Identifying the Presence of Negative Energy and How to Deal with It

We are stealth energy ninjas who are able to detect all sorts of things, including whether we are in danger or not. Stated honestly, there are moments in life where we may encounter a nefarious entity, negative energy depression, or person with ill will and negative intent against us. These situations do have real life impacts, like ‘energy bleeds’ that cause fights with loved ones, confusion, and panics. This is why identifying and dealing with them matters. Though I do not often speak like this here, this is my specialty as a psychopomp. If you ever wanted to know a little more about how to detect and eliminate threat, this is a great one to listen to!

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The key here, as always, is knowledge and so for the first half of the podcast that goes with this article, I identify some of the key signals that the soul and body will send us to let us know something untoward is happening. This includes going into fight or flight response, having anxiety reactions, feeling energy drains, and falling out of love with something we used to adore. It can also include unexpected lashouts, having unprovoked disagreements, and otherwise acting out of character for no define-able reason are all indications something may be ‘up’. I summarize them here:

  1. Fight or flight: your body goes into this response. You feel like you have to leave a seemingly ‘safe’ or happy place, you feel like jumping out of your skin, or you start feeling like you do not want to go somewhere you once loved because it gives you ‘anxiety”. In some cases, this is a sign that your soul/body is aware that there is something negative or potentially harmful there. This could be in a situation that may unfold socially, but often means that there is someone around harbouring ill will, a negative entity, or who has negative plans. This is my #1 sign something is happening that should not be.
  2. Feeling drained, lethargic, and falling out of love with your creativity or with the team, activity, job that you once used to love. What you once had full power for, you no longer want to do. We certainly do change in our tastes and what we choose to participate in as we grow. These changes, when ‘all of a sudden’ or we cannot explain them or are not happy about them, may represent something is ‘up’.
  3. Having a reaction to a person, scenario, or situation that you do not understand. A great example is you read a text message or email. As you are reading the words you become short of breath or start feeling your heart rate rise up. There are moments where we are having ‘positive’ sounding conversations, engaging with a happy seeming event yet we are left feeling rattled inside, angry, or shaken. By the words of the email or text, there is no reason you should be having this physiological response yet, you are. That is a sign that you have just encountered some negative energy. Sound familiar? This is VERY common and it leads to confusion. This is an indication you are around an energy drain and/or someone with ill intent.
  4. CONFUSION. All of the above examples lead to confusion, which then leads to a) breakdowns, c) lowering of self-esteem, and d) lost progress.
  5. Having fights pop up with loved ones that make no sense. Listen to the podcast to hear what I say on this. It is extremely important.

*****Note that there are instances where a negative vortex of earth energy can be the necessitating factor for ALL of these experiences. There are spots on the planet where wars, murders, all kinds of things have happened and the land carries their echoes. This is what I talk about in psychopomp stories and a main part of my job. This article and podcast are mostly about when we are engaging an individual that has a) either something negative with them that wants to hurt souls, which does happen or b) who themselves is a negative and dangerous person.***

As I go over thoroughly in the podcast that this article summarizes, several of the signs of dangerous energy are also signs of something that we often recognize as medical. I am not trying to step over those diagnoses. In moments where the medical definitions do not apply and especially when we are doing all that we are supposed to in order to maintain our baseline, it is highly appropriate to ask: IS THERE SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL GOING ON HERE? 

Figuring out how to read our own signs is key here. I call this discernment. Discernment means being able to identify a state of being and recognizing where it is coming from. Once we do that, we are then able to proactively do whatever we have to do in order to get ourselves feeling good again. 

Empowerment through Discernment

One of the key things that I mention in the podcast that I bring forward here is that there is not something wrong with every person we feel something negative around. There are times when someone we are interacting with is going through a rough moment at home. You can feel that in a person. There are also moments where people have to take on tough things for work. I have had people talk ill about me and my ‘bad energy’ while I was out doing a job to save the planet. At the time I sure was in bad energy, and it was to save lives. Other people find them in similar situations. In these moments, though we may not want to be around these people, we also do not need to ‘add to their pile’ by calling them negative, spreading rumours about them, or turning against them. Rather, we just realize they are doing a thing and we give them space and time (or, if we feel like it, love and support).

There are also times when a person has such a high vibration that it will actively bring up anything you need to heal right away OR it will trigger any negative entities around you to get scared. I work specifically to cultivate this power. Some may even be feeling that when they read these words. Ask yourself. Is she actually scaring something out of me? Is this happening because of spontaneous healing? Act accordingly.

In these AND ALL cases, being able to sit back and ask ourselves questions about why we feel what we do, whilst also being able to see ourselves and others objectively, is important. Yes, energy is objective. Not jumping the gun is important. So too is knowing when to get the heck out of a bad situation.

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“Unexpected Signs You are Experiencing Negative Energy & How to Deal with It” on spotify:

“Unexpected Signs You are Experiencing Negative Energy & How to Deal with It” on Esoteric Earth Channel on Apple: Esoteric Earth on Apple Podcasts

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I am an action person. The point of writing this article and making this podcast is to talk about this and give examples of how to positively deal with it.

Some of the best things we can do:

  1. Identify your baseline in energy and emotion and work with that as a barometer for everyday life. Take deviations from it seriously. Look for patterns in your behaviour and when those shifts may occur. They are especially telling if you are doing ‘everything right’ by your wellness standards and you are still having an ‘issue’ with anxiety, anger, or any of the signs you may have.
  2. Keeping things in their containers. Sometimes, we do have to deal with negative energy in life and work. For some people it is at school or sports, for some it is our job. We cannot necessarily always run away from these things. Sometimes, we have to stand and just live through it. In these moments, boundaries and keeping things separate really works.
  3. Take care of your energy every single day. I designed the energy pillar as a way to a) get high vibration, b) align and ground, and c) strengthen the field. All of those things help you a) release any negativity you may pick up, b) raise your vibration and energy level so you do not fall in a slump and c) keep your energy shield defenses aka auric field up.
  4. Recognize that, especially if this is connected to a nefarious entity, we do have to take action. Ignoring it does not make it better. There are moments where someone like me will show up and deal with the really bad things. But mostly, it is up to us.

As I say in the podcast and will again here. The skills I lay out in my training will help you with all of this. Love my writing and knowledge you feel here? The base I lay out in my training is where articles like this come from. ‘Energy Pillar’ is a tool that you can work with to start getting high vibe, clear and strong now and it is still on special for $15. ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection” at $18 or $35 is all about that soul and body connection and goes deep into how to hear yourself and to become a discernment ninja. “Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection” at $300 is a great place to go if you want to learn all of the above, like videos, week to week learning structure and a take at your own speed learning experience. (all linked below.)

Materials Referenced

Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection:

This is a quick link list taking you to Energy Pillar and Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection. The former is a great place to start if you are seeking to get a solid grounding. The latter comes with a digital copy of Soul Compass AND is a deluxe learning version of how to work through all the steps and components. Great for a nerd or somebody ready to go deep but also likes guidance. Grounding in Self-Connection: New Opportunities – Crow Medicine (

And for those who like hearing about these sorts of things. I tell stories about handling tricksters that represent that negative energy in psychopomp stories in some instalments. The next one is going to be a doozy.

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