Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection

“Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection”

Soul Compass is currently not for sale online as I am working to get a better price via a new printer. Come back in January!

My beloved top training program condensed into book form.

Book Summary: You are your most valuable resource. Learn how to refine and use your intuitive self-connection as a source of reliable, everyday guidance. Featuring the IndiCrow method of conscious self-connection, this book walks you through a journey of getting to know the sound of your soul and how to work with your unique talents and gifts. Learn the groundwork for healthy soul and body energy connection and how to heal yours. Build pathways for your intuitive senses to do what they are meant to, which is help you out in everyday life.

Oriented with the practical reader in mind, this book and the concepts and tools for conscious self-connection that it teaches you are ones you will be able to return to for the rest of your life to go ever more into you. Each chapter represents a different pathway to self-connection to pursue! In part 1, we begin by making friends with your inner voice and develop the practice of conscious self-connection. In part two, we build up the soul and body connection. In part 3, we go into working with that solid space of grounded self-connection in ways that benefit us in everyday life.

Table of Contents

204 pages, 11 chapters.

Part 1: The Sound of Your Soul

ch.1: Welcome to the Journey

ch.2: The Personality of Your Soul

ch. 3: Conscious Self-Connection

ch. 4: Healing Soul Wounds

Part 2: The Soul and Body Relationship

ch. 5: Your Body is a Sacred Vessel

ch. 6: Building a Healthy Energy Body

ch. 7: Creating a Clear Path for Soul Connection

Part 3: Tools for a High Harmonic Life

ch. 8: Embodiment

ch. 9: Doing Intuitive Research

ch. 10: Hearing and Trusting Your Intuitive Guidance

ch. 11: Flaming Your Soul Spark

“Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection”, is the foundational book where I lay out the ‘how to’ when it comes to bringing metaphysical components to everyday life. This includes creating the strong groundwork of a) energy management and vibration raising, b) intentional intuitive development, and c) working with energy and your intuition to live a successful and happy life. It is the type of book you treat like a handbook, with exercises and inspiration to return to and build on for a lifetime.

To Purchase Your Copy of ‘Soul Compass’

Option 1:USA readers and people who like mail fast: Click here to purchase a copy of ‘Soul Compass’ for $35 USD and I will have it in the mail to you within 2 days. Claim one as your own and get a digital copy of the book to keep on your phone, immediately:

Option 2: For readers in Canada and internationally. Though it takes a little longer to get to you, this is my best shipping option and CAD prices. To order from Blurb: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection by Katie IndiCrow | Blurb Books

Anyone who has ordered a papercopy is free to contact me and request a digital copy. I am happy to give you one so you have this on your phone for self-connection on the road. Those who are ordering from my publisher (option 2) will have to contact me directly for their digital copy at I have to send it to you independently.

A Little Bit More About Soul Compass

A Look Inside Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection

Set up lovingly as a learning experience in a book, ‘Soul Compass’ is a powerful set of tools to work with to go ever more deeply into your journey of self-awareness and sensory mastery.

We begin by making friends with your inner voice and develop the practice of conscious self-connection. In part two, we build into grounding into the soul and body connection. In part 3, we go into working with that solid space of grounded self-connection in ways that benefit us in everyday life.

Table of Contents for “Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection”

I have regular visitors to this website from 90 countries (and counting). We are dealing with inflation. One of the main reasons I released all of this in a book instead of teaching it in several courses (as I used to) is that doing this helped me make top notch teachings more easily accessible to people around the world. In addition, as a teacher it puts me in a great space to be engaging and meaningful to you. Once we have this common ground (like the exercises you learn in this book), I can work with this website to encourage the learning month to month *as you hear me do in my astrology reports and other materials.* Keep checking back for that. The vision is unfolding.

I personally really like the ebook PDF option because having it on the phone really comes in handy on a quick moment to check in with yourself (and the tools) on a lunch break. Need a second? Scroll to page 25 and relax with it. It also gives you the ability to print off an exercise or two to bring with you in your purse, backpack, car, or binder for quick and easy reference.

Thank you to all the people who have purchased their copy of ‘Soul Compass’ already!

I truly appreciate your support of this creative vision. I have truly enjoyed getting the to know some of you in person. I appreciate you and your support. It has been so nice to know that my books are traveling around USA, England, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. It has also been excellent to get the thank you emails and to hear how this is helping you be more you in your life. I think the best honour is that some of you have come back and gotten a second copy as a gift for a loved one. That means more to me than you will know. So many layers of gratitude. YAY!

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