The Energy of USA: Forgotten Sites and their Impact Today

*Another cycle in study and I have learned SO MUCH from a different angle than what I talked about here. Check out ‘Sage of Earth’ series for more to the story. I have future articles and video presentations on deck When Earth Got Overtaken By Saturn (Saga of Earth pt 1) – Crow Medicine (

This podcast is a deep dive on the sacred story of the land we call USA. This, along with the article that accompanies it bring together threads of what we do not often hear but that are important to understanding a) what is so special and unique about it as well as b) some of the challenges we face here as a result of some of these unattended to metaphysical matters.  

This year, we have been celebrating USA Pluto return. A big part of my work has been to identify energetic factors that were influencing the land, not necessarily only as it became USA, but also, before that. In my journeys I have discovered that the rich story pre-settlement has a huge bearing on our energetic context today. Energy does not act in a vacuum. What came before intermingles with what exists today.  What came before is part of why it feels so high stakes here, today. Part of why the land can be energetically confusing is that we are disciplined to think of the time around colonial encounter and post, but not as much the thousands of years prior. All of it comes together to form a very interesting part of the story, which is why I come forward to tell it today. 

Not from America? You will still probably find this interesting. Things like how civilizations overlap, the way that sacred sites maintain energy, and what happens when they fall out of care apply to the entire planet. This is an overview and a scope of some information that you will be able to apply to your local energy system. 

I am releasing this podcast and article today, the last day of the Pluto Return, as a summary and report to you. My community. May it empower you. 

Why Am I Doing This?

For those of you who are unaware, this landscape is incredibly important to the function of the whole Universe. Though we do not often hear the story, this land has been long lived. This year, we have been celebrating USA Pluto return. A big part of my work has been to identify energetic factors that were influencing the land, not necessarily only as it became USA, but also, before that. You see, energy does not act in a vacuum. What came before intermingles with what exists today. This is part of why things feel so high stakes and intense here.

As I have traveled and worked in USA, I have found myself doing a lot of site repairs, and also observed correlations between out of tune regions and things like high crime.  This article and the podcast that it summarizes represent some of the key data points I have identified in my studies of this land and work in healing it over the past many years as it relates to forgotten sites and pre-colonial influence. I offer it up, today, the last day of the Pluto Return, to you. My community. May it support our high harmonic forward trajectory.

Background of Data Gathering

*As noted in the aural delivery, it is important to position where your knowledge is coming from. It helps give context. For those who are new here: I am a land specialist. I go where the planet calls me. My first work in USA started back in 2014 where I began training and guiding students down here through the land wake up process. By 2017, I was traveling through the East Coast. I visited again in 2018, 2019, and then in 2020 wound up marrying and living here. What I am saying here are taken from my notes on the landscape that have been drawn through day to day experiences over these years.

 Much of what I discovered in the past two years since moving here is not available in anything more than bits and bobs. As those of us in the metaphysical and esoteric communities know, there is a gap in the literature relating to the energy of the land in America. What I have learned in my studies and work helps to cover over some of these absences in knowledge we have about this land and what we have been facing as the people who are living on it. It answers a lot of questions about why things can feel so powerfully intense here. This article, and the podcast that goes with it, are a humble synthesis of some of the highlight points of information that I have found so far. The list is delivered in point form with the hope you listen to its full delivery in the audio podcast version.

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Summary of Points in Notation Form

As noted, this information is being delivered as an audio presentation. Below are some of my ‘field notes’ summarizing what you hear me talk about and some of my key findings.

– Eagles mean something very specific, here. When one shows up, pay attention. There is a reason why it is the national bird. There is a reason why so many medicine people fly in this form. Pay attention when an Eagle shows up.

-The land we live on is powerful and special. It has played an important role in our Universal story of development. This role has not yet been fully recognized by the mainstream population. I know that there are pockets of people living throughout who are becoming more (or have always been) aware of it. We get to learn that story as we move into our next Pluto phase. This is something to be excited about (and a story I will tell here).

-The land has a rich story to tell and it speaks loudly and clearly. It often feels like people do not listen. That most, including some who consider themselves to be ‘protectors’, would rather talk ‘about’ it than truly hear what it, as a system and voice, has to say. The land as a system is powerful and has the ability to cleanse and heal itself. If we could do a better job to clean up the waterways and stop with the chem-trailing, we would be amazed at how rapidly and positively things would change. Have you every looked at the waterways of the USA? Magnificent, beautiful, powerful and RIFE with potential. We will get to that part in the next return, I think.

  • This is part of why so many people support Indigenous water protectors as they seek to step up for the water this past decade in very public, powerful ways. Canada and the USA, for example saw sweeping demonstrations that were led on the principle of protecting water. Idle No More and Standing Rock along so many others that are less known are examples of that. The waterways are sacred and they are part of the solution. This is one of the main things these movements were saying. This is what the land says. This is what Creator says. I hear that myself, clearly. This is also just part of what makes sense when you sit down to rationally think about the health and well-being of our ecosystem, and thus, our survival.

-Not knowing the rich story of the land, or the power of what has happened in USA (even before it was called that) has left people at a vulnerability. There is a huge amount of ‘energetic interference’ and voices from the ‘other side’ vying for attention here. The depth and breadth of this interference in combination with some of the factors I am going to list below create this energetic context where people are being pushed into a reality stream where we are volatile. The inner build-up to rage or to put someone in their place or to put someone down or to take a life here is not a natural thing. It is not because ‘Americans are this or that’. In my opinion this is in large part because there is so much going on here that people cannot see. Saying what I am saying here (and will say in future publications and podcasts) is being done in the hopes of helping people see things more clearly, and thus, act more effectively.

-There are a lot of souls crying for help who are being ignored by their people. Some of this is because of the energetic pressure being put on them from the ‘other side’ to do so. Sometimes it is because they have shut down to protect themselves. Being an energy sensitive person here can be incredibly difficult because everywhere you go, someone nearby is in need of help. This is very hard if you are a helping person like me, or you do what I do (as you do your own version, out there). We feel these people crying.

  • In a high harmonic pathway, we are able to help those coming into our lives who are there specifically to receive it because of our skills and we are acknowledged for it. What winds up happening a lot of the time to us is that for whatever cultural reasons, people are sometimes not so willing to engage with the deep emotional self which is where that pain often comes from. Especially men. Anyone with our skills is desperately needed but often, not viewed as important or what we teach as something to ‘take on board’. We wind up being exposed to really harsh situations where innocent people like children, stand to get hurt. So, we, the healers of the land and the light bearers, wind up having to compensate for all of these loads.  It is frustrating. This is part of why so many people who have the skills we do get worn out down here.
  • TO THOSE PEOPLE FEELING THE WEIGHT: thank you for what you do. Though I do not know each of you, having now lived down here and experienced this with you I have a different space to acknowledge how hard it truly is to be like us, in America. My best advice is having personal boundaries, knowing when not to go to a place, acknowledging the true cost of being there are survival strategies for us. A walk in a USA city like Philadelphia or Baltimore has a much bigger cost than a stroll through Halifax, Nova Scotia or Paris, France. Tip: knowing how to clear and align your energy body each day and honing in on your soul voice and intuition and allowing it to guide you through the unexpected terrain is helpful. You can learn all of that with Soul Compass. You may access it here: .

Different layers of civilization have existed here much longer than we typically think. The presumption that there were only one layer of pre-colonial people and then colonization is not accurate. 1400 was not the first encounter, nor the most impactful. A lot more happened here than most people realize. This dates back as far as the archaeological record can tell, to about 20, 000 years (with talks of Pre-Clovis civilization in Virginia). Having been down in these regions working the land, feel it is a little longer than that for this layer. About 26,000. Stay tuned for videos on visits. Check out the archeological process that is part of verifying this information: . (If any archaeologists, scientists, or landowners would like to team up…. email me!)

Buidling on that….

The energy grid here needs serious work in large part because layers of civilization have been here, living before us. Everything that we feel here is not an ‘American’ created problem. (Because we are here, it is going to be an American based solution.)

  • Part 1: In some cases, it appears that people had left their settlement quickly (reference). In others massive graveyard (like in Sandy Island) suggest brutal wars. In this case, we are not just dealing with Gettysburg and the Revolution. You can actually feel your intestines being ripped out if you cruise through a certain part of Pittsburgh just down the road from the Ohio river. This is part of how I found out about the battles, which I then triangulated through the academic research process. Those unpleasant means left scars on the land that somebody has to deal with *this is part a*.
  • Part 2: As I have discovered, there is also a large degree of energetic discombobulation happening because of how the sites that were once sacred became broken apart and used as building materials.  Just because a site or a part of what it was made of becomes separated from its other parts does not mean it loses its power. Rather, it can fall out of tune and that then becomes a beacon point for those darker harmonics and manipulative energy I mentioned earlier.

 -We have a lot of flooding and building over of sites that were truly important to the maintenance of land and planet Earth as a whole going on here. The living that gets done on top of those sites gets magnified. Ever notice there is a super high crime rate in Chicago? The destruction of several sites in the area of the city, right down to the highest rates, can be correlated to old sites. How do I know this? The sites themselves called me. I was able to verify by record. I am not listing them intentionally so that a nair do well does not come and read this article and try to manipulate that.

– USA did not start as a country in a blank slate. In fact, as the land shows me and I discover thread by thread, there were some conflicts, government, and advanced society happening amongst the tribespeople. One of the key representations that a lot of us work with is the idea that before colonial interests arrive on this land, everything was peaceful and great. This is not the case.  We know that there were peaceful peoples living in the Delaware, Maryland, and DC areas at the point of contact dating back at least 10, 000 years. There was also what was considered ‘normal’ activities like raiding between tribes. This is part of why there were alliances. Having said that, at the point of colonial arrival, there was also a long history of cannibalism, enslavement, human sacrifice, and spiritual manipulation happening in pockets of this land. That generates some very unhappy energy. (In that case, though different in how it played out, it was not so different than what the Europeans were dealing with at home.)

  • I bring this up to say: when USA was being conceived and growing, it was doing so amidst these complicated matters, not in spite of. In fact, settlers wound up teaming up with certain bands and tribes thus playing a part in some of it. It is also important to remember that just because the people who became Americans had nothing to do with pre-existing conflicts on this land does not mean that those wars or their impact disappeared energetically. Rather, they mixed and mingled with the issues being brought over by the Europeans and brewed up, helping to create the quagmire we are dealing with today. This is part of the inexplicable rage that people feel, here.  Want an example? Listen to my Buffalo podcast.

-One of the main reasons that these energies and the conflicts were never properly dealt with is that a good number of the people who would have had the skills to do so died, either in those acts of war or through the colonial impact and genocide. Others were moved off of their land to reserves (from which they could not as easily do the mending and to which they were dealing with the trauma of moving). An important note: Despite the attempts to kill the culture, and the people and to take away the land. Descendents of these people do exist still and are out there doing this work today (and I am grateful to know and feel you).

  • A second main reason is that an environment that was hostile to ‘witch-craft’ (bringing with it the lineage of what that meant from Europe) and then later on ‘insanity’(which we know became a term against people showing psychic abilities which this work requires).  In terms of people like me who have always roamed the world doing this, these very pre-USA wars and ‘witch hunts’ and what came through the European channels had done a pretty good job of working to decimate us. So to be frank, there was just nobody really to do it. It was (is) a huge job. I have asked for help so many times and been turned down, which I know is just a continuation of old energy. It is up to people here to be willing to lift their own load to do the personal healing.

-A major imbalance is still existing between masculine and feminine energy strands. This pervades everything. Some of this has to do with what came before. Specifically, acts that were done with intention through war to harm the land and bearers of the Venusian threads. Some of it has to do with current cultural attitudes and programming. Because of my positioning as an energy and land specialist, I focus on what came before. In the historical case, it is not just the colonial acts that we are dealing with here as people. It is also what came before colonialism, and the insertion of USA as a country and a government into the space which it was happening. Because the people who became Americans had nothing to do with pre-existing conflicts does not mean that those acts and lifeways that were happening before them just disappeared energetically. Rather, they mixed and mingled and created the quagmire we are dealing with today. I speak about the bigger picture of this process in ‘Rekindling the Feminine’ podcast and article. ***This gets added to by different waves of migrants who bring with them their spiritual practice, energy lines, and habits. A lot of ‘energy issues’ from different parts of the world came here to ‘get solved’. Yay, but also, it is part of what has weighed down the job.*****

Harriet Tubman is the #1 most inspiring American I have yet to learn about. She does not get enough attention. She was guided by her intuitive senses and her relationship with God (Creator) on the path she walked to help others through the harsh lands of Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania to get to freedom. Nobody talks about that, so I am here. I have walked her steps as part of my own journey here, and I helped heal the rifts left by the human hunting that was the slave hunters and then later, the lynch mobs. (It was not fun to have to clean that up and I wish that the souls who were part of it had repented and picked themselves up.) I recently got a gopro and I ambition to record a short documentary about her because she is so special.

Having said all of the above, I do not believe we are in the down-ward slope. Rather, what I see day by day gives me hope.

The land of USA is healing and responds well. Things are getting better.

One of the key points to walk away from here that I did not get to say is that it is not necessarily a bunch of ‘spiritual masters’ in the sense you may expect that are the future and the hope. It is everyday people, like you who come to this website. I have found that the most unexpected people ARE willing to put in the effort around energy purity and acknowledgement. They (you) are a huge part of the change and I celebrate them (you). TIme and again people who get stereotypes that are not conducive to being energy masters (like athletes and sports parents) are the ones who step up to the plate to take accountability for their own energy. So too are they ready and able to make change. Stereotypes are being overturned. It is incredibly important to meet each person as they are and to not assume things about any ‘group’ of people. (What we get told about ‘groups of people’ down here seems to be remarkably false most of the time.) I have been pleasantly surprised at how much some people that are harshly stereotyped are the most present and ready when it comes to energy focus and awareness.


I end this piece the way I began it in saying that the landmass that we currently also recognize as a political entity called USA is a powerful place that is central to the operation of the planet. There is no coincidence why the government here represents the same thing. There are so many layers of science, metaphysics, culture, and life that are being figured out here. This is why getting the vibration of ourselves and this land up is important.

On a people level. The change of attitude, self-acceptance, and vibration is happening here. Day by day, moment to moment. We ARE doing it. USA is complex and it is filled with so many different people. These things take time and honest effort which is getting put in. We see it all around us. No matter what anybody on the outside says (and goodness knows people say a lot): we know that this land is special. We know that the governmental apparatus is a powerful one that is unique in the world. We know that we are blessed to get to co-exist with as many people from different cultures as we do. We also know that we, as a collective, are part of something that holds a lot of power in this world. The more we heal ourselves and the land, the more we raise the vibration of ALL of our relations, including the government structures, the ways we relate to each other, and how we engage with the land. We are going to be a success story. Together. This, I know to be the truth.

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