Guided Meditation to Connect to Your Inner World

Happy Weekend, Friends! Introducing a new concept: weekend meditations.

One of the things that a lot of us like to do is ‘treat’ ourselves with a little extra self-care or relaxation time. We take that long yoga practice, we watch that tv show, and sometimes, we take a little time to fit some self-connection in.

Introducing “Saturday Morning Meditations”

For the next few months, I am going to be releasing a guided meditation here and through my youtube page on most Saturday mornings. The idea is that anyone feeling so inclined can come on over and check out a fresh bit of sound and self-connection to vibe out with. (Maybe you do not get to it on the weekend. It does not matter! The point is they will be there.)

Guided Meditation to Connect to Your Inner World

This is a meditation that you may use to cultivate powerful self-connection. Fusing breath, an excellent song, and visualization, this practice helps you walk over the bridge and into your inner-world.

It is simple, it is powerful, it made me cry when I made it.

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Thank You for Your Ongoing Support of Crow Medicine

THANK YOU to those who have contributed in my fundraiser to cover the costs of running this page. I appreciate it. If you feel so inclined, gifts of thanks for this and all my practices and posts are gratefully received to my my little buymeacoffee page! Fundraiser ongoing: Katie IndiCrow is Spirituality for the 21st Century. (

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Also, thanks to all you out there who are likers, sharers, and who listen to my podcasts and read these posts. It means a lot.

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Katie IndiCrow

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