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As you know, I am passionate about creating positive and healthy pathways for the soul and body connection. I am also an advocate of the positive benefits of daily energy body maintenance and vibration raising.

One of the things that I found as I was learning how to do all of the above is that in order to achieve these states, I was spending hours at a time covering the plethora of practices needed. I could meditate to get my mind right, do reiki to get my vibration up and my body repaired, do a cord grounding to connect to the Earth, and then do perhaps do a soul exercise to be able to tap into my sacred parts. I found that it was next to impossible to fit all of this into every single day with my busy schedule at work and school.

I am one of those people that absolutely loves finding efficient and effective ways to do things. In my journey, I felt compelled to create a method of energy alignment that could a) align my energy to source (the Universe, Creator); b) connect and ground myself to the healing crystalline energy of Earth and c) repair, recharge and vibe up my energy body. These are the steps of grounded and well-rounded spiritual and planetary alignment. By taking moments to align our bodies, souls, and connection to the planet, we are able to tap into the healing power of Earth, tap into our sacred soul connection, and make sure that our energy body stays flowing properly and in good repair. This covers the hallmarks of spiritual and energy body well-being.

I Call this ‘Energy Pillar’

What is energy pillar? It is an energy alignment and self-connection tool that grounds your energy whilst also harmonizing your physical and your energy body to its highest harmonic. We align to source, we call in our souls, we repair the energy body as we build the pillar, and we get ourselves into our highest harmonic pathway for the day. It takes about 10-14 minutes to do a ‘long’ version, once you learn it you can do it in minutes.

Energy pillar sits as the basis upon which I teach ALL of the other practices in my methodology. Getting started here is a great way to see if what I teach works for you!

I put together a little learning package for anyone to start bringing energy alignment + self-connection into their daily life

“Energy Pillar Learning Website“: is a self-contained little learning website put together for easy and quick no-pressure access to this style of active meditation and alignment. Not a school, this is a little place on the internet you can go to start learning how to use the pillar.

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence + 2 new guided meditations showing you how to work with the pillar for extra grounding or source-Creator connection. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. This is value priced.

OR go in depth with it.

I teach about this method in detail in the book ‘Soul Compass’ and show you how to work with the pillar as a baseline for energy healing of the soul and body. As you learn, this is a really reliable and safe way to cultivate the soul-body connection, to get to have strong yet flexible energy boundaries, and to know the sound your soul voice.

For Soul Compass: ***Note I have new ‘faster’ shipping options!!! I can get these babies off to you without the printing wait, these days!***

Get ‘Soul Compass’ + Energy Pillar ESALE

I put together a little sale for anyone wanting to get both energy pillar + Soul Compass as a package deal! Access here:

A lot of people are picking up one of each. The guided version is a lovely complement to those who have already purchased “Soul Compass” and would like to have a little more ‘guidance’ on what it sounds and feels like to do the exercise with me!

I am about to start teaching people how to do expand this method into more advanced energy healing and repair. This is great for anyone wanting to learn an intuitive alignment method that works. email me at to get on my information list for it! You may also sign up for the email list (at the bottom of the page) to get email updates. A notice will go around that way as well. Studying Soul Compass and energy pillar is a perfect place to get ready for the next bits.

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