Video Premiere: Beyond the Keepers

This is a special announcement! You are cordially invited to join me for a video premiere this weekend. Where? Right from the comfort of where-ever you are opening this page from. Perhaps you would like to watch it as you wind down from work, or as you prepare dinner, or as you are getting ready to go somewhere. Perhaps you are watching it from you work desk right now. (I will not tell.)

What is it? This is a mini-doc video essay I made. Like an episode of what you would find on ‘Discovery’, except filmed entirely by me.

The topic: Exploring a dark web of energy that I spent the last 3 years of my life working with a nun and my husband trying to fix. In it, I show energy detective work and describe the process of battling a dangerous entity. As you will see, what happened here in Baltimore is a textbook case of what happens when people are able to run amuck with power doing bad deeds and the energetic imprint it leaves on a city. BONUS? It ends with very good news.

A little bit true crime, a little bit ghost story, a lot deep dive.

Would you like to hear more stories?

I have six instalments of this on deck. Some with videos, some audio only!

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Hope you have a great weekend and that you enjoy this deep dive.

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