Beyond “The Keepers”: the Dark Web of Joseph Maskell Podcast Series pt 1 & 2

Have you ever found yourself wondering about concrete examples of what makes the vibration of a place so low, or how things like negative beings are able to gain influence on people? Do you enjoy “deep dive” style story telling? Do you like when things turn out the right way in real life? If you answered yes to any of the above, I have a great one for you.

Updated on April 6, 2023.

The Dark Web of Joseph Maskell

This story takes place in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. It is about a nun named Sister Cathy, a priest called Father Maskell, and a web of dark energy that I was called to fix. If those names sound familiar, they are the same Sister Cathy and Father Maskell the Netflix docuseries ‘The Keepers’ was about. Sister Cathy, a nun who is no longer with us, called me to this project to help with her unsolved business: bringing justice to the many vulnerable believers who were hurt by Maskell, and more importantly, to show me the web of evil that his actions had created. She knew that what he had done was not isolated and she understood that the souls of the people he had hurt were in some cases, still entangled in it and thus, were not free. She also knew that what he was doing went much beyond Archbishop Keough to cover a lot of this city and parts of the county.

(I am not using Maskell images with intention. We need less, not more of him.)

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As it turns out, Father Maskell was a busy guy who had been in 7 different parish-based locations spread all around the city (and briefly Wexford, Ireland) before he was defrocked. In those years, he was a pedophile. A violent pedophile. Though he was reported, nothing was done except move him from church to church. His tenure with the Church spanned almost 30 years. As I worked this project, I realized what he was described in The Keepers, it appears, continued. These actions left a dark web on the city. It was this dark web of influence that Sister Cathy was contacting me about.

(I describe this in detail in ‘episode 1, listed below)

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A I describe in episodes 1 and 2

When I began working this project, I had no idea how deep it was or how many people would be involved. The whole thing was shrouded in secrecy. I knew it was BIG and I sensed that there were many other people involved. That this was not a one off but moreso a systemic thing. The strength of the entity I kept having to face when I went to assist the souls was enough to tell me that. However, because this was kept in that secret shroud, there was nothing ‘official’ I could go on to substantiate that feeling. I was working blind outside of my psychic senses.

As I explain in episode 2 and the mini documentary I made about this, In In December 2022, this all changed. There was, all of a sudden, definitive evidence of what was happening here and it was indeed a big huge web of priests being pedophiles. This evidence came in the form of an Attorney General report. From 2018-2022, there had been an investigation into the Archdiocese to substantiate widespread abuse claims. As they found, there were 158 people (plus) involved in the types of behaviours Maskell was doing, all circulating out of the churches. This dark web was much more than the accumulation of the actions of one person. It was powered by a group of 158 people (that we know of) who, in my opinion, were under the influence of and were feeding a demonic entity. The fear and the pain created by their actions created a really harsh web that hung over the city. (I describe the power of the entity these terrible actions gave space to in episode 2, listed below).

Over the course of three years, Sister Cathy my husband, and I worked together to do our part to metaphysically untangle it.

This is the story. And yes, this is really what I do with my everyday life. Follow the podcast to get more stories. I release one every week.

To Listen to part 1 of the Podcast: Describing the Dark Web

In part 1, I describe the web, meeting Sister Cathy, and the detective process of being an energy sleuth and what I found here:

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Part 2 of the Podcast: Meeting the Entity

Last week, I introduced you to a web of dark energy that I had discovered in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. I had been investigating this web which was in part being powered by untoward and violating behaviour at the hand of a Priest called Father Maskell.  As I came to find out, this ‘web’ had the capability to be operated as a weapon. 

In this instalment, I tell you about what it was like coming face to face with the web when the entity who operates it turned it on me. I have battled beings in France, England, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, and beyond. What I met here in Maryland was more powerful and strong than them all. So much so that for a period, I could not even leave my house without it trying to smother me. On the day that this particular story is about, I was out walking in ceremony and them BAM. Something hit me like a freight train. I could not walk. I could not move. I just had to stand there and figure out how to get my body to calm down from the onslaught enough to match my mental calm to keep on moving.

These things have power. If this was affecting me to this degree, it speaks to what it was probably doing to the people who were still being impacted by it through their trauma and lost soul pieces. I am very happy for anything I could do to help them be free of this evil, evil thing.

In sharing this bit, I also talk about what it was like to be in the right place at the right time. As I later found out, that exact hour that I was experiencing that attack, very close to where I was many of the people who had been targeted by Maskell were standing in front of legislators. Their goal was to advocate for the repealing of the statute of limitations on abuse reporting. Guess what? That day, for the first time in 20 years of trying, the legislation made it through. At the time of writing, it is on the desk of the Governer.


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If you scroll to the bottom of the page, I put together a little mini documentary that features this story in parts 1 and 2.

Episode 3: Coming as Soon as the Report is Out

As I was preparing to release part 3 of this podcast, a miracle happened. The Attorney General Report I had been talking about in part 1 and 2 that had been sealed, was ruled unsealed. Even better? That it was going to be RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC!!!!! I am going to record part 3 when we have it out.

As of April 5, 20203: The Attorney General Report is out and it is VERY BAD. You can read it in full here. I will have more to say on the matter very soon:

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I realize I have a lot of local fans. This is our real life. I hope that in telling this story, I help us all disempower this BS. Visibility helps, which is a theme for part 2 of this podcast. You may contact me privately to request support on healing and disentangling from this at

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