How to Get out of a Rut

Welcome to my blog! This is a post about ruts and how we get into them, as well as an invitation on how to get out of one if you just so happen to be moving in that direction.

What is a Rut?

Many of us have experienced a ‘rut’ in our lives. They can come about for a plethora of reasons ranging from we have been doing too much of the same thing for too long all the way to we have been in stressful situations that have taken their toll on us. They do not always come about because we messed up. If you are in a rut, it is important that you are kind to and forgive yourself. As I say in the podcast, having a sense of humour also helps.

A rut (aka a funk) can be understood as either a ‘pile up’ or a stagnancy of energy in our lives. It is common for a person to not even be aware one is happening until they are in the middle of it. If this is you, do not feel poorly. It happens to the best of us. Myself included.

Where we are at astrologically, it is the ‘season’ where a lot of people are feeling inspired to recognize and shift out of their ruts. This podcast is a heartfelt and sincere conversation about what to do to get out of a rut (and how to recognize if you have been in one) with a humorous perspective.

To Listen to the Podcast on Getting out of a rut:

*Please note there was just a small audio issue near the end. This is why it is posted as this and not a podcast on our regular platforms. Still a great listen.*

You may be in a rut (or have recently been) if you have passed through one of these stages.

‘Denial: what do you mean? There is no funk or rut. Everything is great. I am putting my head in my hood and keeping it moving.

Resistance: oh no, there is something going on here and I think I may need to do something about it but I am so busy and having a hard time committing to it. This seems hard or out of reach.

Acceptance: Ok. I can do this. I am ready.

Once we get to that part, it can start to get better.

A lot of people who come to this post are at the ‘ready to do something about it’ phase. If this is you, read on for the invitation.

Inviting you to Join Me in Getting Out of Your Rut or Funk

In the podcast, I give a little example of my own recent rut and how I got into it. As I was working on getting out of my fitness rut, I kept thinking. Wow. There are a lot of people out there in the audience who are feeling the same way that I was feeling about exercise when it comes to their vibration and energy body. One of the characteristics of a rut is that we do not know where to start to get out of one. As I say in the podcast, fitness videos saved me. I especially love when an instructor puts together a little program to follow in our training. A ‘3o day yoga’, ‘3o day weightlifting’ or a nutrition plan can be super inspiring. Again, going through it, I thought. Hm. Maybe other people would like this, for ‘energy’.

On that note……

The Big Invitation: Getting Out of Your Rut

In that inspiration, I have put together a 30 day ‘vibe up’ challenge. The objective: raise your vibration. If you happen to be in a rut, this is a a powerful and grounded first step to getting out of it. (If you just want to vibe, it is great for that too.)

The ‘Live’ version of this challenge has ended, but good news. You can start it any time, there will be more, and the materials are up.


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Not able to get a copy? Show up anyway. Do not $18 dollars and uncprocessed energy around that frustration become a source of resistance and a barrier between you and me. There are materials I have on this blog that will also work.

Back soon with more great content! *If you have not yet heard it, check out the November Astrology report. It talks about the movement to self-improvement many of us are having after the eclipse: November 2022 Astrology Report: Eclipse and Integration – Crow Medicine (

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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