Have My Teachings Helped or Inspired You? This is an important note.

Hello, friends!

This website is a place that I work to make a reliable space of high impact, accurate spiritual information. I choose to put great teachings out to the world like this as part of making spirituality accessible. Part of doing that is paying fees associated with this website and the other spaces of communication I work with to get the ideas out there to you.

Last year, 6,157 unique IP addresses from 90 countries came here for these teachings. That felt really great!!

This is a fundraiser and a little public note to ask for a little love and support my way. Especially if my teachings have helped you this year.

The Sad Elephant in the Room: I have been losing money keeping my websites open

At one point, my websites and teachings were profitable to me. We also had a very cool public education model going. People understood that I put all that I do out there so anyone who needed it across class backgrounds could get to it. Those who benefited from the teachings and who had a few bucks would often buy a course or send in a gift here or there. It all worked out beautifully. As Covid happened, ALL of that money dried up. For the past 2 years I have been doing these websites ‘for free’ with no financial benefit and, in addition to that, covering all of the costs associated with it.

Why did I keep doing this?

Because you do not leave your community even though the money dried up. You keep teaching. Spirituality is needed more not less in these hard moments we just went through. I know that my work helped keep people together, which is why I did it. Now that we are making our way into things being a bit better for people, I think it is appropriate to post this note.


I know that many people out here reading this message have a few dollars to spare who would also like to say thank you for all the information and support I offer here. ******My goal is to make it to $1000 USD. This amount will cover website hosting for the upcoming year. I have a big picture goal to return to that amount per month like the old days. Eventually!***

No amount is too small. For scale, if even 1/4 of the people who visit this blog monthly donated 5 USD one time once a year, I would gather $7,600. (That would help me make things even BETTER because I could buy a music license and other fun gear.)

Best ways:

  1. No strings attached one time gifts of support are made payable through your debit or credit card here: (the currency is going to be USD, just made your adjustments non USD people). https://buy.stripe.com/14kcOZcVR1TN1tC9AD
  2. No strings attached one time gift of support through my buymeacoffee site: Katie IndiCrow is Spirituality for the 21st Century. (buymeacoffee.com)
  3. You are also able to contribute directly to the fundraser: Wishlist | Katie IndiCrow (buymeacoffee.com)
  4. Buy a copy of ‘Energy Pillar’ for $15 dollars and get a copy of the exercise that I am ALWAYS on about here that will change your life. There will be many more events and upcoming ‘challenges’ where it is featured. – what you get: This is a little ‘website’ that you log into where you get the meditation and energy alignment as a video, an audio, and suggestions on how to put this high impact tool. Not a school, no pressure. Just a website with a tool that will change your life: https://buy.stripe.com/6oE8yJf3Zcyrgow6os *more info on Energy Pillar in the article linked with option 6.*
  5. Buy a copy of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection”: available online or through a publisher. This is the book that lays out the method of self-connection and energy alignment that I created and teach here at this page. Once a course, now a book. This is hands down the most bang for your buck.: Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.comhttps://crow-medicine.com/2022/11/13/soul-compass-pathways-to-conscious-self-connection-new-options/)
  6. Study at my school. This window for new enrolment is only open until the end of February. The two options are ‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’ and “Pathways to Conscious Self Connection”. ‘Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ the course version of ‘Soul Compass’ is currently available. More access and information here: Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.cohttps://crow-medicine.com/2023/01/27/grounding-in-self-connection-new-opportunities/

Thank you to the 20 people who showed support in 2022. I appreciate you.

I hope that 2023, we at least triple this number. It would mean so much to me to be able to buy some clothes and pay my bills again. I do believe I was living in the extreme disparity that the feminine energy I was helping heal were in. I have been educating thousands of people here, faithfully, for years. I did it for years on my other website before it crashed and I had to move to this one. I will receive the support back. I just know it. We will continue growing and this page will get even better.

Thanks so much.

Hey, and if you are financially unable at this time. You know what you are able to do? Wish me well on this venture. Tidings of good fortune go a long way :).

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