Meditation to Raise Your Vibration

Anybody out there looking for a little vibe lift? You are invited to join me for exactly that this morning at 9 est (or anytime thereafter) for a vibe raising meditation.

Meditation is a powerful way to set our tone for the day. It does not always have to be about getting focused or quiet introspection. Sometimes, we can work with it to create a certain state of being. In the case of today, we work with a disco-funk song by an artist called Folamour and we groove our way into a higher vibration. As you will see, a little disco funk paired with focused intent and some breath and movement can go a long way. *

Would you like to join in? for the direct link.

It releases at 9 est. That link may change after the premiere ends. If that happens, it will repost as a ‘new’ link on my main page: Crow Medicine Meditations – YouTube

Heads up: In the meditation I mention moving around feet and knees. I recognize that I have people at varying levels of mobility as well as people who just do not feel like moving. Do you. Just groove however best works for you. If you have varying levels of mobility, focus energy in the limbs when I call em out so they get their vibe rise as well! This is a full body one.

ICYMI: I started up a little Saturday am meditation thing and you are invited.

The idea behind the concept is to share positivity and to demonstrate all the different ways you can work with meditation to improve your quality of life and self-connection. I release them most Saturdays on youtube at 9 am EST. This is the one from last week:

See you there!

Love this project and want to say thanks for it? I have a buymeacoffee set up: Katie IndiCrow is Spirituality for the 21st Century. ( .

*Happy Saturday!*

This is a picture of me dancing as I recorded it.

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