Aligning Your Energy for Success (30 Day Vibe up pt. 4)

Metaphysics and energy is not just about ‘vibing up’ and feeling calm and connected. It is also about putting yourself in the energy scape for success.

In this video, I address the benefits of doing an energy alignment: a) as a way to connect to (and create) a reality stream and b) (connected) telling the Universe and the Earth connections what it is that you would like to experience. In the case of my teachings, one of the first things that I bring forward as important is the concept of connecting to your ‘highest harmonic’. What that means is that you are intentionally working with energy to a) raise your vibration and b) call in that most vibrationally pleasant, ever elevating path (especially if you are doing this in the energy pillar, as I teach). When you do this, not only are you preparing yourself and getting grounded, centered, and connected, so too are you preparing the path of energy you are going to meet in that meeting, game, day (and beyond).

As actors in any situation, we help set the tone. Arranging childcare with an ex-spouse, preparing for an exam, house-hunting, a big meeting. These are all scenarios that can have a high impact on our lives that metaphysical tools most definitely apply. Do you have something going on that you want to make sure goes well? There are metaphysical things you are able to do with vibration and alignment to support that! Listen in to hear me talk about it.

REMEMBER: The Earth and Universe would love for us to be happy. Working with that love through intentional alignment is a positive way for us to step into (and create) that reality.

Suggestion for Week 4

I outline the suggestion and justification for it in the video linked in with this article. Be sure to watch it to hear in detail.

This week, one of the suggestions is to increase to doing the energy pillar 5 times this week and add an extended cleaning. The topic of this video is how to work with energy alignment and the highest harmonic to bring forth success in your life. To ‘test it out’, why not do an energy pillar before something important this week

*The extended cleaning is advanced. If you are not ready for that, just do a pillar for 20 minutes instead.*

Ready to Vibe-Up?

Did not get started with this 30 day challenge and wish you were able to get in on the game?

As I say in the video, it is not too late. You can start this vibe-up challenge ANY TIME you like. Here is the week one video and post to get you started:

Week 2: Creating a High Vibration Lifestyle

Week 3: Benefits of Getting into Your Highest Vibration

Next 30 Day Challenge

I will be doing another 30 day challenge beginning in mid-January. Grab a copy of “Soul Compass” between now and then to get ready:

If you happen to be a person who is in financial need, check back here around solstice. I will be releasing a ‘free’ exercise as part of my solstice activities.

Additional Vibing

In the video, I mentioned two spotify music meditations that I had put together. Each are powerful as additional tools to work with in your highest harmonic crafting experience. In fact, one is specifically about that .

Calling New Energy into Your Path:

Powering You with Jupiter and Mars:

In fact, here is a whole playlist of them. Some of the earlier ones were my very first podcasts. In 2023, I aim to get my own music license so I can do this for the public through this page:

Did you experience any postivie benefits of this challenge? I would love to hear how you are going with it!

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