Doing Energy Alignments: An Invitation

Energy alignment and soul healing sessions are highly beneficial to our personal development. Many of us experience stagnant energy conditions because of the homes we live in, conditions of our office environments, the food we eat, and the lives we live. An energy alignment session is meant to promote healthy flow within our subtle bodies (aka chakra system, energy body) as well as our physical ones. They help us to connect to our souls, the Earth and the Universe. They help us feel more at peace and calm.

This is a little note that I am putting out there to those of you who may be interested in learning how to do energy alignments (for self or others) as well as those who are already out there doing them who would like to enhance their skills. I am in the process of recruiting students and gathering interest from potential new ones for a learning experience where you will be attuned to the healing propensity of crystalline Earth and Universal life force energy AND learn in depth how to work with it to perform energy alignments.

Would you like to be one of them?

Basic Program Structure

This program will take place over the course of 4 months, with 2 lessons (that are digital, access at your own time) as well as 1 practice session (facilitated by me that you would be doing well to attend) each month. In the first week, you will be attuned to the Earth-Source healing flow. From there we will be going over the process of healing + reconstruction working with them. There will be lots of opportunity to practice your attunement and learn the new energy flow. Highlights: the attunement and getting a deeper connection to these flows of energy, soul to soul communication as a guide in the alignment and healing process, in depth ‘energy reading’ (of the soul/body/emotional body); lots of practice and guidance on alignment; and tools to ensure you are aligning the person (or yourself) to their highest harmonic potential with each session.


Email me today at and let me know your interest. I will send you back some information on the when, how, and how much.

When you do contact me, please let me know if you are already working on energy alignment. Have you been attuned to anything else? Is this a first time? I feel I will be setting up one learning session a month for ‘first timers’ and another for those who are ‘already practitioners’ or who have already studied a healing modality like reiki.

Who will this be a good fit for?

People who work with children, people who work in care environments like home care or nursing, parents and grandparents, energy work practitioners who are seeking new ways to sharpen their skills, students who want to learn how to align their own energy with more skill and depth, anyone who would like to learn more about how to work with Earth and Universal Heart energy to benefit themselves and/or others.

Energy alignment is for everyone. I have a strong belief in that. So far, I have two distinct groups of people signaling interest on this. Some who are first timers and looking to learn for themselves and family or for help at work, some who are already practicing and want to learn more techniques, and there may even be a third: people who are brand new at this who would like to get into doing energy alignments for pay. I accept all of these learners.

If you have already been working with ‘Soul Compass’, you are very well prepared. We will be relying on the skills of self-connection and your ability to read your body/soul messages as part of this training. Did not finish or start ‘Soul Compass’ yet and still want to participate? You are able, However I recommend you do your best to finish ‘Soul Compass’ before beginning the energy alignment course so we are on the same page.

Never studied ‘Soul Compass’ and still want to participate? Get yourself an ecopy or physical copy now and get used to the self-connection technique as well as the energy pillar. You can access all the versions available here:

Soul Compass + Energy Pillar ESALE

Why am I not posting the full description of the learning experience here?

Simple. Right now, we have a little cross-over period where new forms of technology are making their way into our lives. The current one is ‘AI’ writing technology. One of the things that does is crawl the internet looking for information, copies that information (or amalgamates it) and then delivers it, sans reference or context, to the user who typed the prompt to look for it. Teachers, bloggers, and writers have already started using this tool as a way to cut out the work in the design and summary process. What that means is that if I put my full course outline up here, it is liable to get crawled, stolen, and then used by someone else who would not even know where it is coming from to reference it. I really do not want that.

In academia, we call things like course design, books, and creative content’ intellectual property’. To protect mine, I have decided to email the course information to those interested.

To Get More Information Including Dates, Tuition and More on Learning

email me at

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