December 2022 Astrology Report: Bright Horizons

December 2022 is a month of transition, transformation, and knowing the power of metaphysics. While it may seem that the world is falling down around us, things in the Universe are indeed going well. Earth has entered into the solstice window, we are currently in the process of shifting out some serious negative energy that was weighing us all down, and we are at a point where the new and different is apparent. While it may be tempting to fall into hysterics and deep concern because of factors like what is becoming increasingly apparent through the Balenciaga campaign, it is important that these threads are being rendered visible AND that people are outraged. As I say in the report, this represents old energy that has to be ousted. We were going to hell in a hand basket at one point, yes. Now, we have definitely started to smash our way out of it. That was what 2022 was all about. This is in many ways, a finale. Thank goodness.

Trust the energy and the path of the planets as the guide. Things are going very well from a cosmic perspective. We focus on this for the report.

Were you involved in ceremony to support the planet over these past years? I speak to us at a few points in this report. Congratulations. Listen in to hear the message.

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As we wrap up November, we find ourselves working through the remnants of Era of Sagittarius energy (late 1440-1620). We will be moving through Era of Capricorn in December. As I elaborate on in the first segment of the audio report, these were moments in history during which some heavily negative imprints were made. The weirdness being shored up around us in relation to glorifying hurting humans and actively suppressing the existence of energy world via the Enlightenment are on the way out, not in.

December through March is a powerful moment to focus on building what is important to YOU into your life. We have entered a phase of human experience where we are no longer chained by these old weights. We are more free and in a different way, now. Though the flash bang of the weird being exposed is a powerful scene to behold, even more inspiring is what is happening inside, these months. This is our opportunity to redefine ourselves. To ask ourselves what type of humans we would like to be. To chart our paths to become them. This is exciting.

This is also what our pal Jesus was about.

Key Dates Discussed

The Eras mentioned above are essential to the initial tone we feel in the energy of the month.

Late November: 28, 29, 30: Close approach and conjunction of Saturn and then Mars at its closest point to Earth that it will be for 2 years. 

December 1: Conjunction and close approach of Moon and Jupiter

December 3: Neptune goes direct in Pisces

December 5: Lunar occultation and close approach of moon and Uranus

December 6: Moon at Aphelion, Mercury goes into Capricorn

December 7: Full Moon (Gemini), Close approach and lunar occultation of Mars

December 8: Mars at Opposition

December 9: Venus enters Capricorn

December 11: Moon at apogee

December 12: Celebrating the grounding of galactic peace ceremony from 2018.

December 20: Jupiter enters Aries*******

December 21: Solstice as well as Mercury at Greatest east, sun in Capricorn

December 23: New Moon and at Perihelion

December 24: Conjunction of Moon and Venus, Mercury at Dichotomy, Moon and Mercury conjunction

December 25: Venus aphelion

December 26: Conjunction and close approach of moon and Saturn

December 29: Conjunction of Venus and Mercury, Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter, Mercury goes retrograde

This is a powerful seed-planting month that will impact our trajectory for the next phase. Enjoy creating and becoming yourselves, friends.

The overall big highlight: We are moving into a whole phase of accepting our excellence and experiencing it as part of our everyday lives. December into January and really, into March is about recognizing that the shackles are off, now it is up to us to act differently. We have to be willing to live the changes to experience them. We have made it to a point where there is a type of soul freedom happening that is unlike anything faced by humanity for a long time. This is a celebration. This is a touchpoint. This is all of the good.

If you notice the ‘tough stuff’ coming up, face it. These planets are here to set us free. You are strong. You are able to face any outdated energetic patterns in your system that are weighting you down. After all, you are already carrying the weight. May as well confront it and find a positive resolution. Mars is all about that. Get your vibration up, build in positive habits, and see your pathway moments for what they are. You got this.

Hot off the Presses: A Conversation about the Veils of Social Media

This is a brand new podcast I recorded on December 3 about the reality scapes we encounter when we got to social media. As a person who made their living their once, who also creates on it regularly, I think it is high time to talk about just how partial the realities we are able to present there are. This is stated soft handedly yet stated all the same. Knowledge is power and this one is aimed for both consumers of social media and creators.

This has to do with Mercury. This has to do with Neptune. This has to do with honest and disclosure based participation.

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