Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection (New Options)

This is a post to announce a new version of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection’ and something fun I am going to be doing right here through this blog with it. Gather round and read on to hear about what I have done to make this powerful book even more accessible to our community. *Already have yours? Keep reading. I have something coming for all of us through this blog. that I mention at the end of the post*

‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ is the foundational book where I lay out the ‘how to’ when it comes to bringing metaphysical components to everyday life. This includes components on a) energy management and vibration raising, b) intentional intuitive development, and c) working with energy and your intuition to live a successful and happy life. It is the type of book you treat like a handbook, with exercises and inspiration to return to and build on for a lifetime.

One of the main reasons I released all of this in a book instead of teaching it in several courses (as I used to) is that doing this helped me make top notch teachings based in autonomy and best practice easily accessible. I was (am) excited. One of the main reasons is that doing it this way helps me create the common ground that will become the basis of sharing into 2023 and beyond through this blog. You have probably noticed me starting to add little ‘Soul Compass notes to new posts. This is part of creating that coherence and will continue. Look out for them for ways to apply the method.

Table of contents listed in its own video image near the bottom of the page. (If you have read enough and are ready to purchase now, click here: .) This is the ‘new’ ebook version. Paperback is linked in text below.

Creating a Globally Accessible Option

***I know that when I released the book, a lot of people in my international audience were disappointed because the book and shipping is all in US dollars. Everyone is used to Canada Katie. (This is because I moved to USA & the book gets printed here.) I recognize the global currency exchange has not been kind, especially to Canadians. For households on a budget, shipping plus exchange put the book out of reach.

I have always been mindful of accessibility. This is why I put the book out in the first place.

As I sought out positive solutions, I discovered that I am able to cut $4.00 USD off the price of the ebook if I sell ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection’ myself, through this page, as opposed to through blurb. This means I can cut the price to $18 for this season! Yay. This post is to tell you that and to invite you to get your ebook copy of ‘Soul Compass”, today. All you have to do is click here and you will receive an immediate pdf download. From there, you can put that document in your phone, tablet, computer, document reader and read at will. You even have my permission to print it off once should you choose to use it as a workbook .

This brings us to $18 usd for something that you can use every day of your life to improve it. That is a fantastic value, if you ask me.

$35 for the paperback is also super reasonable to be frank. Boutique and specialty books like this routinely sell for $50 – $75. *Scroll to the bottom of the page for paperback access.*

Not a fan of ebooks because you find them hard to read?

I get that. Most books that you receive as an ebook was designed for physical print only. ‘Soul Compass’ book was designed specifically to be e-friendly. I tested three different type-sets over the course of about six months.

(In fact, the readability of both the text and the paperback were a big deal to me. Knowing that it is hard to read detailed instruction and high vibe words too tightly spaced because they can blur, I made this very friendly for the eyes.)

This photo shows you what it looks like ‘in text’ so you can see how readable the space setting is. Keep in mind it is ‘photo’ size and thus, the print will be ‘full page’ on the actual document:

I personally really like the ebook option because there are live links intext. Not to mention, the exercises are scroll friendly. Having it on the phone really comes in handy on a quick moment to check in with yourself (and the tools) on a lunch break. Need a second? Scroll to page 25 and relax with it.

Compare to this, a page from the book ‘Seeing Like a State’ by James C. Scott.

See what I mean?

Buy ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ E-Book Version Today

Click here to purchase your ebook copy pdf:

(Watch the below video for a table of contents and to get another view of what your pdf will look like. Keep in mind this is ‘small’ vision and it will be much larger on your screen.)

This season (beginning late November) through January, I will be doing public activities through this blog. We are starting out with a ‘get high’ vibration raising focus. Kind of like what you get when you do a fitness program on yt. Get a little guidance on a familiar theme and go into it in dedication to self. This is a no pressure, no fee, fun way to get ready for 2023 on the highest note. All you need is your copy of ‘Soul Compass’ and you are good to go. More on that in a few days.

Thank you to all the people who have purchased their copy of ‘Soul Compass’ already!

I truly appreciate your support of this creative vision. I have truly enjoyed getting the to know some of you in person. I appreciate you and your support. It has been so nice to know that my books are traveling around USA, England, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. It has also been excellent to get the thank you emails and to hear how this is helping you be more you in your life. I think the best honour is that some of you have come back and gotten a second copy as a gift for a loved one. That means more to me than you will know. So many layers of gratitude. YAY!

***If you got a very early copy, of which 7 did, know you have a collector item on your hand with the margin. The new version is updated to fix it. Happy to sign your copies for you.***

If any of you paperback buyers would like an eversion, email me at with a copy of your receipt from the paperback. I will happily set you up.

As noted at the outset of this blog, I am getting ready to start doing fun public activities with the book and the methods you are learning in it. I have been working on it as part of my ‘creative rest’ I mentioned in October. My objective is to build up a library around my books and fill this blog with creative self-connection inspiration. My objective is a book a year and to keep on building.

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Interested in a paper copy of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection’?

Interested in a paperback copy? I have that, too. The purple pictures at the top of this page are what the physical copies look like.

They are beautiful and well-made.

How to get yours: I am self-publishing by choice. Production is by book and done for me through a printing company. Because of this it is not overnight amazon delivery. As such, there is a 4-5 day production window pre-mail. Post and delivery option is chosen by you through their system. This is not amazon fast but it is also not a snail pace (aside from when the factory had a storm hit it last month. You know. Life.)

Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection by Katie IndiCrow | Blurb Books

How long does it take and how much is shipping: In USA, a paper copy takes about 11 days to get to you for $8 dollar post fee, 3 weeks $3 dollars. Copies get to UK at $10 post fee in 2 weeks. Australia, 2.5-3 weeks, $8. Super reasonable.

Get your copy here: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection by Katie IndiCrow | Blurb Books

To my Canadian readers and people of my birth country: I have felt you so strongly since my release. You get a special note. For now, Canada is a more expensive and slow places to buy a paper copy because of their current economic policies and border procedures. A 3 week delivery to a central area is $10. Exchange rate is abismal and you are used to me selling in CAD. I know you are disappointed and many of you came to buy my paperback and then got turned away because of the exchange plus post plus wait. I truly designed the new ‘cheap’ ebook for you to show you I am here for you. Do not let their policies and misplaced frustration cut you out of this opportunity to help yourself.

I would love to set up some stores and shops around the world with paper copies of this book. If you happen to own one and would like to arrange some copies to stock it, please email me at


Up next: Stay tuned for the announcement of what we will be doing to ‘vibe up’.

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