Guided Meditation: Receive Your Soul Essence

As humans grow, we are meant to gradually expand our connection to our souls and ability to ground our spiritual power. This is a meditation that you may work with to ground and receive your soul essence in your physical body. Do this any time you would like to proactively connect to and make space for receiving and grounding ever more of your spiritual, soul essence power.

The Process

We begin by visualizing your most favourite cozy space. Once there, you settle in and call forth and connect to your highest harmonic soul essence. As we work through the meditation, you may feel emotions, buzzing, or like you have electricity in your body. That is a sign of your soul essence connecting and amplifying. Great job!

*To Learn More About Grounding + Communicating with Your Soul*

This is one of my favorite topics. So much so that I designed an energy alignment + meditation method that is highly impactful to grounding and connecting with your soul. I also wrote a book about how to build from this method into a practice of conscious self-connection where you focus on how your soul works in your body including how to heal it and how to appreciate and develop your intuition.

For the energy alignment and meditation method (I call it ‘energy pillar’):

For my book “Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection:

Already have your copies?

Go a little more deeply with the method of self-communication you have been developing with ‘Soul Compass’. Get into your method of conscious self-connection and ask your soul what you require to support the best grounding of your soul essence. There will be different things that you may feel like doing, like adjusting food intake to creating a painting to watching a throwback film from 1993. Allowing yourself to do the various things and actions that are part of grounding a soul are part of the fun! Meditation and energy alignment are great ways to do that. Add on to them with the more playful, creative parts to get the most out of this experience.

For more meditations

Check out my youtube page: Crow Medicine Meditations. I post a new practice every Saturday as part of my effort to encourage positive self-connection for everyone. These are a fun way to practice visualization and get to know different forms of meditation. I mix it up with new prompts and different music to keep it fun and interesting. Hope to see you there, next week!

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