Taking a Great Leap

Ah, here we are. Vesta has just entered Taurus. We have a rare Eclipse coming up on April 20th which is the first on the Aries – Libra axis. You are likely very much feeling the ‘transition’ energy that these alignments (as well as those we celebrated last month including Pluto into Aquarius and Saturn into Pisces) coming together. This is the equivalent of a big leap. You are probably sensing that.

As the last week and the next two play out, you may find yourself meeting initiations, choice points, and opportunities to test and further carve the path that you are creating. When something comes up that could be interpreted as either “AH THIS IS HAPPENING AGAIN'” or “Ok, I just have to stay calm and HAVE FAITH”, I recommend the latter approach. This is the energy equivalent of taking a big step from one energy stream into another. It takes a few moments, it can be confusing and hair-raising, but if you remember what is happening and ride the wave, you will get through it.

You may also find yourself experiencing what people call ‘zero point’. That is, when you cannot sense the past or the future and you feel like you are walking in black hole type bubble that feels like a doorway or gate. You are the gate to your own reality, you carry it in yourself, and when this is present it is another sign that you are moving. It can feel scary. When you take these moments and apply them in focus to your life, it is possible to make radical and rapid changes.

Eclipses are interesting. This is the first on a whole new axis that we will be experiencing throughout the entire Aries-Libra nodal journey that we ‘officially’ begin in July. This eclipse to me, represents the true beginning of the transition between nodes. Hold on but not so tight that you cannot let go. Eclipses have a way of bringing us into a new reality, and this one is showing its power. You may have encountered it already this week.

Self-Care and Self-Connection

The phrasing of the planets and this moment in our story has created a cozy nook space for self-care and self-connection. You may very well be feeling the pull to organize your home, to plan for the future, or to look back at what happened during the last phase and take stock. I encourage you to go ahead and do just that. These activities bear ripe fruit. It is the equivalent of investing in you, energy wise. We know this bears material results such as a more functional home life, a happier and more balanced inner world, and a more trusting relationship with yourself.

Excitingly, these are moments where a lot of people are going to be ‘finding the time’ to nurture and nourish themselves. This is where you get to pick up the new sport, the new book, the paintbrush, guitar, whatever it is. Placing your focus on creative expression and personal expansion in whichever form appeals to you is a powerful way to ground this energy and to enjoy the experience. It also helps us to stay grounded amidst what can sometimes feel like way too fast-moving energy or unexpected circumstances that are known to come about during Eclipse season:

One of the things that I have been enjoying as part of my personal experience is reading a great book that helped me gain a different perspective on energy. It had some great exercises in it that helped me get to the core of a question I had a little differently than I was when I worked with my own methods. It had exercises, it had self-reflection questions, and honestly, it reminded me a lot of how I wrote ‘Soul Compass’. It was nice to be a student and to get to feel like what it would feel like going through the experience of gradual learning and self-connection a book like that promotes. It made me very glad for choosing to write mine that way.

Have you been feeling like connecting to your soul, self-inner world with more grounding, this season? Have you been feeling ‘stuck’ and think you would benefit from a little bit of a different perspective just as I did? Maybe you are ready for loving journey into self-connection that you can begin now and ease into over the next few months! If any of these sound like you, I invite you to take part in the Soul Compass journey. This book was written with a lot love and it is receiving rave reviews from the people who have gotten their copies. I would love to send some more out into the world and have 20 here at my house ready to go! I also have a sale on where you get 15% off the ebook version (see below).

‘Soul Compass: Conscious Self-Connection

Summary: You are your most valuable resource. Learn how to refine and use your intuitive self-connection as a source of reliable, everyday guidance. Featuring the IndiCrow method of conscious self-connection, this book walks you through a journey of getting to know the sound of your soul and how to work with your unique talents and gifts. Learn the groundwork for healthy soul and body energy connection and how to heal yours. Build pathways for your intuitive senses to do what they are meant to, which is help you out in everyday life.

Oriented with the practical reader in mind, this book and the concepts and tools for conscious self-connection that it teaches you are ones you will be able to return to for the rest of your life to go ever more into you.

*Based on the hit class, Soul Compass.* Bonus? I teach from this material at my website ‘Crow Medicine’ monthly through my astrology reports and written projects. I even recently did a ‘vibe up challenge’. Value added, every month and opportunities to ground your learning..*

200 pages, 11 chapters.

Part 1: The Sound of Your Soul
ch.1: Welcome to the Journey
ch.2: The Personality of Your Soul
ch. 3: Conscious Self-Connection
ch. 4: Healing Soul Wounds

Part 2: The Soul and Body Relationship
ch. 5: Your Body is a Sacred Vessel
ch. 6: Building a Healthy Energy Body
ch. 7: Creating a Clear Path for Soul Connection

Part 3: Tools for a High Harmonic Life
ch. 8: Embodiment
ch. 9: Doing Intuitive Research
ch. 10: Hearing and Trusting Your Intuitive Guidance
ch. 11: Flaming Your Soul Spark

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As you know, I have a method called ‘energy pillar’ that is an energy alignment and harmonization practice. In ‘Soul Compass”, you learn how to build from the energy pillar into conscious self-connection and advanced energy alignment. I recently released ‘Energy Pillar’ as its own mini-offering where you get the practice as a guided audio version of the practice that you are able to work with each day or as needed. Today, as a seasonal encouragement I am releasing a digital copy of Soul Compass + Energy Pillar as a power pack. They are 15% off than if you got them separately. This is a limited time offer. You may access that now:


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Get your copy of this impactful book, today. We will be building on this material as a base for all that I talk about and teach in the coming years.

Celebrating Crow Medicine by Giving Myself a Writing and Podcasting Rest

This was a HUGE year for Crow Medicine. I released 56 podcasts, approx 50 -60 articles (still counting), my first mini documentary, and 7 meditation videos. It has been so fun to practice some new forms and to also be here for so many people. I opened this page after my old website crashed and burned. March 2023 was the BEST MONTH with the MOST VISITORS that have ever come since I started out at this new version of my website. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who comes here. I truly appreciate that you trust and value my teachings and it is so nice to be experiencing this growth.

On that note….

A Period of Personal Observation and Organization

I am SO READY to take just a little rest from making new things. I am going to be silent the next few weeks.

The best educators practice what they teach. (In fact, they teach from grounded and practiced experience, but that is another thing.) After the taxing energy caretaking tasks I was doing for the planet, I am ready for fun and quality time with my husband. I feel the call to be outside, immersed in the healing power of Earth, and enjoying my life. It is so important to give ourselves the space to dream and enjoy life. It is so easy to get caught up going task to task to task and not breathing. I can feel an expectation in the realms that I am going to snap in and lift other loads. Nope! I did my part of the heavy lifting, I lost a lot while I was doing it, and now, I get my chance to be happy and free. Taking it! Everyone is capable of handling their own tasks otherwise they would not be meeting them. Having said that, I love advising people as they do their caretaking and lightworking. If you would like that, you may email me and request consultation. I still do that (katieindicrow@gmail.com).

Are you aware that I do a podcast where I tell the adventure stories and deep dive information about what happens during these adventures? They are fairly entertaining. It is called ‘Psychopomp Stories’. You can listen to all episodes without login here:

Click here to go to Psychopomp Stories directly: Psychopomp Stories • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters

As some of you may know, this is a ‘second’ website that I built. An old one that I had worked on for about 6 years crashed. I deliberately removed my old youtube page because the quality of videos was low, information becoming outdated, and I felt like it was time to freshen up. So that is what we have been doing here! Now that I have made all these new materials, I am going to go ahead and organize them and do some re-designing of what this website looks like so that they are easier to find and sort through. If you happen to come here one day and things look crazy, it is because I am mid-adjustment and may be fiddling.

I am very excited because in the coming 6 months, I will FINALLY be re-opening my business and kicking that level up. YAY! Part of what I will be doing these next few weeks is thinking about what that is going to look like.

Support a Page that Supports You

Do you know that I did not formally get paid for ANY of the things I did here since I opened this page? Yup. It is true. I have really been here doing this the whole time because I felt a strong responsibility to continue standing as a teacher during the worst years for our societies. I did it for all the people I built relationships with during the years 2014-the pandemic as well as for anyone who was looking for no strings attached, real information that talked about the truth of what we were experiencing. Let me tell you what a challenge that was with the censorship and cancel culture that was happening.

I know that me showing up has helped a lot of you because you have told me. I have appreciated the thank you emails, the likes and comments on my posts and podcasts, and all of the positivity that has been sent my way. THANK YOU. That really means so much. Thank you most especially to the 25 people who sent in gifts of support in recognition of this page and all I have put out here. It has meant a lot to me. It has helped me cover the costs I incur to keep this going!

If you have felt the benefit of my teachings and would like to say thanks and help me keep the lights on for another year, I would gratefully receive a one-time gift to: Katie IndiCrow is Spirituality for the 21st Century. (buymeacoffee.com) or paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow

I have some website costs to cover in May. The support either buy buying a book, the energy pillar, or a few dollars contributed would mean a lot to me.

Enjoy this big leap, community! May it go well for you. I will see you in a few weeks.

Funny note. After I wrote this post, I went to FB and saw that today is the 6 year anniversary of the leap I took to leave the academic world to do this. WOW Facebook for those of you who would like to see the little video I recorded then. I miss it, but I do not regret my choice one bit.

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