The Veils in Social Media

*If you came here from social media. Hi and thank you. I could not type any of the below on my profile and have a high hope of this post being circulated to your feeds. I did try an abbreviated version and it just kept mysteriously ‘loading’. That has now happened several times. THAT IS HOW BAD SOCIAL MEDIA IS AT THIS POINT.

Social media makes up part of the energy of our lives because it is through ‘it’ that we do many things including: making meaning, expressing opinions, gathering information, and as a vehicle for communication. Many people out there go to social media as a primary source of information gathering, to express their creative and personal opinions, and to find role models and inspiration. As we often hear remarked, social media often ‘only shows the good things’ or certain things. This is indeed often the case. It is not always because creators are vapid or one dimensional. Rather, it is because these systems are set up to support communication in this way. These systems have veils in them.

As a person who once made their career through social media, I have experienced first-hand the limitations on what we are able to communicate, to whom, and how. This is not about the political things as you may be thinking. This is about topics like soul freedom and conversations about proactive ways to deal with depression.

In this podcast, I talk about the veil and how we can make ourselves aware of it to foster empowered social media usership.

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Podcast Summary

This podcast covers over the interplay between social media, expression, and identity. It is an honest conversation about what I call the ‘energy scape’ of social media and how it may impact our lives as users. As an ‘insider’ and long-time creator, I think it is important to use my voice to break the bubble or to ‘shift the veil’

Starting off with the excitement that was learning about FB for the first time, I talk about how novel and important social media information sharing has been in many of our lives.  Social media in a place that does not really exist but ‘does’, that has an impact on our everyday lives. It is a place we go to in order to speak our minds, find information, and meet people from all around the world.

This is a great thing.

What can be less great is that the social media scapes we engage with are changing in a way that we do not always know how to track or understand as users. One layer of it is content management. Another is through creation of categories and what happens when we get put into them algorithmically. Though we may continue on as users without recognizing things have changed, they have. We are seeing a more and more sanitized version of reality. It is important that people are aware of this. This has a major impact on what type of information we get circulated, how, and also, what it is that we ever get to see in the first place. Ever meet ‘the wall’ of energy when you put something a little different out there and wonder what it is? That is you feeling that technology, friend. It is indeed a wall of energy.

The flow of the podcast is as follows:

Introduction and description; social media and the process of being made into a category as a creator, user, and an information consumer; social media and the truths we cannot tell there (and how that creates manufactured consent); and how we work with social media as a primary place of personal expression. Taken together, these three factors can create vibration lowering, dangerous impacts on our sense of identity and sensemaking if we are not aware of them.

Knowledge is power. I believe in grounding in positive action.

We wrap up this podcast where it began. Social media is a part of life. Sense making is a part of life. Information gathering is a part of life. Identity making is a part of life. As we learn more and more about the changing capabilities and benefits and risks of participating in platforms, we are able to bring in practices to ensure we ARE receiving that enrichment that we go to creators and social media for.

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