Benefits of Getting into your Highest Vibration (30 Day Vibe up pt.3)

Hello, friends! This is a little post that is a thought-piece and inspiration point to go along with the 30 Day Vibe Up Challenge as our week 3 material. Not part of the challenge? No problem. You still may be interested in getting to and staying in your highest vibration and experiencing the benefit of a vibration lift. This is an article for everyone. In it, I will talk about some of the grounded benefits of vibration work as well as provide a music playlist you might like to bring into your vibing up adventures. Ever wonder what I mean when I say “connect to the highest harmonic’ of a planet in my astrology reports? I talk a little more about why and how to do that in this one.

What is your vibration?

In recap, our vibration is the overall ‘hum’ that our energy body and physical body sit at. By working with your vibration you are able to tune into particular radiostations. You go from one ‘bandwidth’ where you experience one set of possibilities, interactions, perspectives, and personal state of being to another. For more on that, check out the presentation I did covering just that:

Doing Harmonics Work in Combination with High Power Earth Moments

If you are a fan of my astrology reports, you know that we are in rapidly changing times. In December – March, for example, I made mention that we have the opportunity to chart our path into the next decade (and beyond) as we enter a fresh epoch.

A very practical way that we prepare for, call in, and receive the benefits of being here now is by working with an exercise like the energy pillar. The alignments happen day to day. For example, as I write we are in the process of moving between a lunar occultation of Uranus in Aries and a Lunar Occultation of Mars which together = a purification of the Marsian and masculine energy strands in the human experience. This is a wide ranging one going everywhere from pushing out and exposing toxic masculinity, to standing up for oneself and others, to flushing out the beast. It can be very difficult to stay ‘afloat’ or to make sure that you are staying in your high vibe, creativity lane in the higher harmonic expressions of energy. Taking these moments each day to align to your best not only helps you bring up what needs healing with grace naturally in your field so that it does not become something you attack other people with, it gets you into your path steadily. This is a grounded example of why people like me are astrology nerds. Knowing the planets AND how to work to align to their highest harmonic can put one in great vibrational stead.

Click here for more about the unique astrology of December. This is a very good one to listen to:

(More) Benefits of a Strong and High Vibration

We have been talking about the benefits of vibration work throughout the challenge. A flow of strength, creativity, clarity, and the drive to accomplish new (and old) things are some of the most apparent. Having freshness in thought, a new ‘take’ on a theme, and the ambition and motivation to do things that are good for you come right along with this.

An additional benefit that is worth mentioning today is the power of a high vibrational state and what the pillar can do to keep you in yours. Returning to the astrology report and the conversation about these powerful moments. A theme discussed in that report was how there are moments we are in our highest harmonic path and then bam, we run into that bully, sudden situation, set-back, or distraction.

  • Sometimes it is just annoying. It is in these moments that our vibration can help keep us ‘separate’ from the mess. We sense it but we know not to get entangled. We separate and we move on.
  • Sometimes this serves to ‘knock’ us out of our flow. In these moments, taking 10 and doing a vibration raising practice sets you right. As opposed to losing the afternoon or the day to the impacts of a lowered vibration, you get yourself together and you boss through it.

This week we are up to getting the energy pillar in 4 times.

By now, you will have been practicing the exercise five (or more) times. This means that you have learned it enough that you are ready to start bringing in additional components to make it more ‘you’ and ‘uplifting’. One of my favourite ways to do this is by working with the pillar in combination with music.

Two ways you may like to think about fitting the pillar into your life related to what I discussed in this article are:

a) Have a planet you would like to know better? Do the pillar and intentionally ‘call forth and connect to the highest harmonic of ____(insert planet name here____.”

b) Have a tough moment? Take 10, throw on an uplifting song, and do the exercise. It will vibe you back up and repair your field. The song and alignment will get you back on the right track.

Playlist on spotify:

Not a spotify person? Just click the list and you can get the names of the songs. OR create your own playlist with music that makes you happy. Empower yourself!

Not Part of the Challenge but Would Like to Be?

You are more than encouraged to head back to week 1 and get started right now, or any day that works for you.

Prefer to know others are working through it with you?

I am starting up another one between January 5 and 15, official date TBA. We will be working with ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection”. Get your copy to be ready:

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