A Message of Reassurance for Tough Moments

Have you been walking the healing path and hit a moment that feels like a break down, explosion, or quick-sand? Do not give up. You are very likely at an apex moment in your personal transformation (or are about to be). Stay the course. You are doing a great job. Have strength and conviction in your vision and keep walking. You WILL get there.

This podcast contains a simple message of reassurance. Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of a reminder of where we are, that we are awesome, and that we have the power within us to keep going. Sometimes we also do not have a person to give that message in our immediate lives. In that spirit, I recorded this message.

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One of the great mysteries that people encounter on their journey is this little thing where things seem to get very difficult just as we are doing well. We are sliding along and then feeling the inspiration and then bam. We meet a wall. This is especially the case, it seems, when we are having major alignments or are at personal initiation moments. It can be confusing to hear people raving about positive alignments and walking with confidence whilst feeling like you are hitting a brick wall yourself. This is a little message for anyone who would like to hear a few words on why energy gets hard in ‘good’ moments (or when we are on the ‘healing’ path) and some reassurance to keep moving through it.

Listen in to this heartfelt message of reassurance:

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As I say in the podcast, I know that it can feel tough to find the reason and the meaning in difficult moments. Do not give up the great progress you have made. Keep going. You really can do this.

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