Creating a High Vibration Lifestyle (30 Day vibe up pt. 2)

Our vibration, stated simply, is the tone of the hum that we sit at. It has to do with the radio station we tune into ‘energetically’ in the world around us. It also has to do with the way that we feel about and in our bodies. (We have been talking about this in recent posts.) One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “What can I do to raise my vibration?”

The simple answer that everyone expects from a spiritual teacher is some form of commentary on meditation and yoga. While those definitely are helpful, there is so much more to it. What would be the point of giving advice everyone already heard, anyway? Maintaining a high vibration is a way of life. Which activities we do, when, and why are influenced by factors like what our responsibilities are, our neighbourhood, and the people we live with or around. The food we eat, the company we keep, even the water we drink can all become part of how we maintain our tone.

This post brings with it a video presentation on ‘Creating a High Vibration’ with a focus on things you can do on the daily to help get and stay lifted. It is presented as ‘part 2′ of a 30-day vibration raising challenge’ being hosted on this page. It is a great watch and listen even if you are not participating in the challenge! Scroll down for more resources.

Video Presentation on ‘Creating a High Vibration via Lifestyle’

******I know there is about 50 seconds of ‘quiet’ in between 1:30- 2:20. It happens again from 4-6. Just skip those points. No words are missing. They are ‘added’ seconds that the video program ‘gave’ us :P. These things happen. It is a great video and presentation all the same. FYI and Enjoy!

Which steps we choose to keep ourselves lifted and when we do them has a lot to do with factors like: what we enjoy, where we are geographically, and what our schedules are. The point of a high vibration lifestyle is that you know where you expend your energy and you do it wisely. It definitely does not mean avoiding all negativity or tough stuff. It does mean you recognize its impact and take steps to mitigate it.

Additional Materials

As I mentioned in the video presentation, I have created a number of materials that you may find useful to grounding your high vibe lifestyle strategy. Many of them refer back to my most recent book, ‘Soul Compas’. Click here to get your copy today:

30 Day Vibe Up Challenge pt 1: An invitation to the 30 day vibe-up challenge. Start now, start tomorrow. Start as soon as you feel inspired. This includes another video presentation:

30 Day Vibe-Up Challenge pt. 3

30 Day Vibe-Up Challenge pt. 4

Energy Management for Busy People (a podcast conversation about how to fit spaces for vibing up into your daily life, in particular for people who are highly energy sensitive or working in high stress environments):

Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York A conversation that gives a direct example about what I mean when I say that geography holds vibration and that the landscapes we live in could be influencing vibration:

What are some of your favourite ways to ‘vibe up’?

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