How to Smudge and Tune Your Crystals

Hello, friends of the blog. Welcome back. Today, we are doing something fun. This post links to a video practice where I lead you through a smudge and tune exercise that you can do at home with your favourite crystals.

I love crystals.

For me, crystal work is one of the most pleasing and fun parts of metaphysics. It is super rewarding and fun to form that sacred connection and to learn how earth and energy connect with the human auric field to create communication. This is video 2 in a crystal series that I have put together to feature their special power, and how we are able to best tap into it in our daily lives.

This is a video demonstrating four ways to clear the energy and raise the vibration of your crystals. Featuring smudge with a stick, essential oil rub, essential oil spray, and the power of your inner love via light, I walk you through a simple process of clearing, aligning, and tuning up your crystals. We do it three times, working with aventurine, an amethyst, and an andara.

Watch the first round then follow around for the next two. Do all three. Totally up to you.

Working with one or any combination of these methods is an excellent way to keep the auric field of your crystal clear. It also gives you the chance to focus on hearing them and to refine that connection you started building since you watched video 1 “How to Hear Your Crystals”. Missed it?No worries. I linked it below this one.

***** Be mindful that some essential oils are toxic to animals. If you plan to work on a crystal for an animal or near them, please make sure they are safe ones.

A Note of Thanks and Announcing Upcoming Content Intent

This video series represents my return to the art of video. Yay! I have big plans to get back to filming ‘how to’ videos like this and building my sacred library back up. I also have been dreaming up a series where I take you with me on some sacred adventures.

I have created a little fundraiser to get a goproheroCreator edition that I would use specifically to create more great content (with better quality). Five dollars or 50, any amount of support would be greatly appreciated: Wishlist | Katie IndiCrow ( Prefer to be fully anonymous? This link is great for that:

*As you will notice, the sound quality in the video exercise part is WAY better than my previous video. That is because I was able to purchase a new sound card with gifts of thanks and support for this page being sent in through buymeacoffee and privately over the past few months. THANK YOU!!!! Now I will be able to make more audio projects and I have a bunch on the list for production.

Pro Tip: Anyone who has studied with me in a course or who has got themselves a copy of Soul Compass: get into your energy pillar before you start the videos. You will experience a magnification of effect. Also. Keep in mind that you have been working to refine your soul and body connection with that pillar and clearing yourself up. This means that you have created the conditions for yourself to experience success with an exercise like this. By training yourself to hear your field and your soul, you have been creating the conditions where you WILL be able to hear the crystals more clearly.

For video 1 of the series:

How to Hear Your Crystals – YouTube

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