EarthFlow: Energy Alignment + Attunements

This is an invitation to join a learning experience that has the power to change your life. Announcing EarthFlow; a learning opportunity where you become attuned to Crystalline Earth and Heart of the Universe and learn how to work with it to align energy.

This modality is called ‘Earthflow’ because we work closely with the crystalline energy of Earth as an anchor point and harmonizing tool. It is also because it takes our connection to body, soul and planet as an integral part of the energy alignment process (more on that in the program). 

To see a short video talking about the experience (press the image below this text)

EarthFlow Video

When you sign up for the EarthFlow, we start off with a special ceremony where you receive 2 attunements: one Crystalline Earth and another to Heart of the Universe.

For the rest of the program, you are going to learn in depth how to work with these flows and to do EXCELLENT personal or client based energy alignment sessions.

One of the main objectives for EarthFlow level 1 is to teach participants how to work with two energy flows that represent high harmonic battery power frequencies on this planet (and in this Universe): crystalline Earth energy derived from the massive crystal network that comprises the planet and pure love derived from the heart of the Universe. You will also learn how to call forth and work with Source energy in the energy pillar to stimulate soul repair and reconnection. You will learn how to work with these three layers to stream and align energy. You will also develop your soul-to-soul communication + alignment techniques as a way to ‘tune into’ and ‘read’ or ‘hear’ the energy you are seeking to understand and shift.

Program Structure

This program will take place over the course of 4 months, with 2 lessons (that are digital, access at your own time) as well as 1 practice session (facilitated by me) each month. In the first week, you will be attuned to the Earth-Source healing flow. From there we will be going over the process of healing + reconstruction working with them. As noted in the video, that breaks down to 2 lessons (access at your own pace) and one digital practice session (‘live’) each month.


The two energy attunements that you receive at the outset of the study period.

Once you have the attunement, guided and regular coaching on: how to experience deeper connection to these flows of energy, soul to soul communication as a guide in the alignment and healing process, in depth ‘energy reading’ (of the soul-body-emotional body); lots of practice and guidance on alignment; and tools to ensure you are aligning the person (or yourself) to their highest harmonic potential with each session.

*** There is a focus on how to ‘read’ and understand the body/energy field to provide excellent alignments as well as to work with harmonics adjustments for life-path streaming.*

Who is this a Good Fit for?

People who work with children, people who work in care environments like home care or nursing, parents and grandparents, energy work practitioners who are seeking new ways to sharpen their skills, students who want to learn how to align their own energy with more skill and depth, anyone who would like to learn more about how to work with Earth and Universal Heart energy to benefit themselves and/or others.

Energy alignment is for everyone. I have a strong belief in that. So far, I have two distinct groups of people signaling interest on this. Some who are first timers and looking to learn for themselves and family or for help at work, some who are already practicing and want to learn more techniques, and there may even be a third: people who are brand new at this who would like to get into doing energy alignments for pay. I accept all of these learners.


I require everyone coming to this class have read the book Soul Compass and worked with the method of personal energy alignment and conscious self-connection I teach in it. You will be working with it as a baseline and building point for what is taught in EarthFlow.

Have you been working with ‘Energy Pillar’? If so, you are off to a GREAT start. You are working with some of the concepts and flows that we elaborate on in this training. To continue your ‘getting ready’ journey, I recommend you get started building the tools of conscious self-connection and soul-hearing that are developed in “Soul Compass”.

*If you have not studied either yet, know that today is a great day to start. I anticipate having a start time for one class to be October, 2023. Beginning today (or this season) will give you lots of opportunity to build and prepare.

To get “Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection’ in paperback form:

To get “Energy Pillar” + “Soul Compass” digital learning pack (great for those on a budget or who like e-reading):

To Signal Your Interest

If you are interested in EarthFlow and would like more details such as start dates and access, please email me at . If you know this is for you, send me a message and let me know! In that email, please tell me if you have any other alignment experience.

EarthFlow tuition is EXTREMELY fair and is made payable throughout the 4 months. At $500 usd, this is a lot of bang for your buck. One person who has trained elsewhere for reiki told me this was worth way more. I am currently being mindful that a lot of people are in economic rebound mode. I may raise tuition in the future. We will see! ****If you are ‘in need’ or would like to request a partial scholarship because currency or life makes this amount tough. Ask. I would very likely work with you. I have always been that way if it feels aligned.

If you are interested in getting your name on an email notification list for upcoming opportunities to enroll in EarthFlow, also email and let me know to put your name on the future opportunity list. (You will only receive emails about EarthFlow.)

I am very excited about this!

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