Ways to Get Grounded

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Feeling ungrounded? You are not alone. This article explains what it means to be ungrounded and offers practical, super easy suggestions on how to get grounded (and stay that way) in your daily life.

What does it mean to be Ungrounded?

From an energetic perspective, being ungrounded often comes about because of life experiences that impact the ability of our emotional and physical energy to travel fluidly into, through, and out of our body. Each person is meant to have a flow of energy that connects us to planet earth. We are able to receive certain stability and fuel from this. We are also able to ‘root’ through it.

From a material perspective, we as humans have certain needs like food, access to water, the desire to be loved and to feel safe. Ungroundedness may be the result of not having our physical and emotional needs met.

These days, one of the other main reasons people feel ungrounded is because of the EMF technology they are exposed to in office, driving, and home environments. *An article on this dimension is in the making, backed up with academic research.*

Reasons People Become Ungrounded

As noted, there are both material and energetic reasons that people become ungrounded. Most of it revolves around whether we feel and experience safety on planet earth. Having said that, more and more these days of internet everywhere, ‘smart houses’ and offices, and 5g tower expansion, it has to do with what we are exposed to in our environments. (A future article is coming on that topic. I had to do quite a bit of academic reading to prepare for it!)

  • Rapid positive soul growth that has created positive vibrational change.
  • Being in a place that is high vibrational in a way that you are not used to (yet).
  • Being constantly exposed to technology. Working in an office building surrounded by computers or living in a big city with a dense population counts.
  • Overhead lights that are common at schools, malls, and indoor public spaces.
  • Being indoors without any or very little opportunity to hang out in green spaces. Being disconnected from nature and the planet.
  • Going through a life change. Sudden or planned.
  • Experiencing poverty. Ongoing uncertainty around if you are going to be able to keep a roof over your head, food in the belly, and the credit wolves off your back.
  • Being homeless or experiencing housing insecurity.
  • Living in emotional instability. This could include being stuck near or carrying around the long-term impact of abusive energy or acts. Living in a space where this happens, even if it is not in your home but say, the apartment next-door, vitriolic energy makes our soul turtle into the body.
  • Experiencing or witnessing violence. Being exposed to it in your neighbourhood counts.
  • Experiencing shock, trauma, and PTSD.
  • Experiencing life-threatening illness.
  • Being emotionally repressed. Not feeling safe or being given space to feel, experience, or express our emotions.
  • Not having our basic needs met.
  • Not feeling safe to connect to the energy of where you are.

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How to Identify if You are Ungrounded

These are some indications that you are experiencing being ungrounded. Some of what is listed are the energetic factors, such as the feeling anxious or uncomfortable. Other components focus on the material gaps that come along with precariousness. It also includes acts one may engage in to help themself feel (or not feel) emotional and energetic connection with soul and environment.

  • Feeling anxious and dealing with situational anxiety.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Not able to regulate an extreme emotion. Having a hard time ‘calming down’.
  • Your feet do not touch the ground. Raised heels or walking on your toes (while not wearing heels or as a result of that) is a big indicator of being ungrounded.
  • Cannot remember something (in the middle of a task).
  • Not able to start an idea that is in your head ‘in this world’. Feeling like you cannot express the concept.
  • Rushing from task to task and living in a blur that is ‘uncomfortable’.
  • Having no personal time to check in and thus, feeling like you have no idea ‘where you are at’.
  • Using your phone or social media to check email or communication spaces to excess.
  • Not able to sit comfortably with your thoughts. This often leads to the two following factors.
  • A tendency to consume alcohol or illicit substances, particularly using them as a ‘shield’ in difficult situations.
  • Emotional eating.
  • Disconnection from own wants, needs, and opinions. Not able to identify and or potentially not feeling safe to express them.
  • Feeling a strong desire for sexual stimulation. Feeling almost overwhelmed by the desire to experience orgasm. Being willing to engage with risky behaviour to have that moment of connection with another.

How to Become More Grounded

The great news about being ungrounded is that it is relatively easy to take energetic steps to begin fixing that component. Though they may not immediately ‘fix’ some of the ‘big picture’ factors people feel ungrounded such as economic insecurity and experiences with violence, they help get us into the headspace where we can get to that. This is the magic and miracle of energy management. Here are some simple yet effective suggestions for the get started part.

  • Be outside. Sitting with a tree or by a river and being immersed in the environment really works.
  • Put your feet, barefooted, on the ground for 20 minutes. It sounds crazy. Trust me (and science) when I say that the Earth has electrons that will help regulate your nervous system and make you feel more like you are in your body (and safe).
  • Go for a walk. Preferably outside, but on a treadmill, track, or just on the spot works.
  • 5-minute daily energy management in the am. Return to a grounding activity when you notice yourself lifting off. (Energy Pillar is 15 minutes, but works a treat in this situation: Energy Pillar Soul + Body Alignment Tool – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com.
  • Stretch for 10 minutes.
  • When an extreme or uncomfortable feeling comes in, feel it without being owned by it. Do not rush to put the substance, phone, or food in hand. Instead, breathe with yourself and ask yourself “Why am I acting like this? What is the message?” because you can trust, there is one.
  • Start paying attention to where you feel most ‘ungrounded’. Is there a theme there?
  • Practice expressing yourself in safe scenarios. Even if that means writing your thoughts in a scribbler.
  • Get to know your soul and heal it. When you feel ungrounded routinely, it indicates there is a reason for ‘not grounding’. Is it because you subconsciously do not feel safe on Earth and thus do not want to ‘root’ here?
  • Have a snack in the moment (healthy) if you are feeling dizzy. Food helps us ground.
  • Do weight-lifting or strenuous physical activity. This is top 3 for me.

It is very important to find ways to ground just about every day. Especially for people who work or live in high density areas with a lot of wireless routers, cell phones, and 5g towers. These destabilize our systems and so it is important that we take moments to ground and regulate. Grounding is also incredibly valuable to people who are working on soul growth. It takes effort to physically ‘bring’ or ‘anchor’ ourselves in and grounding helps with that. Mix it up! Walk, meditations in a beautiful park, drawing, dancing, lifting weights, doing personal growth ceremony. It all counts.

Have a copy of the Energy Pillar or Soul Compass?

If so, you have a very powerful grounding tool with you right now. In fact, working with the energy pillar is my #1 suggestion for forming and keeping those nice strong earth connection points required for grounding. When you form connection to Earth, yourself, and your source-self you are taking care of the soul, body, and planet layers.

To maximize its impact for grounding, I recommend doing it before and after you are exposed to a lot of ‘technology’ like at school or work to help repair the energy wear and tear that is making you feel ungrounded. I also suggest getting outside, putting your back up against a big tree, and doing the pillar there with your unsocked feet touching the ground. The more contact points you give your body and the planet, the better this will feel.

Resources to help you get grounded

This article is loaded with great information and thus, you have already got a few great ideas as you were reading it about what you may like to do. On a more practical, focused level, this is something that I cover the bases on strongly in my teachings BECAUSE it is so important. I recommend my teachings here because they work better than anything else I have ever encountered.

  1. “Energy Pillar”: A brand new self-access digital offering, ‘energy pillar’ is where you go to learn how to align your energy body with your physical body and to connect to your source self. This is a great place to start for anyone new here.

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. The best, easiest, most non stress place to start getting grounded today with not a lot of thought or learning. It is presented on a website you are able to log in to at your leisure. Not even the pressure of a school!!!

I used to teach this as a more fully developed class but people said they wanted something quick and easy, so here it is!

To access: https://buy.stripe.com/6oE8yJf3Zcyrgow6os

2) My book ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’. This one is all about healthy foundations of energy management and self-connection. In it, you learn techniques like the energy pillar (to ground and align) as well as how to hear and heal your soul AND manage your energy in the everyday. This is a book filled with tools that you may return to for the rest of your life: https://crow-medicine.com/2023/01/13/soul-compass-pathways-to-conscious-self-connection/


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