Rekindling the Feminine Energy Spectrum

This is a post and podcast about rekindling the feminine energy flame that lives on this planet (as Earth) as well as in each and every one of us.  If you are a man or do not identify as woman, do not turn away. What I say here affects us all. The term ‘feminine’ can be a misnomer in that it does not just mean ‘woman’ as it has been conflated to in popular use. It also means esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual, emotions, believing in the sentience of Earth, and respecting plants. In the case of this podcast, I talk about the energy strand iteration of femininity, its value for world success, and I celebrate being at a turning point in its integration.

Today, I invite you to tune into an in-depth chat about rekindling respect for feminine energy with an honest look at what happened to get us to this place of imbalance in systems, energy and structure. Why are we having it? Because bringing nuance back into our understanding of how the world works that goes beyond the extremely limited frameworks of masculine and feminine forms of politics, society, and organization is essential to healing it. We are at the stage where we are healing some of the worst things that happened to our Universe (including its core wound) and guess what? It all comes back to this. We are READY to integrate, we are ready to upgrade, we are ready to move beyond this. For anyone who happens to be a Jesus and Mary fan, I speak about their role as teachers of these archetypes. (It comes up again in my 2022 Astrology review as well as my Jesus Astrology special. Scroll to the bottom of the page for those.)

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What gets coded feminine is not just ‘female’ things. Rather, as I explain in this podcast, what we call ‘masculine and feminine’ is influenced by a form of social order and state-craft that we call the Patriarchy. Within this order, matters like advanced metaphysics, taking care of soul wounds, things like cultural education, anything related to the house, but also, entire groups of people like ‘natives’ who had Earth based beliefs were considered as less than. Women and those of us working in what has been called ‘feminine energy’ were the subjects of an outright attack, we did have our lifeways devalued, and our ability to care for the Earth was hurt. This had such a negative impact on our Earth and this Universe that we almost lost everything.

Is this because Creator thinks that women or feminine energy strands are inferior? Absolutely not. Creator has a masculine and a feminine form (among many others) and they view one another as equal. They work together in dynamic co-operation, supporting all forms of the true Universal energy spectrum in one another. ******I highly recommend you make sure to listen to the podcast to hear this part of the story. I spend 20 minutes talking about Creation and how masculine and feminine strands came to be. It is well worth hearing.****

Why Would There Be Such a Divide Between Masculine and Feminine?

As I explain in the podcast, there are things that have crept into our energy spectrum that are not natural. One of the key places of the negativity and targeted weakening that has been used against us is this perceived (and made real) divide between what gets coded masculine and what is feminine. This is about bodies but also, ways of life. As I explain in the podcast, our Universe and what we have going here is very special. Our Creator got hurt, and all of this is related to it. As we heal our energy strands, we also heal and support the effort of healing in our Universe you always hear me talk about in the astrology reports.

This was political. This was about power. This was and still is about spiritual control through social order and a bleeding of these interests into institutions through the bodies and actions of people. In this case, a lot of (but not exclusively) men for a very long time did and still do work to actively suppress us spiritually and politically. People who live in the woman role or feminine role in households and workplaces (and energy sphere) are also heavily burdened through the process of social reproduction. This is something we are confronting as society right now.

Topics covered:

The story of Creation of our Universe and and how we wound up with Mother and Father as dominant energy threads in our Universe.

A short discussion on linguistics and the framing of language and thought into ‘masculine and feminine’ and how we, as people, work within that.

A consideration of why and how the feminine energy strands and ways of life got targeted throughout history. To share the point, I work with ethnographic examples focusing on England (and the colonial empire whose ways of government were structured in line with this system) and North America.

Bringing Nuance and Integration Back into Our Spectrum in Real World Scenarios

Long term systemic silencing has had its impact and that it is far reaching and much more destructive than people may initially be willing to admit. The institutions that we are governed by have long excluded us, the Earth, and the Order of Creation. It is important that we begin to find ways to bring things like widespread access to food and water, the importance of air quality, and balancing out imbalances in the home. We also have to recognize that if we do not actively support those taking care of the energy structure of the Earth, it will get hurt again. We are essential to keeping things going smoothly. Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast on the state of Pennsylvania as an example of what happens when the Earth structures are built over and built with without proper care.

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