The Reality Jesus Came to Shift (Saga of Earth pt 2)

One of the things that we passionately discuss here is the shift into the Age of Aquarius. Month to month, alignment, we have talked about healing the human archetype and ourselves as we have gone on our planetary journey through astrology. Many people who come to this page have also united together in ceremony with the intention of raising the vibration of planet Earth and healing its energy system. That too, is part of this. I have decided to talk about key moments in our spiritual and material trajectory that shaped our path. It is important that we know what happened as well as how we have risen (and are rising) from it. (See ‘concept’ for more information below.)

Jesus: A Path to Peace for ALL of Us

A factor that unites people across many class backgrounds is the belief that Jesus is a very special teacher who was here to guide humanity out of the chaos and ruination that was created by this false idol ‘god’ hiding behind Saturn was causing. They are all right. In part 2 (and 3) of Saga of Earth, we focus on Jesus, his journeys, and the enduring gifts he gave us as he made them.

Did you know that one of the top teachings Jesus offered was to stop passing humans through fire? Or that the reason he was doing that was directly related to closing off access gates to nefarious entities seeking to harm humanity? If the answer was ‘no’ you are not alone. In fact, this is one of the most valuable teachings of Jesus that I think are ‘hidden’ in plain sight from us.

In episode 2, we focus on the reality that Jesus was walking into when he entered Judea (Israel). This is important to think about. Though 2000 + years ago, we are working on healing these final strands in the contemporary moment.

When Jesus came onto the scene, his job was to wake the world up from their enchantment with Baal (and their variations). In Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan (as well as over in the Americas) there was a lively tradition of idol worship that involved the giving of a human life. Baal (and their variations) had fashioned themselves as a primary god. Using power, influence, and fear to shape human action, they were taking the sparks of energy from these sacrifices and using them to maintain power and relevance on Earth.

When you read about the places that Jesus has been and the teachings he offered, right up there next to LOVE was to stop following idols. IDOLS in this case, meant Baal and other forms of ‘god’ (aka weird ets pretending to be gods). By taking away their ritual fuel, Jesus knew that it would be possible to dwindle out their power.

In this way, Jesus was showing the path of gate closure and the primary step that humanity would need to take to get to freedom: stop the idol worship.

Working with historical examples of Baal and Molloch worship during the times Jesus was teaching, I show how prevalent these beliefs came to be and what believing in them actually meant. This was a time where children were passed through flames for the ‘benefit’ of others. To be part of a religion meant to be part of the bloodshed. Jesus stood in defiance of that. One of the main teachings he offered is that we could know the TRUE God (Creator) through loving acts. Hurting one another and sacrifice were not necessary. In fact, they hurt all of humanity. To commit this act was an atrocity, not an invocation of good. This is why that false God tried to end Jesus through the crucifixion. (Good thing. Jesus lived and kept on going.) 

Note: This is not a ‘full article’ expressing the full story that this post marks. This is an introduction to the podcast linked below telling you what you will learn more about when you listen to it. I choose to tell this information verbally because this is how it is best expressed, as in the old ways. It also protects this knowledge from being picked up and regurgitated by AI scrollers. (More on that below.)

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In the next instalment: When Jesus Went to the Americas (which he did post crucifixion). There is a wide spread of traditions that recall Jesus visiting Guatemala, Mexico, and USA to name a few. He was doing the same thing in these regions he was in Israel: preaching love and an end to human sacrifice (and war). More on that coming soon!

The Concept Behind ‘Saga of Earth’ Series

We began this saga by talking about an unfortunate moment in the planet. That is, when Earth got hurt. This is when Saturn was infiltrated. Listen to that instalment here:

When Earth Got Hurt (saga pt 1) – Crow Medicine (

The concept: 

One of the things that we passionately discuss here is the shift into the Age of Aquarius. Month to month, alignment, we have talked about healing the human energy spectrum and ourselves. Many people who come to this page have also united together in ceremony with the intention of raising the vibration of planet Earth and healing its energy system. SAGA OF EARTH is the telling of ‘what happened’ to lower the vibration of planet Earth + hurt humans. It chronicles steps that we have taken throughout our story to get to the point we are now.

Every 2 weeks, I release a new podcast detailing a moment in the human story that was significant to our entrapment and vibration lowering. I talk about how planet earth got hurt, and how people like Jesus and Mary along with other ceremonial masters have worked to save it. This series covers moments like the signing of the Doctrine of Discovery and the witch-hunts. It includes people like Vlad Impaler and the Borgias. It brings us through 2012 and the ‘end of the world’ *for that lower harmonic world order* all the way up to 2022, when we had our major final breakaway moment. I anticipate 6 episodes over the course of the next 3 months.

These stories are an accumulation of 20 years of ceremony and work that have taken me around the world. I have lost friends, people have died. I have found love and truth. I offer them up now as part of our human story. A lot of these details I have had to work very hard to find. They come from my own sweat and tears and blood as well as that of my colleagues who lost their lives over the centuries of this unfolding. Until now, I have kept much of this knowledge under deep protection. As with any sage, part of wisdom is to know when it is time to share it. My heart tells me that now is the time to tell the truth in detail.


As an anthropologist and nerd, I have always found that doing deep dives into the human story were rewarding. When we can get into the detail of something, an abstract event becomes a series of actions. We may also see a different layer of how things came to be and thus relate seemingly disparate world events into a bigger pictures. Part of what we are here to do as a civilization and collective group is to heal from these moments, to take their lessons, and to improve. The Age of Aquarius is about innovation and creation just as much as it is about truth.

I have chosen to tell these stories in vocal form as opposed to long written articles because sacred knowledge is best delivered by voice. It is just as much about the tone and the volume and the vibration of the teller as it is the words they are saying. This is why so many of the great teachings are passed down in song and story.

Though I will turn these teachings into a book and videos, for now the best way to get them out and is to honour the ancient tradition and talk.

Non or new to podcast people, I highly encourage giving this a chance!

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