When Earth Moves: The Turkey Earthquakes and Energy

The last 24 hours we have seen a major occurrence that is significant in the telling of the story of the planet. On February 6, there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that impacted Turkey and Syria. As I explain in this podcast, that earthquake and the ring that it sent around the planet are symbolic of a great door closing and long held negative energy being shifted. This is an instalment of Crow Medicine that brings together all the threads of what we talk about here: souls moving, astrology, and planetary transformation.

Moving into this conversation. I want to pay my respects to all of the people affected through loss of friend, family member, or home. I cover this specifically in pt. 2.

As you know, Earthquakes and Volcanoes have the ability to ‘tone’ the planet. When they sing, we all feel it. The Turkey-Syria Earthquake has had a huge impact. Today, I come forward to talk about it.

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In my life as a psychopomp, one of my jobs is to pay attention to Earth events. In the case of yesterday, it was to answer the call of the 5000 plus souls who made their transition as a result of the Turkey/Siria earthquake. I tell this story with their blessing. In the process of attending to those souls, I was shown very clearly that this region was holding onto remnants of ‘harder harmonic’ energy.  An old castle that sat upon a mound used for 6,000 years was crumbled. After going in to it to do recon for souls, I can tell you. This was a very good thing. 

As the Earth shifted during the Earthquake, there were more sacred sites destroyed. This created a clearing and a ripple that made its way all the way to Buffalo, New York. Did you know that Buffalo, New York, and the site of this Earthquake is on a direct line to one another? Well, they are. And guess what? That was (is) part of the energy clearing.

Remember a few months ago when I told you about the Cave of the Evil spirits and the energy that was trapped there? Well. It was connected to this Turkey-Syria line. Last week, as the Mars alignments happened we had significant and positive resolution on ‘Mars’ soul freedom issues. Last week was HARSH as I mentioned in the astrology report for February that it might be. This is part of the separating process. Many people were aware of an angry fluff of energy that made its way through our collectives over the weekend as it found its way out. As I explain in this podcast, the ring of the earthquake along with the crash of the sites speaks very clearly. This movement represents a cosmic door slam, right through that line.

I speak more about the cosmic door slam. I also talk about safety and how those failed standards put souls in vulnerability in more ways than just the buildings.

Announcing part 2: The Turkey Earthquakes and the Energy Behind Ignored Safety

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