Energy Management Consultations +Skillset Advising and Mentoring

Hello! It is after an extremely long wait that I am so happy to be able to write this post.

I am currently receiving requests for two different energy related services I am able to provide. They are:

  1. Energy Management and Life Alignment Session: You hear me talking about the power of energy management to improving quality of life. These are sessions where we get you a strong, grounded, energy management plan in place that works for you, your life demands, and your objectives. There are a range of ‘options’ that come with this one including me recording a personal energy practice for you. Which options you choose impacts exchange. These begin at Exchange: $200 USD and range up depending on your needs. We tailor to you. A lot of the time, the basic session is enough!
    • – During these sessions there is an energy alignment component as well as a practical life planning component. You fill out a survey ‘pre-session’, I study it, and then when we meet we start our conversation there. It rapidly expands to your energy body, your life energy demands, and can even go into things like soul healing. It is all interconnected. The energy we are planning on managing could do with life planning (like preparing for a new job or a baby), it could also do with soul healing (like how to work through a moment in your journey that you need a little extra support for) or training. It is up to you. Energy is a broad category and it is left so on purpose! Post session, with the basic version, you get an email from me summarizing what we sorted out for your grounding plan. The rest is up to you.
  2. Skillset advising and mentoring: This is for people who are working on developing their energy skillsets. This could be in terms of getting to know their own soul and how it works, answering a personal development question, or finding focused support on developing your own unique skillsets. This is not necessarily just ‘esoteric’ skillsets. Rather, it is about working with metaphysical skills to ground your material excellence. This includes athletes, artists, parents, business, students, and any other space you find yourself being you in. In general, this is where you come to get grounded, knowledgeable advice and encouragement. Exchange: varies per person and what we are working on. In general, $111 USD per 30 minutes.

Please note that these are not ‘psychic readings’. They are also not ‘alignment sessions’. Though my intuition is part of how it all works, I am reading your energy and working with you to find ways to streamline it and work more efficiently. You will naturally ‘align’ coming to meet me and sitting in my presence because of the strength of my field. Ultimately, it is you, your work and your day-to-day application of what we talk about that are the keys to long lasting success.

Advanced Soul Healing Sessions By Request

I will work with people for soul healing sessions on special occasions. These sessions are varied based on what the issue is and what I would have to do to support alignment through it. As a result, there is no price schedule. In general, these would begin at $250 and are at that rate because of the depth of focus and practice that deep soul healing issues require. If you would like to request and in-depth session, you may email me. Let me know what you are working with and I will let you know if I have the ability to support you at this time.

Act Now

If this sounds like something you would like to experience with me, you are invited to send me an email to to put in a request. Let me know if you are seeking option 1 or 2 or 3 and max a paragraph or so of detail on what you would like to consult on. If I have the personal skills to support you, we can set up an appointment.

Please note that these consultations are available on a limited basis. I am ‘full time’ engaged in psychopomp activities. Once in a while I get a breath where I can come up like this! If you have been waiting, get on that email train now :).

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