January 2023 Astrology Update

Hello! This is your January 2023 Astrology update covering the key planets for the first week of January, 2023. The wave of Universal Harmonics I have been celebrating in other reports (especially the astrology specials regarding the feminine flame and end of 2022) has made another milestone. Tune in to hear me chat about it.

As I explain in the podcast, I am in full focus with the planet at these moments. I did not want to leave you hanging on these powerful moments SO, I recorded this quicky update. In it, I identify the key dates for the first of this month and offer some suggestions on how to align to them to key into your highest vibrational pathway for the year. I will be back with the full report in just a few days.

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January 1: Venus + Pluto Conjunction, close approach and conjunction of Moon + Uranus

January 2: Mercury at Perihelion, Venus into Aquarius

January 3: Conjunction and Close approach of Moon + Mars, Lunar Occultation 

January 4: Earth at Perihelion

Materials to Get You Going in that High Harmonic

This is a ‘new’ website that is only 1.5 years old. My old one crashed and you know what? It was time to let the outdated information go. The great thing about that is that all of the material I have put up here has been with the aim of supporting conscious self-connection, energy awareness, and with a goal of encouraging people to feel confident in their process. You may like to scroll through my ‘energy management’ archive: Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

Self Love Tuning Meditation:

Rekindling the Feminine Energy Spectrum for Everyone: Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

End of 2022 Astrology Special. Please note: the love harmonic meditation is at the bottom of the written article that appears at my websiteCrow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

Calling Fresh Energy into Your Path: Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

Mars + Jupiter Positive Connection Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

Buy my book ‘Soul Compass’: Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

**Thank you so much. I will be back around January 4th with the full report.***

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