2022 Astrology + Solstice Special

This is a special astrology report that serves a dual purpose: to celebrate December solstice as well as to shout out our powerful planetary alignments that we are about to move through as the wrap up of 2022. I said it once and I will say it again. We are in the midst of a sparking moment in our Universe to its higher harmonic potential. Did you happen to notice the 32 M-flares we had on December 14-16? That was a sign. Our solstice window is opened and all this glorious energy is doing its planetary and personal alignment thing.  This Solstice and Yearly transformation wrap up have a double power in that they represent the ‘completion’ of several layers cycles of work and healing for the planet. You have heard me talk about them all year. The solstice through January window brings us to an apex moment in our journey where it all comes together. This is exciting. 

Enjoy and celebrate it!

One of the most powerful parts of 2022 that I highlight in this installment is the strength that it taught us we had. Month by month, opportunity by opportunity, we faced the harder harmonics of the human energy spectrum and guess what? We found the love and we created a path through it all. This podcast celebrates that in ways that we were not allowed to even as recently as January 2022. 

A second powerful lesson was just how clearly aligned the planets and our social worlds are. Did you happen to notice that a good many of the major alignments that we celebrated throughout the year brought with them steps to freedom, truth, and change? That is not a coincidence. Rather, it is a sign that things are going very well. It is also how things are supposed to work. Tune in to hear a little bit about where solstices and Equinoxes have played an important role in this. (Shout out to Ireland as our lead example in the podcast.)

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This instalment is a conversation about the uniqueness of this year, a commemoration of our journey through it, and suggestions on how to make the most out of the powerful transformative capacity of the current energy spectrum as we move through solstice. We went from extremely tough situations last January through the hardest harmonics of planetary alignments. It was tough but guess what? Month by month, planet by planet, we made it through. We said no to a two tiered system. We said no to the hate. We said yes to each other, the planet, and love. This is part of why I think humans are so wonderful. We are so strong and I take lots of opportunities to say so.

In the big picture, a main point of celebration for this season is that we have activated the Universal love harmonic as part of the reconnection of the Mother and Father Creator energies in this Universe. We have been successful in our ceremonies these 10 plus past years, we made it through the dark night. It is important that we make note of how far we have come, but that we also prepare ourselves by charging up with this love harmonic. We have miles left to go. (See this article and podcast for more on that mother father connection: Rekindling Respect for the Feminine Energy Spectrum – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com).

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****Anyone who is a fan of the Jesus and Mary story: this is a very special set of days and energy for them and the work that they did (do) on this planet. These alignments tell their story powerfully. Tune into this report as well as the feminine flame podcast to hear more about them. I prefer to speak as opposed to summarize when it comes to them.****

One of the big deal things happening this solstice is that the Universal Love Harmonic has been sparked once again and is rippling throughout our solar system. Connecting with the Earth and in correlation with the mflares, it has created a palpable effect. You may have started feeling that very warm feeling in your heart, been awake all night hearing the thud of the planet, you may feel like a weight is lifting off of your shoulders or like you are vibrating from the inside. These are all signs you are feeling the energy. You will feel this come into combination with other strands in our solar system as we move through the next few weeks of planets. This is exciting.

Key Alignments this Pocket

December 20: Jupiter into Aries

December 21: Solstice, sun into Capricorn Mercury at Greatest East

December 23: New Moon

December 24: Conjunction of Moon and Venus, Mercury at Dichotomy, and Conjunction of Moon and Mercury

December 25: Venus at Aphelion

December 26: Conjunction and close approach of Moon and Saturn

December 28: More USA Pluto return for us in that space.

December 29: Conjunction of Venus and Mercury, Moon and Jupiter and Mercury goes retrograde.

One point I made throughout this one is that we are healing our ways of relating to spirituality. We are healing places where the beast got in and we are pushing it out. You hear this theme in the podcast delivery. As I said there (and in ‘Feminine flame) is that we have been accepting as ‘natural’ is so much less than we are. Tune in to hear more about that. *Post publication note. The Pope came out and said basically the same thing about being mindful. I love this Pope and routinely feel the impact of what he is doing to clear the name of Christ and to fix the bad bits done by the Church (something you have heard me bring up a few times). This is important to the big picture as well: Pope warns Vatican staff an ‘elegant demon’ lurks among them (msn.com).

Tuning to Self-Love Harmonics Practice

In the conversation, I address the importance of the Universal love harmonic that is rippling through our planet right now with a lot of help from the planets, us, and those 32 solar flares. There will be more. Make the most of this season by connecting to this love and bringing it into your life with purpose. This short yet powerful tuning exercise will help you do that.

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