Releasing Energy of Jealousy and Ill Intent

The energy in your field is not always just yours. There are moments when your vibration, life circumstances, or work may attract energy from the people around you that creates an unseen weight. Today, I offer up a set of commands that you may work with to help lift that from your field. This post and the commands that come with it are an example of how to release and return energy that is accumulating because of projection of emotion. This could come in the form of more innocent ‘concerned conversations’ where a label or poor circumstance gets repeated so many times it stays powered (ie have you heard about Jenny? I hear she is doing bad and cannot get out of it.) It also comes more intentionally, through powerful jealousy, ill intent, and sometimes even hatred.

We know that when people are having these feelings, at the base of it is often their own wound. The act of jealousy or hatred (or even repeated concern) becomes an ‘outlet’ for this wound energy. In this case, while there is compassion for the wound, so too is there a recognition that if we did not earn or incur it, we do not have to carry it. Unless we choose.

This is a common topic that I figured it is high time I get to.

Work with these to purify your energy field of any accumulation you may have within or around it to do with other people and their energy. This helps release and return that which you did not earn.


Energy often releases best in stages. To get a maximum effect, I recommend working with these for four or five days in a row.

Special instructions for readers of my books and students of my school: Get into your energy pillar (a la Soul Compass and what you learn in my school). Once you have done your harmonizing and called in your energy, do these. The pillar is a powerful place to do this type of work from. Once you have gotten the soul and body connection vibed din, your commands blast things out of your field.

The Commands

I release and return the energy of jealousy of me, my life, and my accomplishments.

I release and return the energy of intentional incantations or ill intentions placed against me as a person.

I release and return the energy of intentional obstruction of me, my creative projects, and performance.

I release and return the energy of ill will and ill intent against me, my success, or my happiness.

I release and return the energy of hatred.

I release and return the energy of gossip.

I release and return the energy of ill will.

****I hold full accountability for moments when my ill will, unfounded anger, or misplaced negative energy has hurt another person. I call that energy back to myself, now**

Technical Aspect: Why I Suggest Return and Not Transmute, Dissolve, or Transfigure in this Case

There are several different ways to work with affirmations and commands. How you word one and what you even call it has to do with the intentional outcome you are doing the energy alignment for.

****The reason I did not add anything about ‘transmuting’ or ‘transforming’ the energy in this instance is because that is what we are already doing by holding it in our fields. That it even sticks for a moment is part of the energy distortion that was part of our old archetypes we are working out of. In it, people like me or you would ‘hold’ the negativity of others and ‘mirror’ it back to them, or as many women did, we just carried it in our fields and got sick and fixed it or transformed the energy for them. Transforming other peoples’ energy takes time, effort, and is a burden. Especially when that energy is low harmonic. Carrying around unmerited jealousy, hatred, and gossip in your field can weigh you down. Ever find yourself struggling with feelings you just could not seem to find the source of? You can intuitively sense a build-up like this.

In this set of commands, I say ‘return’ because that is specifically what is in the highest harmonic outcome in the Order of Creation. Order of Creation states that we learn through experience and that the resonance we meet is the one we create. The point of it all is to learn the dynamics of how this works through what we create. I intentionally say return the energy. Why? Because when we give something back to people, we let them feel its weight. From there, they have a better free will chance of a) understanding that weight and b) hopefully not doing whatever it is that they are doing that is heavy to others in the future. When we place that burden back onto them, we release it from ourselves and we then get to be free to keep creating, living, and having a good time here. For me the whole point of this exercise is that (and to make sure we have not put anything hurtful in a lower harmonic sense out there in our own intent as well).

Are You a Person that Thinks You Have Sent this Energy to Others?

If so, and you read on this far, it suggests that you are also a person who wants to stop doing that. That type of accountability is very good.

It is very common for people who are in pain or who feel as though they are at ‘lack’ to accidentally (or intentionally) project lower vibrational energy at others. You know you are doing this if you feel like ‘lashing out’ or ‘dumping’ on a person, or if their energy incites you to have a deep emotion (and they have not actually done anything, it is just their presence). If this is you, the best way to stop yourself from offloading the negative output is to not allow the thoughts. Even better? Get to the bottom of why you have them. As we started out, much of this is rooted in a wound leaking. Find and fix it! This is part of learning and growth.

*You can always consciously call your energy back, as shown in the final commandment. Go through each of the above and say ‘I call back and take accountability for’ each of the listed above.

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More Ways to Work Your Energy Field

Interested in more ways to positively work energy commands, affirmations, and practices into your life? I routinely post about energy in the everyday just like this. Check out my ”lifestyle’ and ‘energy management’ tabs In a few days, I am about to launch a special seasonal focus. Stick around or come back for it.

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