June-August 2023 Astrology Report: Re-Defining Our Connection to the Cosmos & One Another

The powerful message of this phase of the journey is that we are re-working connections to the planets and thus inviting their more high harmonic influence into our lives. The last few seasons we have moved through the ‘toning’ bit and are now moving into intentional embodiment of a more pure and clear connection to the energy that makes up our solar system (and Universe). This is the type of experience that has the potential to fundamentally change how we experience ourselves and our cosmic connection for the rest of our lives.

What does that actually mean?

All humans are connected to the constellations and planets that astrology tells us about. We each have Mars, Venus, Earth, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and Neptune as part of our energetic makeup. While we may not hold each of them ‘in’ us to begin with, we do hold a connection to them in that they are part of the make-up of the everyday playing field that becomes our lives.

Astrology is the map of the tones and themes of energy that we are experiencing in this Universe. As you know, each of the planets, constellations, and cosmic bodies that we bring into conversation in astrology reports holds a part of the human story (or holds the capacity to help ‘ping’ that part). You hear me use the term ‘higher harmonic’ and ‘harder harmonic’ and refer to healing the planets and constellations often. Stated simply. The human story has brought with it good, bad, and everything in between. Certain planets, like Mars or Saturn, came to hold onto heavy or difficult to understand energy. A ‘harder harmonic’ of Mars or Saturn energy would represent you coming into contact with wounded or less desirable aspects of the planet (or sign) and what was being toned.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, we are meant to start embodying and living out these more pure frequencies. As we do this, we get the chance to not only heal ourselves and enjoy ourselves, but also to start grounding this frequency into our lives. One of the things you are going to notice as we go through this and the next two to three seasons is that we are coming back to themes we have been working on and discussing here at this page but seeing them a little differently. This is how it is meant to be! As we move through the cycles of healing the planets and ourselves, each time we meet them, they speak a little differently to us than the previous visit. They bring us more insights and gifts. We are able to see the lessons where they come and maneuver positive life experiences through them.

In this case, some of the things we worked on like getting our Mars connection ready all last year (during our lunar occultations of Mars and Uranus) are about to pay off big time. Part of the reason I highlighted the connections all year (especially last July and August) was to encourage listeners to get themselves prepared. If you have been working along purifying your connections, congratulations. You are probably experiencing the benefits and are about to have a sparkler season. If this is something you are new to, glad you made it! This is a perfect window of seasons to step into positive cosmic connections and thus improving how energy impacts your life.

I faithfully tell the story of the planets over these next three months in this astrology podcast and written summary. The full story is in the podcast – be sure to tune in for all the details.

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Themes of Experience: Notes for June through August 2023

As you know from these astrology reports (and what I have told you about in my podcasts and posts about my work with Earth), we have been working on toning the Universe and healing our planetary energy spectrum. You may recall me being very excited that we were moving into a new phase of development back in April. Well! This is a moment where we get to take another step into that fresh journey.

This season we are dealing with several of the energy strands that people intentionally turn away from. There are certain topics like dealing with Mars or engaging ‘masculine and feminine’ energy that seems to just turn people off. Is this because there is pain there? Is it because we are afraid of what stands behind our common patterns? Is it because there are things that try to keep us away from information that is going to help free us from the prisons we have carried on our backs? I think in some cases, it is a little bit of all three.

You ever have that experience where you avoid doing something but then you get to it and you think, “Wow, I wish I had just done this earlier, life is so much better now”?

I think that is going to be how people feel as they find and make their fresh connections. Stated honestly, it is more difficult to carry around the weight of old Saturn than it is to just heal from it. I worked through this in a session with a client just the other week. She was AMAZED at how different she felt afterward and wrote me afterward to say she felt like a prison had been taken off of her back. We all have the ability to make that transformation.

Order of Creation Energy incoming: This is a big one that is a Universal highlight. The Order of Creation is the true vibrational structure that our solar system (and beyond) are meant to be operating at. As the Universe got hurt and the planet went into its lower vibration, that order became distorted and turned to ‘benefit’ certain people at the cost of others. As the Order of Creation energy unfolds, that means that things will start working as they are meant to. Good people will have good experiences and be attracted to good people (with more frequency). Those people who are willful manipulators and liars will be more easily seen and run into other people who are more like that. The predatory system that was built up where it seemed ‘bad people’ or ‘unethical actors’ were able to get the ‘leg up’ over those who were acting in alignment with the fair or just cause of action is falling apart. The system where we get to share our love and skills with people who appreciate them is growing more each day. We will see that more and more playing out in our lives as we allow it.

This is one of the main ceremonies that my husband and I work on. We post pictures and talk about it sometimes on my socials. Follow me on instagram @katieindicrow or @crowmedicinekatie to see my pics and videos as we go.

Solstice and a Node Switch: June 21 through end of July are going to be action packed. We have solstice on June 21 (with a highlight of Ceres) and shortly after that on July 18th, we have a node switch from Taurus-Scorpio to Aries-Libra. (Tune in to hear more. Be sure to come back for a ‘special’ node change instalment next month.) I talk about the Ceres energy and how we will experience it more just two points below this one.

Mars +Venus as Libra and Aries: One of the big themes we will be experiencing over this cycle (and for the next 1.5 years) is bringing the cosmic complementarity of Venusian and Marsian strands into every-day experience. Sometimes referred to as ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’, these two planets are in North and South node position as of mid-July. We will be working with Aries (Mars as the North node) and Libra (Venus) in the South. This could be interesting.

We are told that these planets are opposite and in some bands of the spectrum, they have certainly butted heads. As we have heard, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus’. In the harder harmonics of our planetary journey when Mars and Venus would come up together it would be a sure sign that we were about to butt heads with our partners or people of the opposite sex. A shining example of this behaviour, I had a friend that would routinely fight with his girlfriend, me and any other women in his life during a Mars/Venus time. The truth was, he (and all of us) were being given the opportunity to smooth out how this energy works in our lives. He was just not wise enough to see it. As opposed to communicating well and being heard as the opportunity to express himself would come up, he would just blow up in hyper aggression in all the stereotypical ways we are told ‘men act’. Even when he was not like that on a regular basis. This is the power of the planets. Women (and people living on that more pronounced feminine spectrum), you may feel yourself inclined to ‘nag’ or to complain about your partner, either to them or other people. Watch out for these unfair energy patterns that may come up to play. If you feel yourself about to say something that is not that productive, laugh. Say ‘nope’, and then do something different. This is how to change the expression of energy in your life (in a nutshell).

The truth is, while women are often more connected to Venus and men to Mars, we hold both strands within ourselves. While we are certainly able to hold onto being men and women, the scope of what being either of those things ‘means’ is changing. It is expanding. It is becoming less of a prison for all of us.  This is a time to bring together ‘inner opposites’ and to find complementarity within self and others. If you are in a partnership, this is a moment to balance the needs and responsibilities of one another.

 If you are not in a partnership and desire to be, this is an excellent moment to define yourself into a person who ‘attracts’ what they are ready for as opposed to draws in what they are repelled by because they are scarred or scared. I know it can be hard if you live in a rural area or are ‘unique’ – put yourself out there in ways that make you feel good and empowered and see what happens. My husband lived in a different country when we fell in love. He found me while I was on the internet doing this (aka sharing myself with the world). Miracles CAN and DO happen.

Pluto: One of the things to be aware of is that beloved Pluto is still giving the gifts and being highly active. We had Pluto move into Aquarius on March 23 where it stayed until June 11. This was a hugely important celebration moment as Pluto in Capricorn was not very fun. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn has been on a major healing journey since 2020, where we have been closing off its use as a gate and attack point by an entity called Satan/Baal/Molloch etc. Pluto in Capricorn, especially during those final months showed us an important source of the dark energy terrorizing this planet and how to rid ourselves of it.

As Pluto turns retrograde and moves back into Capricorn on June 11 (where it will stay until January 20, 2024) I predict that we will see some more sewing up of this important healing Saturn project. There may be unreasonable attempts to quell freedom, there may be lash-outs and flare ups of regimes attempting to create discord between citizens or confusion amongst the masses. There may be an attempt for that spiritual entity and the people who STILL work for it to try to open more gates to let it back in. They were trying today. We will overcome this. It is up to each person to know better and get wise to the trickery.

To hear more about what happened to Saturn in historically rich detail and how we are fixing it (this is a multi-episode action podcast series telling the story short instalments – perfect for a deep dive listen to ‘Saga of Earth’ available cross-platforms here: Psychopomp Stories • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters *no login listening*

Pluto point part 2: Pluto will be square true node 3 x in a matter of five days at the end of July. This is going to be something we feel and notice. I speak about this in the podcast version of the report/

Justice to the Energy Strands and Esoteric Knowledge via Libra, Pallas and Ceres: Another of the things to be excited about is the placement of Libra as the South node is that it means we will be experiencing the ‘scales of justice’ through the karmic story. As Pallas and Mars enter Virgo on July 10th (which represents Persephone) I sense a great re-working on the abuse that the spiritual feminine bodied energy holders have incurred. Ceres is moving into Libra on the Solstice which means that we will be getting an extra highlight of these lessons. Ceres represents transitions, the harvest, mothering, and family relationships. This feels very much like there will be a release of the unfair expectations placed on caretakers, a reworking of relationships to benefit ALL in the household, and a more strong recognition of the contributions that come from each person. Women (and the feminine) are not here to carry the problems of the world and to nurture all beings at their own expense. If we do not nurture the caretakers and the love-givers, we are failing ourselves.

Mercury and communication: You will have noticed that we are experiencing a lot of talk about chatgpt and AI technology. This is important and will continue. Robots stealing the creative content of people like me and you who write on the internet and then ‘amalgamate’ the content for other people who do not feel like creating their own AS WELL AS the numbing of the creative collective is a MAJOR deal. Creative content and intellectual property are part of the heart of the writers of the world. It is important that we PROTECT the heart, feeling, and emotion that comes from original content created by original beings. It is the raw emotion of the human experience that makes listening to music or reading a book so special. We must keep that.

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Planetary Alignments

These are some of the notable dates for alignments and planetary movements that we will be having over these next three months. Mark them in your calendar to keep abreast of what is coming up. *I have included the alignments that I highlighted in the report. There are MORE.** See the extended notes with conjunctions and get updates in mid-July for your node switch by joining my members community: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/crowmedicine/membership or purchasing the full list & access here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/crowmedicine/e/140461?from_page=home


June 1: Jupiter conjunct true node

June 3: Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 4: Conjunction of Mercury + Uranus (Mercury @ dichotomy, Venus @ greatest elongation East)

June 5: Venus enters Leo (Mercury @ highest altitude in AM sky)

 June 11: Pluto goes retrograde until Oct. 10. The same day that Pluto goes retrograde is also the day that is goes back to Capricorn to wrap up healing business until early 2024.

June 21: Solstice, Sun enters Cancer, this day Ceres moves into Libra (also a conjunction of Moon + Venus)

June 22: Juno into Cancer, Vesta into Gemini (close approach of Moon + Mars)

June 30: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces


July 1: Mercury Superior Solar Conjunction + Close Approach of Venus + Mars

July 3: Full moon in Capricorn

July 10: Pallas enters Virgo, Mars enters Virgo

July 11: Mercury enters Leo (close approach of Moon + Jupiter)

July 17: New Moon in Cancer, True Node Retrograde Aries

July 18: NORTH NODE MOVES INTO ARIES (Mars, the Ram) SOUTH NODE MOVES INTO LIBRA (Venus, the Scales of Justice)  where they remain until January 11, 2025 Note that Venus was the North node in Taurus during the last 1.5 years.

July 22: Jupiter Semi-Square Neptune (which is retrograde in Pisces), Venus Retrograde, Sun enters Leo, Pluto @ Opposition

July 23: Pluto square true Node (x1), Chiron retrograde

July 25: Pluto square true Node (x2)

July 26: Conjunction Venus + Mercury

July 28: Pluto square true Node (x3), Mercury enters Virgo

Pluto is in Capricorn for this series. This suggests a final door closing on the alter Saturn energy that was affecting the planet through Capricorn (of which it is the ruling sign)

July 29: Mercury @ highest altitude


August 1: Full moon in Aquarius

August 10: Mercury @ aphelion

August 13: Venus @ inferior solar conjunction

August 15: Neptune semi-sextile True Node, Saturn semi-Square Chiron, Juno into Leo

August 16: New Moon in Leo

August 23: Mercury retrograde

August 27: Mars enters Libra, Saturn @ opposition

August 28: Uranus Retrograde

August 30: Full Moon that is also a BLUE MOON (Jupiter quintile Saturn, Moon Conjunct Saturn

These final moments of August are big toning for that higher harmonic Saturn that I mentioned at the outset of the report.

Healing in the Universe is Going Well as the Order of Creation Unfolds

The final note that I wanted to make is that the Universe is doing so well. Healing and toning has not always been easy these past few years. I have candidly told you what we have been meeting in ceremony in the reports. These were not easy years. Things are lightening and brightening up. I know that one of the things that can be most difficult in these moments is that people like to hold onto things that have served them or made them comfortable. This could be a label we place on ourselves (or another), a behaviour or habit we have, or even a state of mind that we have been operating with. The big thing for this season is that the fresh energy is here, the potential is ready. The planets have healed and they are ready to lead us on a more love-filled, positive feeling journey. It is up to us to let them!

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