Trained by Earth

Have you ever wondered how I learned how to do all the things I talk to you about, here? The truth is, it all started out in earnest when I was about 13 years old. At that time, I saw a bush breathe. It showed me that the Earth had a heart and that plants were alive. (I talked about that in ‘

Fast forward a few years. I am recovering from cancer, hanging out in a field looking at some trees. All of a sudden, the green is so bright and it is not just one green. It is what feels like hundreds of them. In that green, I saw another new layer of the Earths’ life.

As the years passed, I had more and more gradual experiences. Feeling Universal love for the first time, learning that crows had voices and that they could speak to you and most importantly, learning about past lives and emotional healing from my cat companion Damien. A lot of long walks and quiet contemplation and ‘figuring it out’ took place.

Later on, once 2012, the tone of the teaching started changing. Arriving in Dublin, Ireland, I will never forget feeling the largest wave of energy I had ever experienced as my feet took the tarmac. Ireland is a special place for my soul that has been a home more than one occasion (and a place I visit frequently, still). Ireland was also my teacher. These years, it was about the telluric currents and the energy system of the Earth. They were also spent learning that the Earth could get hurt and that it needed repair. Slowly slowly, and sometimes quickly, I learned everything I know about how the Earth works directly from it. It showed me that we ALL have the capacity to tap into its healing love and power and potential. We just have to listen. These moments formed the bedrock of what eventually became the method that I teach you, here! That crystalline core earth connection is derived from this component.

In 2016, I found myself standing in front of a gate to Atlantis on the shores of Nova Scotia, knowing it was my job to close it. After a trip to the Rocky Mountains and being shown the Great Rift and that the Planet was in danger, I left my job as an anthropologist to do what I do now full time: the psychopomp bit.

Today, I come forward with the story of how I was trained by Earth. These stories, while told from my perspective, are told to deliver in depth information about the Universe in a way that also shows how it works in our lives. I offer them here as perhaps the most valuable of all of my teachings.

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To begin working with the energy of the Earth for Healing and Self-Connection

The idea of earth as an endless source of healing sits at the basis of the method I developed and teach. If you would like to begin learning with me, I invite you to do 1 of 3 things.

  1. check out ‘energy pillar’ (which is the energy alignment method you learn to ground and connect to the crystalline core and harmonize with source with): Energy Pillar Upgrade – Crow Medicine (
  2. Check out ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection which is the book that I teach you how to begin working with the energy pillar, the Universe, and your soul to do advanced self-connection, energy body repair, and bringing your intuition into your daily life: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection – Crow Medicine (

I recommend getting a copy of each. They are priced so that you may do that for $53 usd together.

Later on in 2023, I will be teaching more advanced classes on this method such as how to do in depth energy connection. I will also continue to advise people who wish to train on how to hear the Earth privately on a 1:1 basis. Getting started with the pillar and the book is a good way to prepare yourself for that!

To hear the rest of my psychopomp stories

I have started up a whole new podcast that is dedicated to telling stories about taking care of the Earth. It is like a mix between psy-fi and adventure, mixed with the personal stories component about what it was like to live it. So far, I have 9 other episodes up covering topics like meeting the souls of the titanic, what it was like to fix up a toxic wasteland in Baltimore created by unethical priests and their horrid activities, and going to the Grotto of the Magdalene. You can listen to them all here:

Jesus Rises + Visits the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3 Psychopomp Stories

Jesus died and went to heaven after the crucifixion, right? Well. Not according to a lot of people. In the Book of Nicodemus Jesus was walking around within days of being put on the cross. A natural question that comes up is if he lived, where did he go? Based on Indigenous traditions, it appears over to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and then onto USA and Canada where he continued his mission to free the planet from Baals' grip. In this instalment of 'Saga of Earth', I tell you about the rise of Jesus. I also talk about a Pale Bearded Traveler with Grey-Green eyes who was well recounted in their visits of the Americas teaching in precisely the same style as our boy Jesus did. To support this podcast one time or to become a monthly donor: — Send in a voice message:
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