A Cosmic Opportunity to Receive Yourself: How to Tap into the Miracle in Progress

Hello! This is a post about a cosmic opportunity moment that we are in. It has come about because of the significant frequency and harmonic shift that is happening in our Universe (and thus here on planet Earth). My point in bringing this forward is to encourage people to recognize this special occurrence, to take moments to ground in positive self-connection in it, and to make the most of it.

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Equinox + Solar Activity + Planetary Alignments = Unique Miracle Experiencing Moments

The first part of the miracle is that we have made it here to this point in our story. I know that I have some new readers coming to this post, so in cliffs notes for you (and anyone needing a refresher):

The last Age of our planetary development (2,500 years) has had specific lessons and limitations that we have been ‘dealing with’ as we made our way from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Long story told extremely short, during the Age of Pisces, the planets (and this planet) suffered a fall. During the fall of the planet the vibration of Earth lowered significantly. There were nefarious beings and orders who worked to use dark magick to control the elements, planets, and they really did a number to harm all of us and Earth. We have been working on healing from this age (as well as what preceded it) as a civilization for a long time. There are many readers who may come to this page who have had lives involved in preserving the Earth knowledge or helping to raise the vibration of Earth. This has been a long-standing effort that actually worked. So yay!

You often hear me speaking about ‘upgrading harmonics’ or doing the planet work. This is, in part, what I am talking about.

One of the very special things that is happening right now is that the planets and our Universe are working their way through a toning process. This has been happening since January 2021 and will continue over the next few years. As we go through the cycles of the seasons, there will be specific moments where the planets and the sun will line up to strike tones that are going to be highly impactful to soul awakening, harmonic upgrading, and self-connection. Long story told extremely short, the healed resonances of these planets are here for us to work with. What is the benefit? If we allow them to, they will help us retrieve, find, love, and discover different parts of ourselves. Just as the planets are meant to!

If this is so good why does it feel so intense?

These past few weeks have been ‘intense’ because we are physically scraping out the harmonic resonances that do not fit with this framework out of the Universe. As we have shifted the position of Saturn into Pisces (as I wrote about last week), that has brought up some of the remnants of the things that caused our fall. That is not pleasant, especially if you are not ready for it. Saturn represented the prison of the self, and it was also used as a prison for parts of the Earth and this Universe. When it comes about, especially in a purification moment, it can feel hard. But guess what? As it has come through, we have closed a door on the energy of Satan. So that is a good thing. That is also one part of the miracle.

Another reason it feels ‘so hard’ is because we have increased solar activity. Consistently, there have been buzzings through the ionosphere which impacts our physical body. The solar waves, just as they impact the geomagnetic structure of Earth, ripple through us. It is creating a simultaneous healing and clearing. Like a solar powered car wash.

I talked about this in March astrology part 1 for anyone who would like to hear more detail on that: https://crow-medicine.com/2023/02/26/march-2023-astrology-report-seeing-the-path-through-intensity-pt-1/

***I also have since published ‘Astrology Report pt 2: A Cosmic Opportunity to Receive Yourself: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/katie-indicrow/episodes/March-Astrology-pt-2-A-Cosmic-Opportunity-to-Receive-Yourself-e20k5rs

Back to the Miracle Parts

In addition to the other points discussed already, the Jupiter and Venus alignment was powerful in that it represented the beginning of this ‘toning’ for Equinox. Since those planets made their close approach, we have been feeling ‘more of this’. These are planets of integration. They also represent the cosmic mother and father frequency. Source, creator, however you want to call them, are flowing more freely than they have been for 2,500 years (or longer) and this is an extremely positive thing for all of us. (This is also much more ‘high power’ than what we achieved in 5d. If you have been finding yourself dragging and you are still connecting to that frequency, know that we are intentionally leaving it behind. It was always meant to be a stopover.)

This Equinox (and the following months) are a powerful trajectory of planets and solar frequency that you are able to work with to intentionally connect to the higher harmonic versions of these planets and yourself.

Today, as I write this post, we have Neptune at solar conjunction (March 15)

March 16 we have Venus entering Taurus

March 17 Mercury is at Superior Solar Conjunction

March 19 Moon and Saturn Conjunction

March 20: Equinox

March 21: New Moon

March 22: Conjunction and Close approach of Jupiter

March 23: Pluto Enters Aquarius *this has not happened for 250 ish years.* Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. It will return there briefly in June. However, Aquarius is where Pluto is for the birthing :). If you remember me being extremely excited about Pluto in the summer, it was what we had achieved for this alignment. Now, it is here. this is excellent.

March 24: Close approach of Moon and Venus as well as Lunar Occultation of Venus

March 28: Close approach and conjunction of Moon and Mars

March 31: Conjunction of Venus and Uranus

Each of these planets are on a healing journey. When they intersect with one another, they ‘tone’ that frequency of what each of them represents as well as their interactions. Each of these planets is also connected to a story and a trajectory of things that happened on this planet that impacted how their vibration works here (so why for example, Saturn feels cranky). In the world of healing the Universe, we have been working on purification projects for years. This is a moment where the purified form of each of them is flowing powerfully. ONE OF THE FIRST. TAKE NOTE OF IT. This is another layer of the miracle. We get to the best parts of ourselves, our creativity, and our lives on this planet when we give ourselves moments to connect to these purified energy strands. They create internal ah-ha moments.

Once Pluto changes signs and Venus and Uranus are in conjunction, we have moved past that ‘marker’. Will things be magically perfect? No. But there energy will be present and the cosmic happenings will have occurred that certain limitations are no longer present.


Equinox cracks are open, the sun is blowing lots of power at us that is able to penetrate the planet, and it is helping us supercharge it.

In my psychopomp work last night, I saw millions of people receiving themselves as the potential for this moment. I also saw a lot of people choosing to reject that activity. They were not ready to be themselves, yet. Or, were too afraid or were not interested in putting the work in.

To hear an instalment of psychopomp stories telling that vision and talking about why people reject themselves:Psychopomp Stories • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters (ep 8)

Receiving New Frequencies and Getting the Upgrades Takes Work

This is intense on a few layers, which can make it a turnoff or confusing. On one layer, all this solar power makes us feel tired and we feel like slowing down. On the other hand, taking in these more purified frequencies may turn on major healing within ourselves in that it brings up ‘old’ outdated energy for processing and release. That can feel like being cranky, overwhelmed, sad for ‘no reason’. It may also come in terms of seeing the truths about things, either for better or for worse. On another hand still (yes that is 3 hands) we feel creative, inspired, and like we want to make the most of it.

One of the things about receiving these new energies or benefiting from the Equinox cracks is that we have to put effort into doing it. Said with very much love, as a psychopomp I have been running into a LOT of people who are in soul misery because their soul parts are RIGHT THERE hanging out somewhere near or outside of the person, waiting for their person to call them in. Their person, unfortunately, appears too tired or too busy or just not willing to bring them in. Instead of receiving their souls, they reject them. These past three years, we have had a lot of incidences where people were not properly receiving their souls. For more on that listen here: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/psychopompstories/episodes/When-People-Reject-Their-Own-Souls-ep-8-e20feut (You can listen ‘for free’ with no login.)

How to Make the Most of It

-Do a daily practice that helps you align with your soul and really luxuriate with it. “I call forth and connect to my soul in its highest harmonic” is a powerful intention to set in your daily practice.

-Work with the energy each day to raise your vibration and repair your energy body. Even if you are in ‘great shape’, working with this energy will launch you into that higher harmonic.

-When moments that you get to release the ‘old archetype’ or ‘old frequency’ or ‘old behaviour’ come, recognize them for what they are and get blueprinting to your new pathway.

-Work with each planet or alignment as it happens (or specific ones as you are ready). These planets are bringing their new, higher harmonic version to the table. Meditate with them. Make art with them. Talk to them. They are a part of our energy spectrum and so as they upgrade, we get to upgrade with them. We have to form that positive connection on purpose.

– Spend extra self-care time in your vibration raising, energy repair activities. Do advanced energy body repair, do your energy pillar, do yoga, do the salt baths. It will pay off, especially right now.

-Allow yourself to do things that engage and ground soul activity. This could be working out, dancing, hiking, writing, meditating, composing music, making arts, crochet. It all counts. You have to be you to ground you.

-If you have my materials, do the energy pillar every day. It shines in these moments. Get into it, spend 15-20 minutes here and there and see how much it helps you shift into that higher harmonic (and quick).

-If you have my materials, work with your method of self-connection you have been developing in Soul Compass. If you feel yourself feeling ‘extra’ something, slow down. Get into your method: ask yourself what is going on. If you show yourself a wound or an energy condition, you have the tools in that book to walk yourself through it.

-Set aside extra resting and nourishing moments. Intense solar energy does make us feel like we require more rests. Allow yourself to have them.

-Increase water intake. Most of us do not drink enough water. (Even when we try.) More water will help your cells keep up with the work they are doing.

Stay tuned for some guided lectures where I help people advance the method!

My Materials to Help You with This

Receiving yourself is one of my favourite topics. I built my spiritual practices around this concept of grounded, high vibrational practice that consistently lifts you up whilst also creating that soul-body connection. I am going to be going full out season of self-connection and soul dedication here at this website and on my podcasts this season. This is a beginning point.

(In addition to all the great materials I have in the ‘energy management section):

I recommend that you pick up a copy of Energy Pillar and that you start fitting it into your day, each day. It is a 14 minute energy alignment and self-connection practice that WORKS. It includes suggestions on when to fit it in, an audio copy, and a website you can log into where I load fresh energy pillar related content on occasion. For more information and to get your copy:

Do you already have your copy of Energy Pillar? I upped the audio game for the practice significantly. Head on over to get the new copy.

For people who are ready to get into a strong relationship with themselves: I also recommend a copy of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’. It is designed as a ‘three month’ reading journey, with one chapter a week. The idea is once a week you take 20 minutes to read a chapter and then maybe another 20 or 30 doing the exercise at the end of it. You practice the exercise during the week and when ready, you read the next chapter, build a bit more and move on as you are ready. I give this the highest recommendation because the book teaches you how to hear your soul, how to repair your energy body, and how to thrive as yourself.:

A lot of people are picking up both and I priced em so that would be possible for a large range of people.

I also have my Crow Medicine Meditations. I have started up these little weekly practices that are there as ‘touch ups’ you can work with when you are looking to connect to or ground a particular part of yourself. Right now there are 4 self-connection practices there. I will have more there soon. Starting off with the high vibe or bridge to your inner world videos is a nice start. I also have one for receiving yourself posted. Take a look and get vibing:

I will be releasing the next Crow Medicine Meditation to my youtbue page on Saturday, March 18 at 9 est. The theme this week: If your soul could give you one message, what would it be? Click here for the practice and hit the bell to make sure you know when it goes live!

Dedicate to yourself. You ARE worth it.

While these next few weeks certainly are going to represent a MAJOR change in energy, we must be ready to put in the work in the long run if we are hoping to see great results. Will giving yourself a lot of space for getting LIT over these next ten days or so pay off? Absolutely.

Want to see REALLY big change?

Dedicate to yourself for six months. What you start over these next few weeks may be an indication to you of what works for you and where you might fit it. Do a little ten day test run and see how you feel after focusing a little more on giving yourself time for energy and that soul part of your personality.

If you feel like you would like to get proactive and set up a seasonal success plan, I am so ready to help with that:

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