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Hello, everyone. Back in October I mentioned that I was going to start moving in some new directions now that things have been calming down a bit. This is finally that moment!!!

I have been a quiet and busy little Crow because I have been giving birth to something I have been waiting to create my whole life. A few months ago you may recall me piloting an idea called ‘psychopomp stories’. It went very well. So well, in fact, that I have given it a facelift and created a whole new podcast series about it. This is a post to tell you I just did this and to invite you to join me in the hype. “Psychopomp Stories”. It is a collection of my best adventures taking care of the planet and guiding the souls who live here. Press ‘play’ on the image above to see and hear the video trailer.

Instalments are about twenty minutes each and they will be released once a week on Tuesday. *This is an early release for Tuesday, January 21.*

To Listen to the First Two Episodes

Psychopomp Stories has its own home that is distinct from ‘Crow Medicine’ podcast and website (more on that in the next section). I will cross-post the first few and when relevant. Please subscribe and show me some love. If you know someone that you think would enjoy these episodes, please send them along!

Ep 1: The Path of the Crow

The Path of the Crow: Crows (and Crow people) are known for having the ability to see the unseen and being able to speak it. They are often regarded as wisdom holders capable of bringing people between worlds. In other words, Crows (and Crow people) are psychopomps. I first realized I was on the path of the Crow at five years old when I looked out my window to a sea of souls waiting for me to take them somewhere. Since then, I have been on the soul superhighway.

In this instalment, I introduce myself to you and talk a little bit about what my life is like living in between worlds and why I decided to tell my stories.

Souls are always on the move. Even if their people do not know it. Living, crossing, being born: I deal with them all! A big part of ‘doing’ that is going to places in the world that connect to the soul superhighway and keeping it safe so the souls on it are free to make their movements. It is not always nice or pretty. (More on that in the next instalment.) It is entertaining and exciting. Like a psy-fi movie but for real life.

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I also gave episode 1 the youtube treatment:

Ep.2: The Grotto of the Magdalene

The Grotto Of the Magdalene: The story of the time I got called to the Grotto of Mary Magdalene in France to repair it. The Grotto is one of the key soul crossing points of planet Earth. Mary Magdalene is one of the most powerful psychopomps who has ever lived. I am frequently called to sites about ‘her’ to ensure clear and free crossings of the souls who venture there. This is a site that proclaims to hold her skull. People travel from around the world to visit it and receive themselves each day. Sites sometimes get ‘dirty’ and fall out of repair. This was the case of the Grotto when I went there.

In this instalment, I tell about being called to the Grotto and what I did to repair it.


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Check out Esoteric Earth, my new website for this production

I put together a little website that expresses this creative vision: Click this text to visit: Esoteric Earth .

When there, you can get a more idea of the vision. You may also join the mailing list for the podcast by scrolling all the way down to the bottom. I will eventually be splitting this off from this ‘Crow Medicine’ website and running them separately. These are two distinct ideas. Crow Medicine will stay astrology and self-connection. Esoteric Earth creations will be focused more on the planet stuff (the website explains it all).

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