30 Day Vibration Raising Challenge

Hello! Welcome to the 30-day ‘Vibe Up’ vibration raising challenge. It is my pleasure to be organizing this. In this post you will find the welcome video where I explain it all, the 30-day vibe raising challenge calendar, and a little summary of what we are doing here and why.

The 30-Day Vibe Up Challenge

The purpose of this 30 day challenge is to place a special focus on including vibration raising activities into your lifestyle for the next 30 days (and beyond).

This is great for: People who are looking for practical guidance on how to think about fitting vibration care into their lives, those who are ‘in a rut’ and would like to work with their vibration to pop out, someone who already has a high vibration and is seeking even more of a lift, a person who likes a structured challenge, as well as those seeking ways to practically apply the IndiCrow method.

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Press play for this video explaining the challenge and inviting you into it.

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The Schedule:

Starting off slow with this one we are going to focus on building vibration raising activities into your life over a 30-day period. You can repeat this any time you feel like you are ‘off track’ and would like to get back on again.

***The main tool that we are featuring for the vibe up challenge is the ‘energy pillar’ that you learn in my book ‘Soul Compass’***.I recommend this because the pillar has both grounding and vibration raising capabilities. Each day we accumulate energy. Working with the pillar helps us a) release that accumulation and b) circulate fresh energy into our field which is essential to raising our vibration. You will see the impact of that directly.

To Get a Copy of the Vibe Up Exercise

***January 5, 2023: I have created a ‘connecting to love harmonic’ meditation that is freely available on youtube. If you are not able to get a copy of ‘Soul Compass’ you may work with it. It will work (albeit a bit differently). You will be specifically tuning to the love harmonic, which is a highly positive thing. Click here to access it: Meditation for Self Love – YouTube .

To purchase a digital or physical copy of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ (including new access options for as low as $18): Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection (New Options) – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

To purchase a pdf written copy of the pillar tool to work with for $8: https://buy.stripe.com/14k6qBbRN8ibb4c5km

*Buying a paper copy of ‘Soul Compass’ and want to start with us now as opposed to wait for delivery? Email me with your receipt to request your pdf copy of the exercise. You can also choose to start your 30 day challenge the day your book arrives. Totally up to you.*

30 Day Vibe-Up Calendar

Week 1: Do the energy pillar 2 times this week for 10 minutes each time.

  • Find the energy pillar exercise on page. 71. We will be working with this version the whole month. If you have not yet made it there in the book yet, just do this exercise while still remaining in your pace for the rest of your self-discovery.
  • Remember to say “I call forth and connect to my highest harmonic” as stated in the exercise. This is an important part of the vibration setting.  
  • Protip: Read the words to the exercise as a way to stay focused. It is very normal to want to ‘run away with your thoughts’. This is an active exercise. In doing it you are training your mind and soul to focus and perform more harmoniously.

Week 2: Do the energy pillar 3 times this week for a minimum of 10 -minutes each time.

  • Week 2 of a challenge tends to be where the inner slouch comes out and we start finding reasons not to do the activities that week. Energetically this is referred to as ‘resistance’ or ‘avoidance’.
    • Working with the conscious self-connection technique in the energy pillar ask yourself, “What is the source of my avoidance?”*. Week 2 is typically where one starts overcoming limiting thoughtforms and ideas about ‘how much time this takes’ and their ability to focus.
  • Week 2 Video: Creating a High Vibration Lifestyle:

Week 3: Do the energy pillar 4 times this week for a minimum of 10 minutes each time

  • Anyone with a life can start to feel overwhelmed at the idea of fitting something ‘new’ into their schedule 4 times in a week. In fact, that may cause you to feel outright stressed. This is normal. Accept your feelings. This is part of the ‘inner wall’ that we must overcome. Do so by….
  • Working it into something you are already doing. Do it before yoga, after a workout in the sauna, under a tree on a lunch break, in your car before you go in the house, in the bathtub. Are you an athlete? Do this before a practice or a game and see how much better you perform. You get to supercharge something you are already doing for yourself by adding this in. One of the main benefits of focusing your vibration is being able to enhance your performance and get the most out of what you are already doing in all areas of life.

Week 3 Support Material: Benefits of Getting into your Highest Harmonic (for life)

Week 4: Increase to doing the energy pillar 5 times this week and add an extended cleaning.

  • Once (on the 6th or 7th day) do the ‘extended’ version where you clean your entire energy body out (pg. 139 in Soul Compass). By the point of this fourth week of focusing on building the pillar, you have gotten strong with it. Now extend your skill with the more in depth alignment.
    • *Note that this practice extension is not included in the pdf exercise. It is part of another chapter in the book that will only make sense if you have been reading the piece in its entirety. For those choosing this route, do the energy pillar 6 times, preferably 6 different days this week.*

Week 4 Video and Wrap up: Aligning Your energy for Success

Why This Works

This schedule seems simultaneously simple and daunting. The daunting part is the idea of putting anything into a schedule five times in a ‘busy’ week. The simple part is that adding ten minutes in here or there with an exercise does not seem a lot of expected activity to raise your vibration, right? Trust me when I say that when you are working with the right tools, well placed moments of self-connection are all you require to stay high vibe and in your creative focus.

**** The energy pillar is a powerful tool that carries the components of meditation, energy alignment, and harmonic toning all in one. The more you learn about it and work with it, the more it performs. You will notice a different relationship between yourself and the tool and your ability to use it from the beginning to the end of the month. You will be amazed at how much more powerful YOU become at aligning your own vibration in this 30 days if you give yourself to practice the skill. Just as much as this challenge is great for raising your vibration, so too is it for helping you familiarize yourself with the power you hold in your own hands.******

A Special ‘IndiCrow’ offer that those of you who bought ‘Soul Compass’ are able to avail of.

Working with crystals. As you know, I am a huge advocate of crystal work. Bringing more crystals into your life and or forming a more powerful relationship with those you are already working with can help you keep your vibration nice and high. Take your favourite crystal into your energy pillar each day and charge it along with yourself. Know it will act as a little battery for the rest of the day.

****If you happen to be interested in picking up a new andara friend as part of your ‘vibing up’ journey, check out pg. 16 of ‘Soul Compass’. As a little bonus, from now until January 1 the 20% off code becomes a 50% off code at Elemental Ascension. Get yourself a little gift! Visit the shop here: home (elementalascension.com)****

To support further up-vibing

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Are You In?!?

How to Get Out of a Rut (My most recent podcast where I also explain some of the inspiration behind this project.)

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