Guided Meditation to Relax + Unwind

This is a guided meditation to relax and unwind. It is perfect to release stress, ease anxiety, and create a feeling of inner peace. Use it at the end of a day or for a moment of regeneration.

The Process

We begin by slowing down our breath. From there, I guide you through a calming and relaxation activity inspired by the peace we feel in nature. Working with healing white light energy, you build yourself into a regenerative white light cocoon. While encapsulated here, you relax and unwind. You release any stress you may be feeling. You fill every cell with regenerative energy. When you are done, you will feel more relaxed and refreshed. You will have connected to that space of inner peace. You will have left the stress of the day (afternoon, evening) behind you.

Are you person who got themselves a copy of energy pillar or Soul Compass? Read on down below the meditation for suggestions on how to work with this relaxation practice + what you are learning to go a little deeper. Look for ‘extra’ suggestions from me each week.

The Meditation

This meditation will be released ‘live’ at 9 am EST (so early am PST, afternoon for Ireland & UK, evening to my Australian fans). You are able to access it here as well as through my youtube page. If it is not too much of a bother, would you be able to hit that ‘subscribe’ button on this yt page? I am trying to meet the requirements to monetize it so that I can get a little $$ flow to my page for these creations.

To Learn More about Meditation + Energy Alignment

If you would like to learn more about aligning your energy like you did in this meditation, that is a specialty that I teach about. If you would like to start out slow, you can check out ‘Energy Pillar’ which is a lot like this video, only featuring a special meditation + energy alignment that I created called….you guessed it, energy pillar. To get your copy today or to learn more about it: Or to go in depth with it, I work, check out my book ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection”.

In it, I lay out a foundation for energy alignment + self connection through meditation and intentional practice. You work with crystalline earth energy to do energy body repairs, you learn to recognize the ways your soul talks to you, and you refine your intuition for daily life: To Get a copy:

Already a student? Use this exercise as a ‘warm up’. Do it and then when done, get out one of my meditation music playlists or your own favourite album. Put it on. Do a long, slow energy pillar exercise that takes maybe 20-30 minutes. As you begin, set the intention to use the pillar to ‘relax and unwind’, and allow your intuition and the energy to guide you. It is really fun to work with this way!

Also note: note how your visualization and self-connection is improving and how that helps you get into activities like this meditation more quickly + with more impact. As you practice ‘energy pillar’ or when you work with the materials in Soul Compass (especially part 2), you are working these ‘muscles’ in your energy body-physical body to connect more quickly and impactfully. Sort of like getting your energy body in ‘shape’ and building muscle memory.


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