Returning to Posting + What I Was Doing While ‘Away’

Hello to the fans, friends, and students who visit this website. This is a little note to say that my creative rest has concluded. I am about to resume posting, once again. Look out for the upcoming Seasonal Astrology Report coming up early June.

Thank you so much for your grace as I took this past month to take care of the planet and to take a research and re-evaluation moment for myself!

A little personal update on what I was doing for those who are interested:

One of the things you hear me talk about in my astrology reports is a harmonic shift happening on planet Earth. This is something that I work on in my journeys. These experiences are part of what inspires the information and teachings I then relay out to you!

During this little focus phase, we went to West Virginia as one of our stops. Mike and I worked on bringing the Order of Creation ceremonially into the energy spectrum of Earth. This is that healed, high harmonic meeting of Mother and Father creator energies that I have been discussing to you these past years. Ceremonies happen in cycles, and they will often take two sometimes three (and sometimes more) rotations to complete. We came to the mountains that you see in the videos and pictures below first in March 2022 to begin this project. Stated lightly, the energy that was in them from the colonial impact (and what came before it) was like stepping into a wallop. Coming back this time in the late Spring having given a year plus for things in the Planet to adjust and it was like being in a whole different place.

Some of the things we did on the road were: visit the above ground origination point of my favourite river (you can see me kneeling at it in the vid), hiked on part of the continental divide and then went on a long mountain-road drive to get back down, and just had honest to goodness fun.

One of the big takeaways from my journeys: KINDNESS. We did run into a few little snafus of the travel and movement variety which were not really ‘too bad’. Rather, each time we had to get some help, we met kindness, people who were great at their jobs, and complete strangers willing to step in and help. We were grateful for the circumstances as they unfolded and we took it as a sign we were on the right path. Being in the highest harmonic alignment does not mean life is always perfect. But what it does mean is that when unexpected or testing things happen, you are able to find the ‘best case scenario’ out of it.

Here are some pics and a video from the road

(Press ‘play’ or center of still to begin video collage)

Seneca Rocks (above from far away, below from an observation deck near the top)

Blackwater Falls (above), The Continental Divide Marker (below)

Me enjoying my best birthday ever!

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