Healing the Energy of Canada

Hello fans, friends, and visitors to this page who are from (or currently based in) beloved Canada. The land has called for some help shifting out of the heavy cloud that has been hanging over it these past two years. Canada has become disconnected from the clear flow of Creator energy in some places and is out of tune. This is in part why things feel so discordant.

This is an article that invites you to participate in an activity where you are able to help Canada out by planting ‘seeds of creation’ now and over the next few weeks. If you are living in Canada right now, you are perfectly positioned to help out.

The more people who take part in this activity over the next two weeks into mid-July, the better. We are about to go into Solstice (which is important to setting the path for the season) AND a node switch (which affects us for the next 1.5 years). Taking these moments in dedication and calling Creator in WILL help get Canada into a better tract energy speaking which we know helps set the stage for real world improvements.

The Energy Elephant in the Room

These are the sentences that I know some people have been waiting for me to write:

As a Canadian who loves Canada, I say this for people to feel validated who have been noticing it and feeling alone. The energy in country and hanging over the people is very different than it used to be. It is mean and angry, it is tricky, it turns people against one another, and it pushes people away from solutions and the path out. This is in part because Canada was very much under the hold of the harsh version of Saturn you keep hearing me talk about in the ‘healing Saturn’ project.

Interested to hear some interesting background information on some of the completely obscured parts of the story of Canada? Each thread that I address in this conversation are present there. Especially #1 and #2 https://crow-medicine.com/2023/07/11/vlad-impaler-discovery-and-the-witch-hammer-saga-of-earth-pt-4/.

As that energy is being exposed, it is acting chaotic and unfortunately, a lot of the people are falling into that. If you have been noticing it happening in yourself or those around you, know that you are not alone. Getting your energy body strong and connected to your soul will really help you weather this storm. This is in part why I have focused much energy on writing in that angle the last two years.

To my longstanding fans, I know that some people wonder why I do not write articles about it explicitly. The reason is: I have had to change approaches. I talk about it all the time, just a little less obviously. Listen in to the astrology reports (where I describe the energy that we will be working each cycle) and read between the lines. I am trying not to say too much that could be perceived to be critical about Canada because I do not want to get banned there. There have been significant and statistically notable changes in my flow of visitors sometimes that made me wonder if I was being censored by the government. I also know the energy messing with Canadians has been pushing people away from my teachings, telling them that I do not care anymore and that I abandoned them because I live in USA, now. That is not true. Because of the above, the best I can do is offer a private information session to Canadians if that is a thing they would like. If Canadians want to hear a special information session, we can put one together in a protected space. Email me at katiendicrow@gmail.com and let me know you would be interested if you are.

For now, let us focus on solutions.

Planting Seeds of Creation

The good news is, when things fall out of harmony they can be put back in. I have put together an activity that anyone can do. Being in Canada gives you the ability to go tree to tree, river to rock helping call Creator flow back into the land. That Creator energy will bring about the purification and aligning that the energy hanging around must go through in order to be transfigured to its higher harmonic.

To communicate this concept, I put together a website. On that website are three things.

  1. A welcome video where I tell you about the energy of Canada and why this exercise is what the land called for. It includes very important instructions that I please ask you to listen to me deliver.
  2. A video of me leading you through the exercise. This is nice to do as you get started for your seed planting for the day. Once you get flowing, keep on going!
  3. A written version of the exercise with diagrams.

This is a simple yet profoundly impactful exercise. Some of you who have worked with me since 2016 will recognize parts of the method I taught you when we used to do creative ceremony together for the planet. Though right now I am not leading people through a big group ceremony *because it is not currently safe + I have to stay very focused on Earth and doing that takes a lot of energy*, this is precisely the type of thing we used to do together. If there is genuine interest, it is something we can do together more. Taking on board the many lessons we have learned these past few years.

For me to put this out there to you is an act of trust. One thing that I ask of you is that you please listen to the video where I give information and instructions about how this works before you go do the exercise. I also ask that you do not take this method and teach it as your own.

Thank you very much for respecting that. You will be rewarded with information that I have not written about here.

To access the exercise, visit this website:

A reminder to log in: https://indicrowenergetics.com/earth



Can I get a thumbs up from people out there who are interested in more of this?

Not in Canada but Want to Plant Seeds of Creation in Your Area?

I love that. So much so that I plan to make a version of this exercise for EVERYONE. I will release it within the next week or so. It will be part of what we are able to do to support planet Earth as we move into Solstice and the Node Switch. These are powerful moments to give Earth a little extra love (wherever we are). Keep your eye out for that article!

For a detailed story on how the Energy of Earth got messed up in the first place:

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