January 2023 Astrology Report: A Fork in the Road

January is a month with a great range of potential to learn, gain, and achieve. With powerful Marsian, Taurus, Aries present in one range of alignments and Venus, Saturn and the Moon in another, this is going to be all about integration and launching off. The first four days of the month were so powerful, I even had to wait on this full report as I focused in ceremony (hope you got the mini). Have you having a montage of your life whilst also being simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated? This is part of the physical experience of living through a harmonic shift.

*If you heard my short summary on December 31 introducing the planets, yes. This is the full report as promised.*


 Picking up with a bang *just like this month did* I open this report talking about the Pluto and Venus conjunction, the Earth meeting perihelion, and how the solar energy from flares and geo-magnetic shifting is creating a palpable energy experience. On point, we had 32 solar flares to kick off solstice. This activity was complimented by geomagnetic storms and a particularly large flare released on January 3 (non-Earth facting but still relevant). We have started something beautiful, with solstice. This is a transformation. This is a transition. This month (and the next two) are a fork in the road.

Choice points and decision making are highlighted this month. With conjunctions of Saturn and Venus, Pluto solar conjunction, Mars, Uranus AND Mercury all going direct, there is going to be much forward movement. Especially taken in the context of a month where Taurus, Aries, Marsian energy is being highlighted. This is a time for action. Pluto conjunction, the incoming energy of Neptune for February, and the influence of the feminine aspects of Saturn are powerful for self-discovery and creativity. This is going to feel like a lot because it is.

Some people are going to absolutely thrive in this. If you are in the former category, congratulations and have fun. Make art and music. Write. Enjoy the acceleration. Others may well find themselves experiencing something of an existential crisis. If you are in the latter category, do what you are able to get yourself into a positive mindset. Hike, read, explore. Meet yourself but also remember to come up for air. This is meant to be more pleasant than not and there are things you are able to do to get yourself there. 

As I discuss in the podcast, the planets are slowly toning to their new ‘on’ feeling position. We get to acclimatize and bring these frequencies into our lives. With Mars, Mercury and Uranus going direct this month in alignment with that Pluto Solar Conjunction, the work we have been doing in our inner worlds will be ready to be lived out. Choice by choice, planet by planet, alignment by alignment. Look out for the power to amp up on January 22 and staying lit through February 1.

Key Planets

January 1: Venus and Pluto Conjunction, Close approach Moon and Uranus, Lunar Occult Uranus (in Aries)

January 2: Mercury at perihelion, Venus into Aquarius

January 3: Conjunction and Close approach of Moon and Mars, Lunar Occultation of Mars

January 4: Earth at Perihelion

January 6: Full Moon in Cancer

January 7: Mercury @ inferior solar conjunction

January 12: Mars Direct

January 18: Pluto at Solar Conjunction, Mercury goes Direct

January 20: Conjunction of Moon and Mercury, Sun into Aquarius

January 21: New Moon

January 22: Jupiter at Perihelion, Conjunction of Venus and Saturn, Uranus goes Direct

January 23: Conjunction of Moon and Saturn, Conjunction of Moon and Venus, Mercury at highest altitude

January 24: Mercury at Dichotomy

January 25: Conjunction and close approach of Moon and Jupiter

January 26: Venus enters Pisces

January 28: Close approach and Lunar occultation of Uranus

January 30: Mercury @ greatest West, Conjunction and close approach of Moon and Mars + Lunar Occultation of Mars (Taurus)

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