If Your Soul Could Tell You One Thing, What Would It Be?

As a spiritual teacher, one of the most frequent things I hear is: “I just wish I could hear myself better.”

Meditation is a great way to slow down the chatter and hear our inner world. That is one of the reasons I am such a strong advocate of it. Today I present to you a very special meditation that you may work with any time that you would like to hear the message that your soul would love to deliver to you.

This practice is based on the question: ‘If your soul could tell you one thing right now, what would it be?”

The process for today:

In layer one, you get focused with your breath. In layer two, you call forth and connect to your soul essence. In layer three, you ask the big question: “Soul, if you could tell me anything right now, what would it be?”


This space of self-connection is always here. Come back to this practice any time you would like to hear what your soul has to say to you. Trust that it is always there for you!

If you would like to keep cultivating this conversation, work with your copy of “Soul Compass”. Go to your spot in the book today and get into it! Do the energy pillar and ask yourself the question, “Soul, what is my best gift?”

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