May Astrology Message

April was a month where we went through an experience of taking stock of our lives. Where we put time, effort, and focus. So too was it one where we examined the dynamics of our households and our working worlds.

It was certainly that type of a month for me. It is not always easy to look at how things are playing out and to see where some of your best laid plans may not be working. It is important to do it, though.

This month, in lieu of the long hand-written report, or doing a mixed report, I recorded a special astrology message that is about 12 minutes long. You may listen to it here:

*(If you are brand new and this is your first report, it is probably not going to make as much sense to you. The June one will. This is a housekeeping month where I am announcing a change and saying why.* This article about a great leap may be of interest as well as the April report linked below. We are in the same energy

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Thank you to the people who have been faithful listeners to this report. Thank you to the people who have shown it and this page support. I appreciate you.

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Here is a picture of my husband and I out at a music festival yesterday. This is the first time I got to dance in a big crowd since summer 2019. These last few years have been very hard work. It felt great to be on the dance floor again. (Ps. Sober festivaling rocks.)

See you on June 15th for the first seasonal astrology report. Released just in time for solstice!

I will be back with more written articles and soul energy based podcasts soon!

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