Energy Pillar Upgrade

Shout out to all the fans and friends who got themselves access to ‘Energy Pillar’ or who have been thinking about it. I just released new music and a new version of the practice, this morning. It is on the site and live right now.

What is energy pillar? It is an energy alignment and self-connection exercise that I created. It grounds your energy whilst also harmonizing your physical body and your energy body to its highest harmonic. We align to source, we call in our souls, and we get ourselves into our highest harmonic pathway for the day. I created energy pillar because I wanted a practice that would align my body and my soul at the same time it was raising my vibration.

Want to know more?

If you want to just test the waters with the energy alignment method I ground in here at this page, I recommend you check “Energy Pillar“: a self-contained little learning website put together for easy and quick no-pressure access to this style of active meditaiton and alignment. Not a school, this is a little place on the internet you can go to start learning how to use the pillar.

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. This is value priced.

OR go in depth with it.

I teach about this method in detail in the book ‘Soul Compass’ and show you how to work with the pillar as a baseline for energy healing of the soul and body. As you learn, this is a really reliable and safe way to cultivate the soul-body connection, to get to have strong yet flexible energy boundaries, and to know the sound your soul voice.

For Soul Compass: ***Note I have new ‘faster’ shipping options!!! I can get these babies off to you without the printing wait, these days!***

A lot of people are picking up one of each. The guided version is a lovely complement to those who have already purchased “Soul Compass” and would like to have a little more ‘guidance’ on what it sounds and feels like to do the exercise with me!

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