reason, I recommend that you begin this practice by taking a few moments and getting yourself into the Energy Pillar. You are cultivating your sacred connection to Earth and Source every single time you do it. It is an effective

**** A main reason that I teach people to connect to crystalline earth and Source aka Creator in Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection, Energy Pillar and EarthFlow is because when you get into your energy pillar each am (or anytime) you are intentionally aligning yourself to these frequencies to bring them into your life. Being connected to Earth and Source before you set your intentions is also like putting a vehicle into high performance mode. *****

1 b) I know that not everybody who will be coming to this exercise has studied the Energy Pillar, either on its own or as part of the book ‘Soul Compass’. Today is a great day to invest in some tools that will help you get your soul + body connection in great shape.  If you are not ready for that, I totally get it! You are still able to participate in this activity. Take a few moments in meditation. When you feel grounded and connected, keep moving. See the links below the affirmation to get your copy of Energy Pillar or Soul Compass and check out the combo deal I have going on for esales!

2) Once you have connected to Crystalline Earth and Source + have done your energy body and physical body alignment you are in PERFECT space to powerfully communicate your affirmations and intentions for this season. Scroll on down to the affirmations and get to it!

3)Work with the affirmations and gratitude points that I have written out below that make sense for you. Take a few moments with each one. If you are in the pillar, you may like to visualize calling their energy into the column of light that you built. You may like to focus on what it ‘feels’ like to say each affirmation or gratitude point. Allow your creative mind and heart to be part of this process. You have been building it up in your Soul Compass work. These moments are where the pathways you are building show their fun.

4) Working with the phrasing as a model, create your own that are meaningful to your current and potential life situation

It is very important that none of you feel pressured to say any of these affirmations or gratitude points. Work only with the ones that make sense for you.

Affirmations for Alignment

I call forth and connect to the power of my soul.

I call forth and connect to my soul spark and sacred essence.

I experience pure and clear self-connection.

I recognize my creative potential and feel confident to express it.

I am cultivating my highest harmonic pathway with this focused intent.

I enjoy life on Earth.

Add in any affirmations or calling points that are meaningful to you, this season.


I appreciate the power and potential of my life.

I am grateful for being a soul, living in a body on Earth.

I recognize my sacred place in this Universe, and I thank Creator (God) for it.

I appreciate and nurture my conscious awareness.

I am grateful for the teachers and helpers in my life.

Enter in your own gratitude points. What is going right in your life? What are you doing well? Who is showing up for you?


I invoke the purification of my body and my soul.

I invoke the clarity to see myself and others as I (we) truly are.

I invoke a sacred connection to the high harmonic experience of life on this planet.

I invoke the peace of forgiveness and understanding to enter my life.

I invoke clarity in decision making. May I know what is best for me and my life path.

I invoke my sacred connection with animals, nature, and Earth.

I invoke a well-adjusted version of myself and the inspiration to cultivate a happy life on Earth.

Think about any other state of being you would like to experience. Call them in, here.

Intentions (goals, aspirations, personal experiences)

Think about what it important to you and call it out to the Universe.

When you are through, begin to prepare to release the process.

Ground yourself back into solid awareness of the world around you. Touch the ground around you, focus on the physical sensation of the tree at your back. Allow yourself to anchor the intentions and gratitude with a few more breaths.

Thank the Earth, thank Creator (Source), and if you feel so inclined, thank me for putting this together for us. It took me about 6 hours (7 with the podcast).

As you are wrapping up, know that you have done something really nice for yourself.

As I made note of in the instructions, this is being released well before Solstice. Work with them over the weekend and then again on the 21st! You may even like to brush them off and call the power back in again as we move into the Node Switch on July 18. In general, the more frequently you work with a set of invocations or intentions specifically, the more likely it is that you will manifest or create the experience. These things do require diligence and focus.

Ready to Dive into You, This Season?

Getting to know how your soul works, the various ways it speaks to you, and how to work with it to your benefit for improved quality of life is a theme for the season. It just so happens that this is the theme of my most recent book “Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection”. Not ready for that but DO want a tool that you can work with everyday to get your soul + body aligned to source and connected to your highest harmonic pathway, check out ‘Energy Pillar’. (The method featured in EP is also taught in Soul Compass, where you learn to go in depth with it.)

Here are three options to acccess:

  1. Energy Pillar: Energy pillar is an energy alignment + Earth + Source connection practice that works to get your body and soul into daily alignment. Learning it in ‘energy pillar’, you get a written version of the practice that leads you through the steps, a recorded version of me guiding you through it that you can listen to as part of your ceremony or practice, and suggestions on how and when to use it. This is a ‘short study’ time and gets you into application really quickly – about 30 minutes.:
  •  Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: Soul Compass is a book that teaches you a method of conscious self-connection and soul awareness that I deem absolutely essential for a grounded path through awakened life. It includes information on how to read energy in your body (what that ‘feeling’ means), discernment, how to work with  your soul to retrieve information, and how to repair energy body + soul wounds. It sounds like a lot but it all weaves together over the course of 10 chapters and 10 exercises that you may use throughout the rest of your life.: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection – Crow Medicine (
  • For Soul Compass + Energy Pillar combo pack (note that this is an esale, meaning that you get the eversion of Soul Compass and access to the digital website + teaching package that comes with energy pillar. The two are meant to be learned together and so, here they are in their own special package.:

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