Jesus Rises and Journeys to the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3

Jesus died and went to heaven after the crucifixion, right? Well. That is what happened in some accounts. There is much more to the story, according to others. For example, in the Book of Nicodemus Jesus was walking around within days of being put on the cross. A natural question that comes up is if he lived, where did he go? Based on Indigenous traditions, it appears over to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and then onto USA and Canada where he continued his mission to free the planet from Baals’ grip.

In the 3rd installment of ‘Saga of Earth’, I tell the story about the rise of Jesus and discuss strong evidence of his journeys through the Americas.

Why would we not hear of this rise of Jesus or his journeys elsewhere?

That is a question with a big answer. One part of it is that immediately after the crucifixion, the high priests who had advocated his death began an information control campaign. Though several people attest to having seen Jesus, others saw him return two people back to life, and guards watching the tomb indeed testified that Jesus walked right out of it himself, this is not the narrative that we typically hear. Part of the reason that happened is the very same priests (likely of Baal) who were involved in pushing his crucifixion also went on an information control campaign, silencing those who encountered these miracles.

Another layer of this answer rests in the Indigenous traditions of the peoples who met the Pale Bearded Traveler or the Healer as he made his way through the Americas. Far dispersed peoples living throughout the region have stories about this traveler and the impact he made on their people. His main message? To end idol worship, to release rituals of blood, and to end war (just like our guy Jesus is known for saying). These accounts remain sacred and protected knowledge by these peoples. They have to protect it which often means keeping it quiet and behind closed doors. I also believe there was a direct attempt to flush out peoples who had memories of this traveler during pre-colonial and colonial period. Many who have had the stories have passed on.

In this instalment of ‘Saga of Earth’, I tell you about the rise of Jesus after the crucifixion and what he did to continue on with his good work. In doing so, I introduce you to the Pale Bearded Traveler with Grey-Green eyes and their journeys throughout the ‘new world’.

According to legend, this traveler was even here in USA going all the way up the Mississippi to New York, through Michigan, to Arizona, Wyoming, Georgia (and the list goes on). From my own personal experiences on this trail, I can tell you that yes. It does indeed feel as though these lands were touched by Jesus’ footsteps. It is here that I was called to do this work and in part it was to help amplify Him *for what that is worth.*

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For the Rest of the Saga of Earth Series (including another Jesus story)

See below the instalments for more information on the concept behind the series.

“What Happened to Earth”. A discussion of the moment that Earth entered its ‘downfall phase’.

“The Reality Jesus Came to Shift”

The Concept Behind ‘Saga of Earth’ Series

One of the things that we passionately discuss here is the shift into the Age of Aquarius. Month to month, alignment, we have talked about healing the human energy spectrum and ourselves. Many people who come to this page have also united together in ceremony with the intention of raising the vibration of planet Earth and healing its energy system. SAGA OF EARTH is the telling of ‘what happened’ to lower the vibration of planet Earth + hurt humans. It chronicles steps that we have taken throughout our story to get to the point we are now.

We began this saga by talking about an unfortunate moment in the planet. That is, when Earth got hurt. This is when Saturn was infiltrated. Listen to that instalment here:

When Earth Got Hurt (saga pt 1) – Crow Medicine (

Every 2 weeks, I release a new podcast detailing a moment in the human story that was significant to our entrapment and vibration lowering. I talk about how planet earth got hurt, and how people like Jesus and Mary along with other ceremonial masters have worked to save it. This series covers moments like the signing of the Doctrine of Discovery and the witch-hunts. It includes people like Vlad Impaler and the Borgias. It brings us through 2012 and the ‘end of the world’ *for that lower harmonic world order* all the way up to 2022, when we had our major final breakaway moment. I anticipate 6 episodes over the course of the next 3 months.

These stories are an accumulation of 20 years of ceremony and work that have taken me around the world. I have lost friends, people have died. I have found love and truth. I offer them up now as part of our human story. A lot of these details I have had to work very hard to find. They come from my own sweat and tears and blood as well as that of my colleagues who lost their lives over the centuries of this unfolding. Until now, I have kept much of this knowledge under deep protection. As with any sage, part of wisdom is to know when it is time to share it. My heart tells me that now is the time to tell the truth in detail.


As an anthropologist and nerd, I have always found that doing deep dives into the human story were rewarding. When we can get into the detail of something, an abstract event becomes a series of actions. We may also see a different layer of how things came to be and thus relate seemingly disparate world events into a bigger pictures. Part of what we are here to do as a civilization and collective group is to heal from these moments, to take their lessons, and to improve. The Age of Aquarius is about innovation and creation just as much as it is about truth.

I have chosen to tell these stories in vocal form as opposed to long written articles because sacred knowledge is best delivered by voice. It is just as much about the tone and the volume and the vibration of the teller as it is the words they are saying. This is why so many of the great teachings are passed down in song and story.

Though I will turn these teachings into a book and videos, for now the best way to get them out and is to honour the ancient tradition and talk.

Non or new to podcast people, I highly encourage giving this a chance!

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