Week 3 vibe up inspo

Hi, friends! I will be back tomorrow with our week 3 inspiration. (Hopefully to be filmed on my new camera.) This is a post to say that and with some information to keep you flowing. Every time we better ourselves by learning something new to benefit us, we are positively impacting our vibration.

Back with the article. No video! I still recommend the below materials, and so will leave this as well as the ‘new’ post:

Below I have sorted 3 materials that you may like to check out as part of your learning this week. The final, a podcast about social media veils, is important. Please listen if you get the chance.

If you have not yet seen week 2 video:


To hear the December Astrology Report https://crow-medicine.com/2022/11/30/december-2022-astrology-report/

The Veils of Social Media


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