55% off Andara Special from Elemental Ascension

Crystals are an important part of many of our spiritual journey. We work with them to ground, cleanse, clean, and to tap into our senses.

I am a fan of a very special kind of implement called an ‘andara’. These are tuned pieces of glass that work specifically well with multi layered and in-depth frequency work. The colour and tone of each particular piece aids you in tapping into frequency spectrum. Intense, these are often pieces people move to for deep soul healing and intentional connection to parts of this Universe. A piece can be tuned or toned to different jobs or intentions as you move through the seasons. They are diverse. I work with these tools as a regular part of my life.

As you know, I am on my own rest and retouching phase. I just got word of a great opportunity that I wanted to relay to you. My andara provider is having a big sale right now. Elemental Ascension elementalascension.com is offering

55 percent off andaras now through 5/5!!!!

This is a great deal and an excellent window to pick up a little something for you or a loved one.

If you feel like going shopping whilst also throwing me a high five, please shop through the below link. It will earn me a small commission.

https://elementalascension.idevaffiliate.com/103.html for browsing or anytime access.


I work with most of the andara bands Dana has for sale and help tune her collection. That means I know these andaras well.

This season, I recommend these Venusian Pink and Empowered Hearts. These are wonderful for calling in that high harmonic Venus energy you hear me talking about. Highly appropriate during Taurus season. Empowered Hearts bring courage in love of self, others and Earth. Promotes deep healing: https://www.elementalascension.com/store/c13/Pink_Andaras.html#/ (this link is through my affiliate program as well. Anything you browse through here is too.)

Image from Elemental Ascension website

I also highly recommend these smaller pouch sets. Size does not matter when it comes to andaras. These little pouches help you get the benefit of working with multiple frequencies at once. These are wonderful for working through your own personal energy alignment. Place them at different parts of your body and do the energy pillar and bam. You are doing andara and energy healing session on yourself from the comfort of your own home. Click here to shop pouches through my affiliate link: https://www.elementalascension.com/store/c22/Fairy_Pouches%2FGrids_and_Mini_Sets_.html#/

Image from Elemental Ascension. Link above brings you to this page.

Remember, it is 55 percent off the lowest tagged price!!!

If you really want to make a splash with you this season, consider picking up a copy of “Soul Compass”. You can get digital and physical copies here starting at $18: https://crow-medicine.com/2023/04/21/soul-compass-energy-pillar-e-sale/

Already got one?

Choose an andara (or a crystal from your collection) and designate it as your soul communication implement for the next month. Bring it into every meditation, every energy pillar and every self connection exercise you do. As you work the crystal or andara into your routine, you are tuning it to help you. What you will find is that soon enough, the andara will start enhancing your communication almost like a volume increase. Allow it to become part of your sacred routine and see how its presence inspires you. You will find that simply touching it gives you that sense of deep connection you used to have to go in long practice to get to. It helps you build a bridge to yourself. See how much different you feel in connection and communication from beginning to end of month!

I will be back with more soon. I hope some of you enjoy the sale!

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