Pluto Moves into Aquarius: Fresh Air, Anyone?

Pluto has been on a very special journey in our zodiac, being extremely present since January 2022 when it became the official south node to Venus’ north. Together, the two have led us through a year (and a half by the time they are done) of introspection, deep diving, and analysis of the hidden parts of our world. Everything from the ways we organize our households to the way we make money to where our freedoms stand (or do not). There have been death moments. So too, have there been rebirths. Pluto as South node as well as moving through a series of rare conjunctions (in 2022) has preceded and set the path for this moment. It has also made this one of the more ‘Pluto-filled’ years most of us will have in our lives.

Pluto is a planet that does not move quickly. Sitting as an outlier in our solar system, it takes Pluto 248 years to make a full stroll through our constellations. It remains within one for anywhere between 10-20 years or 17-30 depending on who you ask. The last time that Pluto moved it was in 2008 into the constellation Capricorn. It is so important that we have spoken about it at three separate touchpoints as we moved into this configuration. Today, we get to the best part. The part where we talk about the symbolic and energetic significance of Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 and what that means for us.

(This is part of the dawning of the Astrological Age of Aquarius.) *

Pluto as a Psychopomp

One of the things that I love about Pluto is the way that this planet escorts us through the pathways of civilizational change. When a series of Pluto transits come up, one may rest assured that transformation, evaluation, and deep diving is afoot. I call Pluto a psychopomp for several reasons. The first being that it was through this passage that we saw and moved through the Underworld that had been living here on Earth. We saw the unseen, we went into the depths, and we made our way out of it.

For example, when I look back at where we were at the beginning of the Venus-Pluto node transit began, I am amazed at how much we have come through. When mid January 2022 hit, we were moving toward a two-tier society. We had people in the throes of hatred, poverty, and manipulation. We were still in lockdown and we were seeing the absolute worst in censorship and breach of public trust that most of us have ever experienced. (Or at least that is how some people feel.) We saw friends and families being torn apart for absolutely no good reason. We saw people go into hardship. It was a very dark time. One that helped us see deeply into the social, political and energetic structures governing our worlds. As jarring as that was. We got through it.

Month by month, conjunction by conjunction, Pluto helped us find the creative point, the harder harmonics, and also the new, raw potential. It was awful at moments. What seemed like an impossible situation that was never going to get better did. Rapidly. Do you remember how quickly things started to make sense again around March and April 2022? Examples of the Pluto power of rebirth.

We talked about this in PLUTO POWER a podcast and article all about Pluto + Rebirth potential. Still a great one to listen into if you are an astrology nerd:

The good news is that with all of these harder moments behind us, we have earned ourselves a little cosmic reward.

Pluto is Slated for a Beautiful Aquarius Move

On a personal, planetary care-taking note, I have been in ceremony with Pluto this whole time. Alignment for alignment, move for move, I have been working with the power of Pluto to close gates and heal our Universe. Pluto is a powerful salve when you are able to tap into the pure love that sits at the center of its frequency. While Pluto is known for its destructive nature, I choose to see it as upending that which needs to be moved. When we have less to be moved, we will experience it more pleasantly. The information I give you here comes from deep study and what Pluto showed in those moments of connection.

In July, Pluto had its solar conjunction. You may remember me being excited about it and referring to it as ‘cosmic rebirth’. Shortly thereafter, I wrote about a ‘cosmic wave of love’. This is because on those days, we had reached a condition in the transition of energy for Pluto to make its highest harmonic presence known. Whether you remember or not, the point of bringing them up is to reference a little bit more about how the planets work. You see, when a planet is preparing to make a big move, it will have ‘tone setting’ moments that mark what its path will be. Just like we as people do. What those moments and celebrations meant was that Pluto was toning well, the Universal healing project is moving powerfully, and we are walking into fairly good conditions here. It is relevant because that powerful, more pure form of expression is achieved and will be felt as we move into this next season.

Ten years is a very long time to have poor tonal energy. I realize this section may sound like gobbledygook to some people. Anyone who has a planning, growing, or programming background knows how important getting certain conditions at base levels are to the success of a future project. Said simply, when I say I am out caretaking part of what I am doing is making sure that the best possible conditions are met in energy. This plays out in material reality in the events, emotions, and experiences that come to be evoked by the planet. We shall see we did as these next ten years unfold!

To say it a different way in material terms: when we started off this Pluto transit (in 2008) you may recall the global financial recession. That one came in like a storm of uncertainty and questions. Some that we have ultimately spent the entire transit examining. It is not lost on me that we began with banks almost going into default necessitating bail-outs and the mortgage crisis, and we are ending it on a less intense but still serious note. We have banks in the danger zone and home security has been a major issue.

One of the reasons people are excited about Pluto moving into Aquarius is because this sign is much more friendly than Capricorn. It is also the sign that represents the new astrological age that we are transitioning into. A generational planet like Pluto making its way into the sign representing the new Age, in my calculations, represents getting a taste of what is to come. Those of us who have been thirsting for this breath of fresh air. Good news. It is here. Will things be all sunshine and roses? I highly doubt it. But we are done with the goatfish that is Cancer (except for one small return transit that I will write about when they happen) for 200 or so odd years from a Pluto perspective. The goatfish is not notoriously a pleasant constellation (at least in the harder harmonic). This will be nice.

Have you been working with the planets each month and setting intentions all along? Well good news. You are probably about to experience some LOVELY Pluto. GOOD ONE.

Making the Most of the Pluto Move

One of the best ways to capitalize off of an alignment is to mark it. Do ceremony, take a moment to ponder the planet Pluto and its journey. Take a few moments and honour YOUR journey. Where you were in 2008? What have been your big lessons these past 15 years? What are you most proud of? Where do you imagine yourself by the time Pluto moves into its next sign? What are your long-term, big picture dreams and goals? What seeds are you ready to plant now to get yourself in the stead to achieve those goals?

I was still a MA student during the last transition, studying the global economic recession. I am excited to see where these next ten years will bring me.

Join me for regular self-connection

If getting into more awareness of your soul and self-connection is on your list of goals and priorities for this transit, I would love to cordially invite you to the Saturday morning meditations I have started up. They happen every Saturday at 9 est on my youtube channel. The idea is to invite people to schedule a little ‘them’ time into their weekend. It could Saturday morning, it could be Sunday night. On my part, I release a new meditation every Saturday on Youtube that you are able to work with for that getting to know yourself a little more.

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