Saturn enters Pisces: A New Way of Life

Saturn has entered Pisces on March 7. Not just a big moment for ‘today’, this represents us moving into the final phase of what has been a cosmic spin with harder harmonic Saturn at the healm. Saturn has been touring the signs. Lucky us, as we have lived the process, we have gotten to help free ourselves from some very real bondage.

Saturn made its last big move ‘sign wise’ back in December 2020, when we had our major conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that lit up the sky, solstice, and our lives. We had a rough go with Saturn square Uranus all the way through 2021 *which was a theme here*. It felt like we were facing the ‘unfinished business’ and underside of our age because we did. Every ugly energy, entity, and backdoor to souls and the Universe got visited sin that span. That had a real life impact on material existence. Those were difficult years where we certainly did get to see all of the systemic inequalities, energetic distortions, and imbalances that had come to run the world around us as well as our lives. In these times, Saturn felt like a taskmaster.

In these past years, a Saturn date would come and it felt like WHAM right in the kisser. Not so much a little love tap, that was the strength at which things were being exposed to be unraveled. Oh and unravel they have since then. Thankfully.

If you listen to my astrology reports, you know that Saturn is ready to behave a little differently than it has been in our last two thousand years or so. Saturn has a personality that we get to know more of as we move into Aquarius. Saturn is a happy planet. It has a strongly feminine, grounded part. It is not just a ‘masculine’ father planet. Rather, that is the role it took in a version of reality that was distorted, in part by a dark set of ceremonies that are well documented in historical records. Guess what? It left an imprint, fused the energy with a terrible being, and now we are fixing that.

What we have experienced Saturn as these past several thousand years or so is not how it truly behaves at its natural state. We have been clearing that away and guess what? Now, we get to the better moments.

(Stay tuned for a future psychopomp story on that whole ordeal. It is almost time.)

The image affixed to this post is a Saturn that I crocheted in ceremony back in 2021. Notice that it has no rings? That was done with intention. FREE SATURN.

Saturn is in Pisces from March 7, 2023, to May 24, 2025, and then from September 1, 2025, until February 13, 2026. (Thanks to for those dates.) The world will be significantly different by the time we get through this. This is an opportunity to make sure we are heading in the direction we would like to be. It takes a while for change to happen but trust that it is happening.

We have been through the worst of it. Think about ALL those past issues we re-visited these previous years to put to bed. Think about all the lessons we have learned. Think about the very real hardships we felt and remember honestly when wham moments knocked the wind out of our sails. Acknowledge it. Heal from it. Mourn what was lost and what is no longer if that needs to be done. Then. Get ready. We are all going to move on.

Do not be afraid. This Saturn shift is a good thing

The position of Saturn has moved into a more friendly, loving, introspective, intuitive space. This is going to be a lot more psychedelic and fun than the previous months have been. (YAY.)

This, my friends, is where we get to start seeing the higher harmonic parts of Saturn. THE GOOD BITS. *Yes, there are good bits.* Saturn is here to help us integrate our creativity, ground our goals, and take action. Especially this month of March with the double Pisces action and its conversation with Venus.

Remember when it would feel like things were not working these past few years? Remember when it felt like things that should be plainly obvious were invisible to people who needed to see it? Those moments were hard to live through. That was the ‘distortion’ of the harder harmonic energy and archetype at work. It makes things inefficient and silly. It twists justice.

Now, we get to go to that phase of life where things start to work. We begin to see that rise of humanity and Earth that the Age of Aquarius represents.

To make the most of these transition days

We have Saturn moving as well as our big steps into Equinox at the time of writing. We are transitioning into the Age of Aquarius and ALL of these conjunctions pack an extra punch. These are moments where we wrap up the last age and start anew. It is where we continue what we built, we leave behind what is a brick.

Today, tomorrow, and really the next two weeks we will be feeling the transition into this new phase. SETTLE IN THERE! Take some extra moments for yourself and really make the most of it.

Saturn is goal oriented and loves to help us make the most of our lives. When we take moments to commune with ourselves, we get a lot out of it.

Set goals. What is important to you this cycle? What are the types of things you would like to experience and achieve?

Where do you limit yourself? Where do you stop yourself from experiencing what you seek?

What are your best assets?

Where are your untapped resources?

Where do you need a reality check?

Anyone who has studied Soul Compass: the conscious self-connection technique works perfect for this sort of thing.

You may feel like doing activities like: wrapping up old communications, doing houseold chores, getting organized, and taking care of mundane but important tasks. This is almost like ‘nesting’ and signals being ‘ready’ to receive. The double bonus of cleaning, organizing, and preparing is that you are in a GREAT space to receive inspiration.

Making peace with where we have been is important to stepping in peace to where we are going next.

Supporting Grounded Connection

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